The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 39: Conversations in the Dark

"Ahhh, hermana… that's so fucking stupid of him!"

Alex laughed a little in the dark, lying on her left side in Vaas' hut. The pirate lord had awakened after five hours of sleeping, only to see that it was dark outside already. He lit an oil lamp to bring some light into the tent, and when he saw the marks he made on Alex's neck, he even went as far as rubbing some medicine on it and covering it up with a bandage. He then pulled her towards the cot, where they lay down face to face, talking to each other for almost an hour.

"Yeah, it was stupid of him." Alex replied, thinking about Kidd, "But at least he scared the man straight… he stopped calling or stalking me on my way to work."

"He must not like your fucking admirers, then." Vaas said from in front of her, grinning.

"Actually, sometimes I feel like the men who court me actually had to court Kidd, too. Which is too bad since he actually has very high standards." Alex said, grinning back at him, "I imagine he's doing it for my father."

Vaas looked at her, "How many boyfriends have you had, Alexandria?"

She shivered lightly again at Vaas' use of her real name. "Five. All of them scared shitless by Kidd." Vaas laughed, "Which is fine by me. I never really loved any of them."

"You never been in love?" Vaas asked, and she shook her head, "Nope. Not once. I thought I felt something for the men who tried to come into my life, but in the end, it was just either pity or lust… but no love." She smiled up at him, "What about you? I imagine with all the girls you capture on the island, you'd be able to fall in love with one of them."

Vaas scoffed, "They're all a bunch of pussies, hermana. Throw a snake into their cage and they're all going fucking insane. Hoyt's clients want them though. So I give them to him. Or sometimes they all act like they're hard, but they end up dead the next day for pushing their mouth too much."

She nodded, "That reminds me… Vaas, did you buy me from Hoyt?"

The pirate blinked as he looked down at her, "Yeah, I did."


He sighed as he rolled his eyes, "It wasn't my decision, it was my men's. They got too fucking attached to you, no? They say, 'No woman dared to teach us. They're all scared shitless at us that they never bothered getting to know us. She was brave and taught us to read….' Blah… blah… blah. I told them, Hoyt was going to sell you, and they all got fucked at me. So I tell them, 'You want her? Then you fucking buy her.' And the men, they pooled together no? Made three million to pay for you. But it wasn't enough, so I gave them four million more. They told Hoyt, 'We want her to stay' and gave him the money, so he said, 'okay'." He grinned at her, "So you might as well thank me and my men, hermana. If it weren't for us, you'd be a fucking whore somewhere."

Alex looked at Vaas, and saw the smug look on his face. He was kind of right… if he and the others hadn't bought her, even if Hoyt bought Kidd, she would be on some weird place being a drugged out prostitute. She sighed before reaching up to Vaas' face, pulled her face towards his, kissing him in the mouth. She heard Vaas draw in a breath in surprise, as she ran her tongue against his lip. When she separated, Vaas' eyes were dark with lust. "Thank you, Vaas."

He groaned as he reached out and pulled her against him, putting his face against her neck, his hand running from her thigh up to her butt, "I wanna fuck you so much right now, you know?"

But Alex laughed and pushed against him as she sat at the edge of the bed, "Sorry, but not right now, we have a party to attend to."

Vaas muttered out, "Fuck.", making her laugh, as she stood up and went for the door, "Ey! Hermana, wait!"

She turned around to see Vaas pull a box out from under his bed, before he stood up and gave it to her. "Here. A little something for the special occasion. I bought it myself."

Alex raised an eyebrow up the pirate lord, opened the box, her eyebrow rising. She turned her shocked eyes up on Vaas, who was smirking down at her. "Vaas, you'd better be fucking kidding me."

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