The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 41: The Black Wolf Dances

Vaas leaned back as Alex separated from him, her hands grasping the pole in the middle of the room. She couldn't help but smile at the heat of Vaas' gaze, as she swung her hips as slowly and as sensually as she could.

Vaas couldn't help but swallow as he watched her, her back arching against the pole in the most flexible way he had seen. She was looking at him, her ocean blue eyes turning violet against the minimal light of the hut, her gaze hot and seductive. The music from the party fueled her body, its bass and instruments willing her to move. She was seducing him, he knew, and he was seduced... heart, soul and especially body.

Alex raised her foot and laid it on Vaas' shoulder, and she nodded a little at her boot. Vaas continued to stare at her as his hands went up and touched her thigh through the leather. She bit her lip again, and his hands moved up to her calves to unzip her boot and remove it. She raised her other leg, and he did the same, removing the garment, but her eyes widened when he placed an open mouthed kiss on her ankle. She kicked him lightly, separating him from her leg, and she smiled seductively at him, before wagging a finger.

Vaas smiled back, biting his lip, his gaze roving down her body as she gyrated against the pole, the leather suit hugging every indentation on her body. She raised an arm and pulled at the sticks that held her hair, making it cascade down her back and breast, before bending backward, wrapping her leg around the pole. She flung herself forward again and looked at Vaas, sauntering up to him as he raised his hands to her waist.

She grinned evilly as she ran a hand up the side of his face, before she pulled at his hair backward, causing him to flinch and seethe. But she climbed his lap as she pulled, her legs spread on either side of his hips, and she bent down, licking Vaas's clavicle up to his neck and ear, earning a groan from him. She followed it up by grinding her hips against his with the beat of the music, and she felt his hardness against the fabric of his pants and her leather suit. The feel of him hard against her thrilled her, and she pulled his face towards her neck. Vaas seemed to get the idea as his mouth opened, his teeth catching the zipper that ran down her front, and she bent backward as his teeth pulled it down, until her head was practically by the floor, her hair pooling at his feet. He blinked when he saw the switch blade on her cleavage, and she felt his smile, before he took the knife in his teeth and threw it away.

Vaas abruptly pulled her upwards, her hair flying like a cloud, until they were face to face. He was breathing heavily, his breath warm against her neck, and he licked her neck. She reached back, pulling at his shirt, and he pushed the front of her suit away from her and removing her strapless bra, before embracing her hotly, her bare chest making contact with the warmth of his. Vaas groaned at the contact, and Alex captured his head with both of her hands, turning his head up as she licked her way from his neck, down to his muscled shoulder, and to his chest, where she licked his nipple.

He moaned out loud at the contact as her other hand travelled down his defined abdominals, and rubbing his cock through his pants. Vaas closed his eyes, and she licked his ear as she rubbed him.

"Tell me…" She whispered against his ear, and he moaned, "Tell me you want me, Vaas…"

The pirate moaned out, recognizing the very words he spoke to her from before, and the feel of her hand on him drove him nuts, "I want you, Alexandria."

Alex smiled a little as Vaas' hands grasped her butt, and pulling the pants of her catsuit off, showing the red underwear she wore underneath. He growled at the sight of her white long legs against the redness of her panties, and she smirked, "That's it… tell me to fuck you, Vaas."

She made the 's' in his name slither longer in her tongue, a snake-like sound, and it thrilled the pirate, "Fuck me, Alexandria."

She smirked evilly as she pushed him, making him lie down on the cot with her above him, as her fingers went down his buckle, and he watched her as she slowly removed it.

She loved seeing him coming undone under her, his groans and whimpers of mercy as she pleasured him made her ride him harder every time, the pirate lord groaning loudly. She grinned to herself as Vaas kept arching against her, thrusting under her. She kept control of everything, not letting the pirate do anything, making him frustrated and agitated, but the pleasure she gave him made him weaken, and he let her do everything her way, all through the night.

The black wolf inside her couldn't get enough, and it seemed that the same was happening to him, too. He was weak, almost pitiful, under her control… and she couldn't help but smirk.

Looks like she broke Vaas, as he did with her.

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