The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 49: The Truth About Her

His back and his shoulder fucking hurt, but he knew it was a good pain. It meant that he was alive.

Vaas groaned out in pain as he slowly woke up, his vision still blurry from sleep. He could see the inside of his hut… his pants in the corner, his closet, and a familiar man sitting beside him. His whole body hurt, actually. But he liked it. He liked the pain.

"Good to see you awake, Vaas." A familiar gruff voice sounded from beside him, "You have no idea how worried we have been."

His vision cleared to the sight of Kidd, grinning at him as he sat beside his bed. He groaned out, "I just came back from the dead, and the first fucking thing I see is you. I'm sure I've gone to hell."

Kidd chuckled, "Don't be like that. I could think of a worse hell to be in."

"What could be worse than waking up to see your fucking face, motherfucker?" He muttered out.

"Well, you could be in a room full of Citras, for one." Kidd chuckled again, "Or you could be somewhere with no beer, no food, no drugs and no fuckers to kill."

"Yeah. That is definitely hell." Vaas groaned out as he looked at the man, "What the fuck happened?"

Kidd shrugged, "Well, you died… so to speak." Vaas blinked up in surprise to him, "But Carlos and Antonio… they brought you back by doing CPR. Luckily, we had a surgeon among the captives, and we forced him to stitch you up. Alex was able to get his money before we fucking killed him."

"The captives?" Vaas asked, confused, "I thought they got away?"

Kidd grinned at him, "You've been out for a week, Vaas. Alex thought you'd never recover. We were able to round them up while you were out. All of them are back in their nice little cages and waiting for your return."

"Yeah, yeah… that's great, motherfucker." He looked around him to notice that he was on the far side of his bed, near the wall, and that there was a space beside him for someone to sleep on. "Where's Alex?"

Kidd waved a hand as he took a cigarette from his pocket and lit one up. At the sight of the cigarette, Vaas' mouth watered. The older man saw the hunger in his eyes, and he grinned as he put the lit cigarette to Vaas' mouth. The pirate drew in a deep drag, coughing a bit from his withdrawal of the smoke, causing him to flinch in pain. Kidd chuckled as he got a new stick for himself, "Oh… she's somewhere." Kidd leaned over to him, looking serious. "Actually, I wanted to talk to you about her when you wake up."

"I just woke up, motherfucker." Vaas groaned out as he drew in his cigarette again, "Can't this fucking wait until I'm up on my feet?"

"Sorry, kid, but no." The older man said gruffly, "I want to know what you plan for Alex. Are you still planning on keeping her here? Or are you going to kill her the first chance you get?"

Vaas looked up at the man, glaring at him, before he finally sighed. "Yes. She's here to stay."

Kidd looked at him… stared at him, really, his dark brown eyes boring into him. It made him a little uncomfortable, and he growled out, "The fuck are you staring at, motherfucker?"

But the older man grinned, "Nothing. I just remembered something about Alex. You know, for all her talk about white and black wolves, she is actually pretty right. Her black wolf came out fully when you got hurt, you know."

"Really now?" Vaas asked as he looked at the man.

"Yeah, she did. She was hell personified when they took you away. I haven't seen her like that since… well… since I found her with her dead parents."

The pirate lord looked up at the man, confused, "What do you mean? I thought she blacked out when her parents got killed?"

Kidd nodded, "Yeah, she did. But not before she shot the fucker that killed her parents." Kidd huffed as Vaas blinked in shock at him, "Emptied the fucking cartridge on the guy, she did. She was so fucking enraged… it was like a monster came out of her, you know? I got there in time to see her hammering the gun into the man's skull. Brutal, really. Brains splattered all over the living room. I pulled her out of the carnage, and when I calmed her down some, she blacked out. Lack of oxygen from screaming or something. When she grew up, she didn't have a tantrum like that anymore. She grew up normally, began to be a good kid. Pretty soon, I just realized that she didn't remember her rampage anymore. So we didn't talk about it much and I told her a lie about the man being arrested and dying on a prison brawl."

Vaas looked back up at the ceiling, thinking about what the man said. There is a white wolf and a black wolf inside us… and they fight every day, she had said. Just as he had fed the black wolf inside him, she fed her white wolf too, but her black wolf was there, hidden, prowling… that the moment he got hurt, it came out, wrecking havoc. They were polar opposites of each other, and for some reason that attracted him to her even more.

It made him… love he, even more.

"Anyway, Alex is out and about for now, if you're wondering. She won't be back for a few days. She told me that the three of us… Antonio, Carlos and I, that is… will be taking of you for the meantime. She's tired out, you know. She's been taking care of you and sleeping beside you since that doctor was done with you."

Vaas blinked as he looked up at the man, "Alex has been looking out for me?"

"Yup. And did a fine job of it, too. A few more days and you're good to go." Kidd said as he stood up, and held out his hand for Vaas' cigarette butt. He gave it to the man, who nodded at him. "You hang on tight. Andre said he got breakfast for you."

Vaas watched as the older men shuffled off out of the tent, throwing their cigarette butts away. He groaned as he tried to push himself up, but the pain on his back was horrible, so he sank back to his pillow with a groan. He stared up at the ceiling for a while, before reaching out an arm, grasping at the pillow beside him. He put it to his face and sniffed, smelling the scent of Alex on the pillow. He groaned as he hugged the pillow, hoping to hold her instead.

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