The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 42: The Morning After

Alex grinned as she continued to watch Vaas sleep, snoring lightly on her cot, face down against the pillow, drooling a little bit, one arm around her stomach, the other dangling down the side of the bed. Every part of her body felt weak, the muscles on her thighs and hips hurting like crazy, but seeing the pirate tired on her bed, sleeping peacefully, made her think that it was all worth it.

She had lost count on how many times they did the deed throughout the night, but she was sure of one thing… the pirate can't seem to get enough of her. He took her over and over again, each time his hold on her tightening that bruises began to blossom from her hips, her shoulders and her thighs. She could see the marks her fingernails had left on his back, and there were bite marks on both their shoulders where they had bitten each other through the night.

She took him roughly, and he enjoyed it very much that even when she removed his arm to stand up from the bed, the pirate didn't seem to stir, continuing to snore on her pillow. She grinned to herself, before wincing as she put on her clothes again, her muscles screaming as she put on the leather cat suit and boots again.

She was able to unlock the door of the hut after she found the keys in Vaas' pockets, and she stepped out. The clearing was still a bit of a mess, with some pirates sleeping on the ground, and the scent of beer, liquor, barbeque and sex filled the air. As she took a look around, she even found a few pirates naked, sleeping with prostitutes on crates, and she shook her head. Good thing she was able to drag Vaas away. That kind of display would've scandalized the hell out of her.

"Morning, Ms. Alex!"

She turned around to see Antonio, who was grinning at her, with a bloodied lip. He ran to her as she stood in the middle of the clearing looking around. "We throw quite the party, no?"

She laughed, "Yeah, you do. Sorry I missed half of it."

Antonio gave her a knowing smile, before shaking his head, "Yeah, well… I know you had your own celebrations with Vaas." He shrugged, "Anyway, Andre said there's breakfast and coffee for everyone."

At the mentioned of breakfast, Alex's stomach rumbled loudly, making Antonio blink and laugh out loud. "Yep. That's a sign." She chuckled as she touched her stomach, "Let's go have breakfast."

Antonio grinned and nodded, and they made their way to the kitchen, where Andre the cook, set her up with a large plate of eggs, bacon, rice, mushrooms and coffee. She ate and rank with Antonio, talking about some of the men, and pretty soon some of her 'students' came over and talked with them, joking around with her and laughing at what had happened to Antonio, who apparently had a brawl with one of the men over a prostitute.

She looked around, trying to find Jose and Kidd, but knowing Kidd; she thought that the older man might be drunk. He drinks heavily when he's given the opportunity, causing her to take care of him when he's too drunk to change his shirt or make his way to the bathroom to puke. But plenty of men around the camp were probably just as drunk as he was, so she stopped worrying.

"Ey! Jose! Come on and have breakfast, man!"

She looked up to see Jose, smiling tiredly as he went into the mess hut where she and Antonio were eating. Something about the man's demeanor was strange, his eyes darting to each of the men, and he kept touching his left arm. He plopped down in front of her with a small plate of food and coffee, before looking up at Antonio.

"Ey, Tonio… two of your pits got loose last night, man." Jose said, sipping his coffee, "One of the men must've let them out… you know, made them fight last night."

Antonio sighed, "Fuckers, I told them that they're not supposed to be for fighting." He patted Alex's shoulder, causing her to wince a little, since it still hurt from all her… activities last night. "Be back in a bit, Miss Alex."

She smiled up at Antonio as the other man left, and Jose started eating his breakfast in small bites. Her eyes furrowed with worry, as she reached over and put a hand gently on his forehead, causing the pirate to blink up at her in surprise, "Jose? Are you okay? Do you feel sick?"

Jose smiled a little at her, "I'm fine, nona. I'm just a little tired, that's all." He took her wrist and pulled it away.

"Has Vaas been over working you?" She asked, concern creeping in her tone, "Do you want me to talk to him? Give you some slack?"

Jose looked up at her, staring at her face, his expression almost like that of pity, before smiling at her, "No, really. I'm fine. But I was wondering… can I talk to you, Miss Alex? In private?"

Alex blinked, "Sure, Jose. We can talk right now, if you want."

"No, not here." Jose said, "I don't want the other men to hear. Are you done with your breakfast?"

She nodded and pushed off her chair, and Jose mirrored her action, and he led her out of the hut, and into the edge of the clearing, away from the men and the huts, almost into the forest. Alex walked slowly with Jose, the soldier's hands in his pockets and looking down at the ground, making him look forlorn.

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