The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 46: I Am You, You Are Me

Vaas came out from the darkness, holding his pistol in one hand and a knife in the other, his arms open in challenge. Two guards blocked him, raising their pistols at him, but he merely dodged them, his knife glinting at the torchlight, and the two men fell dead at his feet. He grinned at the scent of blood and looked up the temple again, "CITRA! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU, YOU LITTLE BITCH?!"

Alex watched Citra came out of the temple from the top of the stairs again, her green eyes blinking at the sight of Vaas before her. "Brother." She muttered, before a look of hatred crossed her features, "You are a fool to come here… all because of a woman."

"Ah, shut the fuck up." Vaas said, opening his arms up at her. "I'm here. I'm back. So shut the fuck up and let go of them."

But Citra merely glared down at him, "You've killed too many of my people. I will not negotiate with you."

Vaas laughed, "Oh, so… you're bargaining with me now? Oh, okay… I can do that." He stepped back into the darkness and pulled something… or rather… somebody up, and Alex blinked to find Jose, bound with ropes and tape on his mouth. "How about you let go of my old fart and my mujer, no? Or I kill myself and your little Rakyat warrior here."

He bent over Jose and pulled at his hair, positioning his knife under the man's neck, while putting the pistol against his temple. Blood trickled down his neck as Jose winced, and Citra's eyes widened in shock. "No!"

Vaas grinned evilly, "So… you'll let them go now? Or do I have to spill this fucker's blood on the ground?"

She could see Citra gritting her teeth, but she waved a hand, and two guards went to their cage, opening it. They grabbed both Kidd and Alex and shoved them towards Vaas. The pirate lord shoved Jose towards Citra, who scrambled off towards the top of the stairs to her. The woman bent over him and helped him off the ropes. Vaas reached to his side, capturing Alex, and Kidd stood behind him.

"Alexandria…" Vaas muttered, and Alex put her arms around his waist, "Vaas. Don't do this."

"Kidd." Vaas whispered instead and the older man drew closer to hear him, "Get back into the forest. Now."

Kidd nodded, and turned, heading out back into the darkness. The other guards pointed at him, but Citra waved a hand, and the guards let him go. Citra glared down at Vaas and Alex as Jose stood up, rubbing his neck, smearing the blood on it, and looking down at Alex. She watched as Citra looked with hate at her brother, before smirking and making her way back to Jose.

"My warrior…" Citra crooned, running her hand up Jose's chest seductively, and he looked at her. "This is your chance. Vaas stands here for you to fight. Kill him, and restore the honor of the Rakyat."

At this, Vaas smirked and brought Alex behind him, "Are you enjoying my sister's company, Jose? Huh?" He mocked him, putting his fingers on his head like horns and swaying side to side, "She's going to make a warrior out of you. You're so fucked, Jose."

At his taunting, Jose's face hardened, and he seized his knife, walking down toward the pirate lord. Vaas grinned in delight, pushing Alex to the side. She clung to his arm, but Vaas slapped her arm away, and shoved her. Citra's warriors formed a circle around them, and one of the soldiers grabbed her arm to keep her away from the fight.

"It's just so bad that my sister had to ink you up." Vaas said, looking a little annoyed at Jose as the other man circled him, "Because now the only way to kill you is to erase you completely. I am so DISAPPOINTED! You showed so much PROMISE, Jose, so much FUCKING PROMISE. Now here you are, trapped in the boxes of life like a fucking rat."

"Shut up!" Jose shouted at him as he lunged, and Vaas captured his arm, his fists flying and connecting with the other man's face, making him sprawl onto the dirt, holding his broken nose.

"But the thing is, I did not bring you here." Vaas continued as he Jose rose up to his feet again, seething at the pirate lord. Vaas slowly began moving in a circle, taunting the Rakyat, stalking him with a murderous look in his eyes. "You walked in here by your own goddamn self! And that's what Citra does to you, right? She turns you fuckers into rats and now I have to deal with the rodent problem! But that's what brother's are good for, right?!"

Vaas laughed out loud, looking at Citra, before flipping her the finger, causing the woman to scowl and Jose to yell in rage. He charged at Vaas again with his knife, and Vaas sidestepped him again, punching him in the gut, before elbowing his face, and making him drop to the ground. Vaas ran a hand through his head as he separated from Jose, looking frustrated.

"Jose, look at you." Vaas said, pointing at him with rage and disappointed on his face, "I mean look at you! Stupid motherfucking Rakyat boy. You come here in MY fucking jungle and you think you're a fucking warrior?! You think you know what it takes to fucking kill?!" He stood up straight and beckoned at Jose, "Come on, motherfucker! End it! Kill me!"

Jose lunged again, and Alex gasped as his knife buried into Vaas' shoulder. But Vaas merely grinned, and stabbed down, burying his knife into the top of Jose's arm, it's point poking underneath it on the other side. The other man yelled in pain, before collapsing into the ground and Vaas followed up on his attack by trapping his arms and headbutting him several times, Jose's blood coloring his face red. He let go of Jose when the other man was dizzy and no longer resisting, and he pulled on his shirt to bring his face towards him.

"The thing you don't understand, hermano…" Vaas seethed, but he was looking sternly at Jose, like he was teaching him a valuable lesson. "I am YOU. YOU are ME. Citra is going to turn you into ME. And then she'll fuck you… and then she'll kill you. She'll fuck you to create the 'perfect Rakyat warrior', and then she'll kill you because you're a threat to her rule. Why do you think she's after me, hermano? Huh? Do you understand why I left the Rakyat now, motherfucker?"

Jose looked up at Vaas, a little in disbelief, before looking up at Citra, "Is this true? Is he telling the truth, Citra?"

The woman stared down at Jose, "Everything must be done to restore the Rakyat. Everything."

Jose's eyes blinked in shock, and he became limp. Vaas let go of him, standing over him, and looking up at Citra. He grinned at her, and reached up, pulling the knife off his shoulder and raising it up to Citra.

"Now it's your turn, bitch." He smirked, before stepping towards the stairs to Rakyat leader.

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