The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 53: Happily Ever After

"I like this décor… it's a nice fucking décor."

Alex and Vaas stood arm in arm amidst the poles, looking up the tallest pole in the field, where Citra's decapitated head was stuck in, the blood dried and flies swarming all over the dead woman's face. Citra had died a week after Alex gave her to Vaas, her body slowly succumbing to her brother's various tortures. He made sure that she lasted long, each torture getting worse per day, until Vaas finally let her die a slow and painful death.

In a surprising turn of events, Jose lived, after Vaas let him go after three days of torture. At the end of it all, Jose lost both of his hand's middle fingers, after Vaas had cut them off in retaliation for his betrayal. Alex was surprised when the pirate lord gave the man full pardon, but not before threatening him by making another pole, similar to Citra's and telling him that he was no warrior, and if he ever betrayed them again, he would cut off his head and stick it in the new pole.

When she asked about the sudden act of mercy, Vaas merely scowled at her, saying, "I fed my fucking white wolf today… for the last time."

Both the Rakyat and the pirates flourished under Alex and Vaas' rule. The Rakyat warriors trained with Vaas' men with Kidd's teachings, and Alex taught them in a new school she had built in the Amanaki village. The Rakyats once again increased in population, as Vaas and his men no longer killed the Rakyats. She was strict in allowing only Rakyat boys at the age of eighteen to train with Vaas' troops. The people learned to love their new, 'foreign' leader, mainly because she helped the Rakyat with a sense of calm, intelligence and wisdom that differentiated her from Citra's old religiously-manic-to-the-point-of death rule. No more raids or battles happened between the Rakyat, the pirates and the privateers, but Vaas and Hoyt got an increase of hostages, not just from America, but all over the world now. It delighted the men, since it was Alex who came up with the idea of writing a story about the mysterious Rook Island and inviting travelers and researchers alike to come and visit the 'unknown and uninhibited' island.

"You know… I've been thinking, Vaas." Alex said as she looked up at Citra's head, shielding her eyes from the midday sun, before looking at the furthest edge of the poles, where the now completely dried and decomposed heads of Nigel, Gunther and Craig were. "Don't you think the island getting a little too cramped?"

"What do you mean, Corazon?" Vaas asked as he inhaled some smoke from his joint as he looked at her.

She shrugged, "Well… You know, my Rakyats are multiplying… I had to do The Rite of the Rakyats to twenty children yesterday." She sighed tiredly, "And some of my men are deciding to join up with you. And with pretty much no one dying, your army is getting bigger."

"Ah huh… and… what do you propose?"

Alex grinned up at him, her ocean blue eyes looking in delight at her idea, "Well… I was just thinking… that I think it's time we took over the Southern Island."

Vaas blinked and looked down at her. Her eyebrow was raised and she had a knowing smile, and his heart seemed to burst in delight, getting her idea. He took her head in his hands as he looked at her, "Oh… Alexandria…" He grinned as he grasped her waist, "Looks like your black wolf is winning now, don't you think?"

She laughed out loud, before growling out, capturing Vaas in a passionate kiss as the pirate ran his hands up inside her shirt to the skin on her back. She kissed him hard, jumping at him, and Vaas captured her legs as she wrapped them around his waist, as he walked back toward their hut.

"Vaas… my white wolf is still in there." She whispered as she licked his neck, earning a groan from the pirate, "But being with you makes my black wolf stronger."

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