The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 40: Seduction

Alex snarled again as she reached back and pulled at her underwear underneath the black, skin-tight leather cat suit she was wearing. She couldn't help but mutter curses at the pirate lord, who now sat in front of the stage, watching the men as they drank and danced with prostitutes they hired from a place in the island called 'Badtown'.

She looked down at herself and huffed, thinking of how ridiculous she probably looked. The cat suit was very tight fitting, hugging her curves. It zipped up all the way to her neck, hiding her switch blade and luckily, the front was an empire cut, so that the suit revealed part of her shoulders, her upper back and her arms. With the leather practically trapping up all the warmth on her skin, she put up her hair in a bun and stuck sticks of bamboo to keep them up. The boots that was included with the suit reached up to her knees, and she was able to sheath her old combat knife in it, and was flat, which is a great relief to her, since she hated heels.

Vaas also returned her pistols, and even gave her a brand new sniper rifle. Her pistols were holstered at her lower back, and she kept the sniper in Vaas' hut for the meantime.

"Woooow… lookin' hot there, nona!" She looked up and saw Jose, grinning like an idiot at her, holding a bottle of wine and a beer. She huffed again and took the bottle of wine the man offered her.

"Oh shut up, Jose." She growled out, tipping the wine back so she could drink, her throat being soothed by the wine's slight chill, "This isn't my idea. It was Vaas."

The man shrugged before looking down at her, "Well, he picks really nice outfits for you, nona. That's for sure." He raised an eyebrow at her, "But isn't it a little… warm in there?"

She groaned, "Yeah, a little bit…"

"Now isn't that a sight for sore eyes."

Alex turned around to see Kidd grinning down at her, and she smacked the older man's arm, "You shut up too, Kidd."

Kidd laughed, "Damn, girl! You look like a model for them fetish porn magazines." Jose raised an eyebrow, apparently not knowing what a 'fetish magazine' is, and making Alex blush. "All you need is a leather jacket and a motor bike and you can go along with my old bike club."

Alex smacked Kidd's arm again, making the older man laugh, before she pointed up at Vaas, "It was his idea, not mine."

"Well, he knows how to pick an outfit, that's for sure. You were always hiding behind those long skirts and cardigans." Kidd said as he took a swig of his beer as Alex snorted, "Yeah, right." She said, looking at the pirate lord as his eyes wandered the floor. "It's either that or he has a leather fetish."

"Yup. He probably does." Kidd set aside his beer as he grinned down at her, "You know, I haven't given you the spinneroony since you were a kid. Care to dance with an old fart, Alex?"

She blinked down at Kidd's pre-offered hand, and she took it, waving goodbye to a grinning Jose, and she dragged the old man to the edge of the dance floor. Kidd was old, so his dance moves were a little old-fashioned and silly, but Alex simply laughed and danced silly with him, some of the pirates joining them in dancing.

But when the music turned to some slower and had more bass, Kidd backed out, his old bones already protesting, muttering out 'I'm too old for this shit' and making her laugh until her stomach hurt. She ended being alone in the dance floor, with the men dancing with the women. She looked up at Vaas, who was still sitting in his throne, but was now looking at her, her silvery blond hair making her stand out amidst the people.

His gaze remained intense as she stared back at him, and she saw the flames of lust in his gaze, making her blush. He was sitting on his throne, leaning back, his one hand under his chin… his lips biting a bit on his finger, his green eyes staring at her.

Finally, she smiled, biting her lip a little, and Vaas' eyes widened. She raised a hand and curled a finger, beckoning at him. The pirate's gaze got hotter as she danced by herself in the middle of the floor, one hand on her hips as she rolled them. Vaas continued to watch her as her hand moved, running up her thigh to her stomach, and up to her breast and to her hair. As she beckoned to him again, curling her finger to a 'come-hither' motion, she licked her lips as she stared right in his eyes. The pirate lord blinked before jumping off his throne and down the stage.

She grinned to herself as she walked backward, still beckoning at him, her hips swinging. She saw Vaas run a hand at his lips and chin as he stalked towards her, salivating at her sensual dance, and she bit her lip again. She could feel something growling in her, a primitive animal, a creature that wanted Vaas. She couldn't help but think of the two wolves again, and she thought that she fed her white wolf all her life, and that it was okay to feed her black wolf sometimes.

Especially if the black wolf in her wanted Vaas.

The pirate lord continued to follow her as she sashayed her way to his hut, moving with the music, until she was inside the hut. Vaas closed the hut's door, and for good measure, he made the effort to chain it closed from the inside, making her shiver in anticipation. She continued her journey to the inside of the hut, where she remembered there was a pole.

Vaas followed her, circling around her as she got to the pole, and she raised a foot up to his shoulder. The pirate looked down at her foot, his eyes widening at her legs' flexibility, his gaze traveling up her calves and to her thighs, and Alex pushed him, so that he sat down the cot.

Alex bent down at him, bringing her face to his, and Vaas surged forward to kiss her, but she covered his mouth. "It's my turn, Vaas."

"Your turn for what, Alexandria?" Vaas whispered hoarsely, his tongue snaking out and licking her palm.

A shiver ran down her spine, but teasing the pirate lord was way too much fun. She felt like a wanton… a sex goddess from the way the pirate lord was looking at her, and she liked it. The creature inside her growled in lust again, as she bent over his ear.

"I… am going to break you." She whispered, her breath warm against his ear, and he groaned. "I will break your bravery into pieces. And I am going to make you want me."

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