The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 5: Who Let The Dogs Out

"Alex… Alex, get up now…"

Alex opened her eyes, seeing nothing. It was pitch black, but a massive hand was shaking her awake. It took only a second for her to realize the urgency in Kidd's voice. "Kidd?"

"Get up, girl." Kidd whispered urgently, pulling her up to her feet. She felt for her pistols and her UZI, as Kidd seemed to drag her into the cave. "We got to move. The pirates are tracking us."

"Tracking us?" Alex whispered back as she clung on to his arm, and he guided her, "They have dogs?!"

"Seems like it." Kidd's voice sounded angry as they walked quietly, "They probably got our scent from the boat. Come on, slow and steady."

"Okay… okay…" Alex whispered back, and when they got in deeper into the cave, Kidd brought out a couple of flashlights. He gave her the bigger one, before attaching another to the tip of his rifle. Just then, the sound of barking echoed into the cave, and Kidd cursed. "Fuck! They found us! Run, woman!"

Alex raised the flashlight and ran, hearing Kidd's heavy footsteps behind her. The flashlight did very little to see inside the cave, but she continued to run, making sure not to trip or hit her head. Kidd was panting as he ran behind her as the growls and barks got louder. He turned around just as one of the dogs… a pit bull… jumped up. He shot at it with his AK, hitting it on the head, and the beast fell to the ground with a thump.

"You know, I'm usually against animal cruelty…" Alex shouted as they ran, "But under the circumstance, kill those fuckers, Kidd!"

The older man laughed out loud behind her, "Don't make me laugh, woman! I can hardly breathe because of all this running…. AARRGGHH!"


Alex turned around to see Kidd struggling against a pit bull, the animal biting his arm. She quickly grabbed her knife and lunged at the animal, grabbing it around the neck with her arm before stabbing it repeatedly on the back of the neck. The dog let go of Kidd with a whine, and the older man grunted as he pushed the dead beast off and cradled his arm.

"Come on, Kidd!" Alex said as she pulled his shirt, and he harrumphed as he ran with her again. Alex looked up to see a curtain of vines ahead of them, "I see an exit! Let's go!"

Kidd and Alex ran and burst through the vines, and the cave walls around them changed into greenery as they entered the jungle again. They were tired and panting, but they continued to run.

"Do you think we've lost them?!" Alex yelled as she continued to run. Her legs were burning up, and her chest was beginning to hurt. She could hear Kidd wheezing behind her.

"I don't know. I can't hear the dogs anymore." Kidd said, coughing a little, "I think they're gone. But knowing these fuckers… they got plenty of tricks up their sleeves… HEY!"

Alex looked behind her to see that Kidd had disappeared, and she looked up to see him hanging upside down on a tree, a noose tied firmly around his ankle. Seeing a muscled, 6 footer dangling at the end of the rope, flailing his arms and looking down at her… a laugh escaped her lips, making her choke a bit, before she started laughing. "Seriously?! You tripped a noose trap?!"

"Hardy-har-har, Alex." Kidd said, as he tried to bend to reach his leg, "Get me down from here, woman. It should be tied to a tree or something. Cut it off so it could drop me."

Alex giggled a bit before looking up, using the flashlight to see the rope. She followed the taut line with her eyes, before seeing tied to a tree a meter away from him. "Found it, hang on."

Kidd snarled, "Literally hanging on, woman. Just cut the damn thing."

She scoffed as she pushed back the shrubs heading to the tree, "I hope to God you'd drop on your head when I cut this." She neared the tree and lifted the pistol she had to shoot the rope, "Get ready, Kidd!"

"I can't let you do that, hermana."

Alex gasped and turned around, seeing a man in front of her. He wore dark green pants, and red sleeveless shirt, with a red cloth wrapped around a muscled arm. White bandages wrapped around his wrist and fingers, stained with mud, oil and what seemed to be blood. He had a square jaw, a slightly hooked nose, thick eyebrows and dark rimmed, light green… almost yellowish eyes. The sides of his head were shaven, with only a Mohawk at the top of his head. A nasty looking scar marred him from the left eyebrow to the top of his head.

She only had a second to gasp at the man, before pain exploded from the back of her head, and everything went black.

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