The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 52: The Gift

"I'm siiiiiiingin' in the rain~~ I'm siiiigin' in the rain~~~!"

Alex grinned as she watched Vaas dance around the Head Field, kicking Gunther, Nigel and Craig's face as they protruded from the ground, breaking their noses and making them scream in pain, like Alex DeLarge in Clockwork Orange. She found Vaas amusing since the pirate lord actually had some moves on him, moving through the protruding heads with fashion and flair. She had come to love the pirate despite of his brutality… but then again, it was one of the reasons she learned to love the pirate. He was brutal, violent, unpredictable, hot-headed and cruel, but she found out that underneath his pirate persona, Vaas really cared about his pirates, especially the ones loyal to him like Carlos and Antonio.

"Alright, Fred Astaire. We gotta get a move on." She said, grinning, as Vaas stopped dancing and practically skipped his way towards her.

"Ahh… this makes me so fucking happy, seeing all my pets again." Vaas said as he tapped his foot on Nigel's head as the man whimpered, putting an arm around Alex. "But I'm more interested in your surprise, mi corazon. What do you have for me?"

She grinned as she walked with him towards the doors of one of the shanties, before coming up behind him and jumping on his back. The pirate lord caught her, keeping her on his back and holding her legs with his arms, but he grunted when Alex covered his eyes tightly. "What the fuck, Alex?!" he cried out, but she merely chuckled.

"It's a fucking surprise, Vaas!" She said, grinning at him from behind, "Just walk on forward. I'll take of my hands when we're close."

Alex led him to the inside of the warehouse, and she smiled when she saw Antonio, Carlos and Kidd, their hands on their guns and smiling at them. She made him stop and giggled, "Okay! These are for you, Vaas!"

Alex removed her hands from his eyes and jumped down from him, making him look. His eyes took a while to adjust to the darkness, before an excited grin spread through his face. Inside the warehouse, chained to a couple of poles… were Citra and Jose, their hands and feet tied and their mouths taped. Citra's face was bruised purple, she had a cut on her brow, and her stomach was gauzed from the wound she received in Alex's hands. Jose's eyes could barely open from his bruises, and the tape that covered his nose was red because of his broken nose. The gauze on his arm ran red as well from the stab wound he received from Vaas.

At the sight of his sister and her warrior in his camp, Vaas' eyes widened in disbelief, and he looked up at Alex. "This is for me?"

She nodded, and Vaas laughed out loud before swooping her up in her arms, making her shriek as she wrapped her arms up on his neck. He kissed her hard as he held her tight, and she reciprocated. He separated from her, grinning, "Thank you, mi corazon."

Alex kissed him on the top of his nose, "You're welcome, Vaas." She said, as he put her back on her feet on the ground. She smiled up at him before reaching a hand to Kidd, who grinned at her and reached back to his pocket to give her a pair of pliers.

Vaas grinned in delight when he saw it, and he kissed her on the nose as he took them, letting go of her and looking down in his sister. Citra's eyes widened at the sight of her brothers, her green eyes filled with fear as Vaas grinned down at her.

"Hey, Citra… did you miss me?"

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