The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 47: The White Wolf Emerges

That's when all hell broke loose.

Gunshots fired from the darkness, hitting the Rakyat warriors that had charged towards Vaas. The soldier who held her fell down dead, and she was surprised when a sniper rifle… her sniper rifle, was thrown out to by her feet. She looked up to see Antonio grinning in the darkness, and she seized her rifle as Kidd came up behind her, now holding his AK. Carlos and the cook, Andre, burst out from the forest, charging the surprised Rakyat warriors and shooting at them.

"Get the ones behind her, I'll cover you!" Kidd said, shooting at the Rakyats. She took the sniper and peeped through the scope, seeing the two Rakyat warriors guarding Citra. She took careful aim and pulled the trigger, hitting one soldier through the stomach, and the other through the head, shocking Citra.

Through her scope, she saw Vaas getting nearer to Citra, and the Rakyat woman pulled out her dagger. She blinked, before discarding her rifle, and running up the stairs. "ALEX!" She heard Kidd shout, but she was already sprinting, trying to get to Vaas.

She wrapped her hand around Vaas's wrist, stopping him, just as he was a few yards away from Citra. He looked down at her in anger, not recognizing her due to his rage, but he blinked when he saw it was her. "Alex?"

"Vaas, don't." She whispered, a little breathless since the stairs were steep, "Don't kill her, Vaas."

Fury entered Vaas' face again, and he clutched at her neck, "Why the fuck not, Alex? She made me suffer. She kidnapped you. She wanted to FUCKING kill me! Why the fuck shouldn't I kill her?"

"Because she is your sister!" Alex said, and she reached out a hand to Vaas' face. The pirate blinked at her touch, "You might not like her. But she's your sister. She's your blood. She's your family."

Vaas scowled down at her, "I want to fucking kill her."

"It doesn't have to be that way." Alex said again, and she coughed out a little as Vaas' grip tightened. "You can drive her away from the island. Send her off to Hoyt. Sell her. But don't kill her."

The pirate lord scowled at her, and she reached out and touched his face again with her hand, making his eyes close and his grip loosen. Alex took in a deep breath as Vaas' head bent down, and his other hand kept her hand to his face, burying his cheek into the palm of her hand. She blinked when a drop of water seemed to hit her cheek, and she looked up, just when another drop fell from the sky. Rain started falling down on them, drenching every one of them. She looked down to see that Vaas' men now held the rest of the Rakyat warriors captive, tying up their backs. She looked down at Vaas, as he continued to hold her hand, and when he raised his head, she thought she saw him crying, but she wasn't so sure because of the rain.

"I want to kill her. I want to end it." Vaas said, and she blinked. He had the same helpless look he had during his drugged out hallucination. And her heart twisted in his pain. She reached out and held him, wrapping her arms tight around his neck, and he buried his head on her shoulder, breathing the scent of flowers and rain on her skin.

"Only you can end it, Vaas." She whispered, and Vaas groaned, "You can bury this hate. You can bury the fear. Only you can make it disappear from your head, Vaas. You can do it. I know you can. Feed your white wolf… just this once."

She heard Vaas draw in a breath, and exhaling, his body relaxing as he held her tight. He drew in a deep breath again and muttered, "I am not used to this kind of shit. I'm not used to feeding my white wolf."

She chuckled, "I know, Vaas. I know. Shh… just breathe."

He took a deep breath again and sighed, holding her, and in the rain she felt his lips on her neck, licking her skin. "Is this what it feels like, Alexandria?"

She blinked as Vaas' arms tightened around her, molding her body to his, "What?"

"Is this what it's like to fall in love…?" Vaas asked and she blinked, her heart thumping loudly at her chest, "Is this what it's like? You do what your fucking loved one tells you to do, even though you don't want to do it… but you'll do it anyway?"

She smiled to herself, "I think so, Vaas. I killed and tortured to make you happy, didn't I? Although, at first it was because I wanted to survive."

Vaas huffed, before chuckling, "Fucked up world we live in, no?"

She laughed a little, "Yes. Yes, it is, Vaas."

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