The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 50: The Rakyat Leader

Pretty soon, Vaas was able to sit up and walk around the hut, although he hadn't travelled outside the hut yet. His men took care of him and helped him, and he hadn't seen Alex yet. He seethed inside when they told him she was busy, and he yearned to see her again.

He tried asking Antonio and Carlos about where the woman is, but they keep evading the question. He began to get royally pissed off, shouting at them, cursing at them, but they merely shrugged his threats away. And so he seethed as he mended, doing his best to get better.

He was finally able to walk by himself after a few days, although the others cautioned him not to move very much due to his wounds. When he came out of the hut, he tried looking for her, but she wasn't in the camp. His anger led him to killing some of his rejects, using a pistol as recommended by Kidd to not strain his back if he dared to use his knife.

Two weeks later, Vaas was sitting by his hut, smoking a joint, when Carlos came forward looking a little grim. "Vaas…" he said, "We have a visitor."

Vaas groaned, "Who the fuck is it?"

Carlos frowned, "The new Rakyat leader."

He blinked, surprised, and he seethed as he slowly stood up, "When the fuck did the Rakyat get a new leader?!"

The other man shrugged, and pointed to the other side of the camp, where they kept the captives, "I don't know, but they are by the cages."

Vaas growled, unholstering his pistol and striding towards the cages, pissed off and angry. The Rakyat had a new fucking leader. When the fuck did that happen?

As Vaas and Carlos neared the cages, he saw a person… veiled in white, his back to him, talking to two Rakyat soldiers. He raised his pistol and shouted, "YOU'D BETTER GIVE ME A GOOD FUCKING REASON NOT TO FUCKING SHOOT, HERMA…."

But the person in white turned around and smiled at him, familiar ocean blue eyes wrinkling in mirth. He blinked and slowly lowered his gun in shock.

It was Alex.

She waved the two Rakyat away, and they obeyed her, before she walked forward slowly to Vaas. She wore a long, leather skirt with a slit in front, showing off her leg, and a matching halter top that was beaded with various stones, gems and shells. Her silver blond hair was unbound, being covered with the white veil that flowed down her back. Tattoos of intricate designs adorned her arm from the shoulder to the wrist, as well as on her muscled stomach and slim leg. However, her face remained unchanged.

Alex smiled at him, before bending on a knee and looking up at him, "Warrior Vaas… we have come to pledge our allegiance."

Vaas blinked as he looked down at her, before looking behind him at Carlos. The other man had a dorky grin on his face as he looked down at Alex, but when he looked up at Vaas, he moved away from them, chuckling, leaving Vaas and Alex alone.

He looked down at her, scowling, "What the fuck does this mean, hermana?"

Alex stood up, her smile fading and looking seriously at Vaas, "The Rakyats saw what happened in the temple. The people renounced Citra's claim to the tribe, and they called her attack on you as cowardly and undeserving of a true Rakyat warrior." Her lip lifted in a small smirk, "When I stopped you… and when I stabbed Citra… the people thought that even though I was a foreigner, I was a true Rakyat warrior… merciful, kind, beautiful…" She rolled her eyes at the compliment, "… but ruthless enough to kill my enemies. So they elected me to be their leader."

Vaas blinked as he looked at her in shock, and she shook her head, "The Rakyat believed that for a person to ascend to the throne, they must defeat the former leader. That was why Citra killed your mother and father. Since I defeated Citra, I am now the Rakyat priestess. The reason I've been gone for so long is because I've been studying the Rakyat ways and religions. The tribe has been teaching me."

He continued to stare at her silently, and she continued, a professional air around her. It was one of the differences he had noticed. While Citra used her sexuality to get what she wanted, Alex used her calm and logic. "I've reached a consensus with the Rakyats. We've all agreed to… come up with a peace treaty. Between us… the Rakyat, Hoyt's men… and your camp."

He crossed his arms, and Alex's eyes watched as the muscles in his arms bulged, and he grinned to himself. She wanted him… he could see it in her face, and by the gods, he wanted her too. But seeing her as the Rakyat leader made him intrigued, "What does this fucking peace treaty say, perra?"

"Well, for one thing, we agreed that you leave the Rakyat alone." She said, and he bristled, "We will allow your men to do their business, while we do ours. We will not attack or kill your men, and you and Hoyt do the same with my Rakyats." She started walking around, "We have also agreed on a economic treaty… that we will help you with provisions of food or clothing, provided that you pay them properly, and that you provide us with arms and ammunitions if the case is needed. My Rakyat warriors will train with you, and if they decide to, they can fight with you… provided that they help the tribe when need for aid comes."

"And what if my captives escape, hermana?" Vaas scowled at her, "What if my fucking captives escape and they find you, huh? Are you going to let them go?"

Alex was silent as she thought, "We can give them temporary food and shelter, but that's it. If they want to find a way out of the island, they find out how to do so themselves." She shrugged, "By then, you'd probably be able to catch them."

Vaas watched her, thinking about her conditions, and he waved a hand, "There are still a lot of holes in your preposition, hermana, you know? You want to discuss this… back in my hut?"

She grinned, before biting her lip seductively. Vaas felt the tingle of want through his spine, and he felt his blood rush to his crotch. She was still so damned sexy. "That would be a good idea, Vaas."

Vaas grinned at her, the skin around his eyes and lips wrinkling again, making her eyes grow wide with lust, as he extended a hand to point her towards the direction of the hut. But as Alex passed by him, the scent of flowers trailing behind her, he growled and pounced at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and dragging her away into the forest. Alex laughed as he dragged her away towards the direction of what she remembered as the waterfall.

And they obviously never made it to the hut.

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