The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 48: The Black Wolf Rages

Vaas laughed a little, his head looking up, but suddenly he twisted, and Alex shrieked a little. She found her footing just as Vaas seemed to slump against her as they kneeled to the ground. She looked up to see a look of surprise on Vaas' face… before seeing what looked like a silver dagger on his back. She lowered Vaas and looked up just to see Citra, her beautiful face twisted in anger, her hands like claws to catch Alex in the neck.

On instinct, she twisted, pulling at the combat knife she had kept on her boot. Citra's eyes widened at the sight of her knife, but her forward momentum had made it too late for her to back up. Alex pushed up from the ground and stabbed the knife upward, getting Citra on the stomach. The Rakyat woman's eyes widened in surprise, and Alex felt something growling within her. She roared loudly at Citra, pushing the woman a little, before pulling out her knife and stabbing her again, before pushing her off. Citra fell to the ground with a wet thud, the temple turning red from her blood.


Vaas' eyes blinked against the rain, and Alex turned to him. She ran as she inhaled and she held him in her arms, shielding him with her hair. He looked up at her, his eyes disoriented, and he raised his hand to touch her face. "No… no, no, no, no…. please…. Vaas, stay with me."

He looked up at her, and he reached out a hand to touch her face. His fingers caressed her cheek, and she held on to him, the rain trickling down her forehead and face. She could feel her eyes stinging, and she breathed deeply, her breath getting caught in her throat. She looked down at Vaas to see the pirate smiling.

"There it is…" He whispered as he smiled gently, his skin wrinkling around his eyes and cheeks again in that breathtaking way that made him look handsome. Alex sniffed as she tightened her grip around his fingers. "What is, Vaas?"

Vaas grinned, looking very happy and pleased, but without the fury she had known to associate him with, "There it is. The fear. The tears."

Alex huffed out a breath. She was indeed crying, and she couldn't hide it anymore. All throughout her ordeal in the island, she tried to be brave. And although she tried not to fall for the pirate, his ruthlessness, his unpredictability and humor made her fall madly… crazily… and stupidly in love with him.

"I'm not crying." She said, grinning down at the pirate lord, even though tears were falling down her eyes with the rain.

Vaas chuckled a little, "You… keep putting on… that brave face… hermana."

Vaas grunted in pain, and Alex looked up to see Antonio and Carlos, bringing up what looked like a make shift stretcher. "Hang on, Vaas. They're coming for you. Don't you fucking die on me, you hear?"

The pirate grinned, but his eyes became unfocused and sad as he raised his hand again, running his fingers through her hair and caressing her cheek. "At least…" he whispered, "I got to see you… one last time…"

Alex blinked, looking up in surprise at the pirate. Vaas's eyes widened a little, before they rolled towards the back of his head, and his breathing slowed.

She grit her teeth, the tears flowing much faster now. Fear gripped at her stomach and chest, making hard for her to breathe, and she whimpered. She slapped his cold face, which added to her panic. "NO! YOU FUCK! YOU WON'T FUCKING DIE ON ME!" She yelled out, as Antonio and Carlos came to her side, "FUCK YOU, VAAS! WAKE UP! WAKE THE FUCK UP!"

"Baby girl, come on…" Kidd whispered as he pulled her up, holding her arms as she struggled. Carlos began administering CPR as some of Vaas' other men carried their leader onto the stretcher. Alex seemed to snarl at the men as they took Vaas away, and she struggled against Kidd's arms.


Tears were streaming down her face, but her anger was surfacing, emerging from her, eating her. She growled again as she looked down at Citra, and she struggled hard against Kidd, causing the older man to let go of her. The Rakyat woman was still alive, but she was holding on to her bleeding stomach. Alex roared in anger as she bent over the woman, her ocean blue eyes wide with rage. Citra looked up in fear at her, her green eyes wide, and Alex roared out again as she flung her head back… and head butted Citra.

Kidd watched as Alex lost all control and began headbutting the Rakyat woman, crushing the latter's nose and painting her beautiful face red. Her mouth was curved into a furious snarl, her ocean blue eyes wide as she battered the other woman. Even as Citra fell unconscious, Alex kept head butting her, and he got worried as he pulled her off the Rakyat woman, but she continued to struggle, her voice growing hoarse from shouting insults as Citra.

"Baby girl, calm down!" Kidd shouted back as the rain and her constant struggling made it hard to keep her from moving.

"Kidd, he can't fucking die, you hear me?!" Alex said, her anger now directed toward the other man, "You have to help him, don't let him fucking die… please…"

"Alex!" Kidd shouted at her, and she stilled, looking up the older man, but the redness of her eyes and of her nose melted him, and he put his arms around her, hugging her tight. "Keep it together, baby girl… come on…"

Alex's shouting quieted down to hysterical sobbing as she weakened, falling to her knees, and Kidd slid down with her as her arms wrapped around him, her face buried in her shoulder. The cold rain and the warmth of her tears mixed on his neck, and he held her tighter as she sobbed.

For all his years of taking care of her, for all those years since her parents died, she never cried like that. Even though he only took care of her after her parent's death, something about the way she cried in his arms tore at him. It was horrible, like her cries were tearing at his heart too. So this must be what it feels like, Kidd thought as he shut his eyes and let Alex sob in his shoulder, This is what it's like to hold a crying daughter. Please, God… for what it's worth, save Vaas. Because I can't bear to hear her cry like this.

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