The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 44: The Plot


Vaas snorted awake, his neck hurting as he raised it, and he groaned as he flopped back down on his pillow. His arm felt for the woman beside him, but he blinked and turned, seeing that the woman wasn't there.

"Vaas! You in there?" He heard Antonio call from outside.

"Shut up, motherfucker!" He couldn't help but shout back to his man. His muscles were a little sore, and his hips hurt like hell, but he forced himself to roll over and sit up from the bed. "What the fuck do you want?!"

"Is Alex there? I thought she'd be with you."

"I don't know where the fuck she is." He answered back as he stood up, putting on his boxers and pants again, as he looked around for his belt. "She wasn't with you?"

"I sat with her for breakfast, but I thought she'd come back here with you." He heard Antonio say from outside, as he buckled his belt and his holsters again, before putting on his boots. He lifted up his shirt and headed out the door, opening it to see Antonio standing, looking slightly confused.

"Isn't she with that fucker, Kidd?" Vaas said as he looked around, seeing his camp still disheveled, and putting on his shirt. "Why hasn't anyone cleaned up the fucking place?"

Antonio shrugged, "Andre said he got some men to do it." He walked with the pirate lord as he walked over to the kitchen, lighting up a cigarette that he got from his pocket. "Jose came by when we were talking. He said a couple of my pits got out, that somebody let them out to fight."

Vaas huffed as he entered the mess, seeing Andre, and grabbing a tray of food from the man, "That's fucking impossible. I already ordered everyone that the pits are not for fucking fighting."

"I know." Antonio said as Vaas plopped down a chair and started eating breakfast, "But when I looked at the cages, all of the pits were there."

Vaas blinked, his spoonful of eggs half-way to his mouth, looking at the man, "Jose told you that?"

"Yeah…" Antonio said, and Vaas suddenly stood up, forgetting his breakfast, and started walking outside and around the camp. He quickened his stride as the pirate lord began sprinting around the camp. "Where the fuck is Kidd?"

"I haven't seen him…"

"ALEX!" Vaas started shouting, his voice going around the camp as they ran, "AAAALLLEEEEXXXXX!"


He turned around to see Carlos running to him, panting, "What's the matter, amigo?"

"The merchandise…. And the Rakyat warrior… they're gone!" Carlos said, before raising a lock to him, "Look at this."

Vaas took the lock, looking at it carefully, his brows furrowed. He inspected the lock, seeing no scratches on them and he cursed, "FUCK! Somebody opened it for them!"

He growled as he thought. Kidd, Alex, the Rakyat warrior and the merchandise were gone, and so is Jose. He bet that the Rakyat had convinced Jose to work with them to free the captives and take Kidd and Alex. He grit his teeth as he marched back to his hut, shouting orders to his men.

"LOOK ALIVE, MOTHERFUCKERS!" He shouted, waking his men out of their drunken stupor, "WE'RE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN! GEAR UP!"

His men stood up and shook their drunkenness away, and Vaas headed inside his hut, taking his pistols and his knife. He looked down and saw Alex's switch blade on the bed, and the sniper rifle he gave her, and he felt his chest tighten. He snarled as he grabbed the knife and the rifle and heading back outside, heading for the pit bull enclosure. Antonio came up beside him, and he grabbed him and put the sniper rifle in his arms.

"You hold this for me, hermano. We're going to get Alex back. She's going to need this."

"Do you even know where they are?" Antonio asked, but Vaas merely bent over a dog… Beef, and gave him Alex's knife to smell it.

"That's it; take a good long whiff, amigo." Vaas muttered as the dog sniffed hard at the knife, "You got it, no? You smell her?" The dog let out a long howl and started struggling against the enclosure. "Then go find her for me, fucker!"

The dog ran out in a burst of speed, and the men headed towards the trucks, with Vaas leading them, "KEEP UP, MOTHERFUCKERS! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!"

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