The Tale of Two Wolves

Epilogue: The King's Downfall

He was pissed.

Hoyt looked down at the map in his hands, growling when he realized that all his communication towers, his camps and his warehouses in the Southern Islands (except for the one he was in, of course) were all burned to the ground. Five of his transport ships were raided on their trip to ship his merchandise, disappearing into the Pacific Ocean, and he lost contact with all of them. His helicopters were being shot down in the middle of the island, their wrecks almost burning the forest.

He had asked Vaas about it, and the pirate told him that a group of four friends that had landed on the North Island had escaped their camp and headed to the Southern Island by themselves even when they hunted for them, killing some of his men, and some of Alex's Rakyat. The pirate and his now-soon-to-give-birth wife had supplied him with Rakyat warriors and pirates, but Vaas himself cannot visit the island as he was expecting his child. He had sent Kidd instead, his old friend who was now Vaas' right hand man.

But even the former military didn't know what to do with the attacking four men. He came to Hoyt once after battling them, his face wounded and battered, his right arm bandaged after it was shot by one of the attackers. He growled when he said that the four men were witty and quick, outsmarting him and Hoyt's privateers easily. They took their time planning, sometimes spending a few weeks doing surveillance, before attacking the compound.

He growled again before , flinging out an arm, the papers on his table flying everywhere… just an explosion rocked his compound.

He turned his chair around to see one of his transport ships burning, and several shots rending the air. He cursed as he pulled his handgun from his back, and headed out the door, but he stopped when an AK-47's muzzle blocked his door.

"Don't move, motherfucker!" The man yelled, his voice muffled by the black mask he was wearing, and Hoyt blinked as four more people ushered into his office, holding guns of various sizes, wearing black bullet proof vests, black bonnets and dark goggles. He backed up; holding his hands up, as more shots and sounds of pain lingered from his privateers outside.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Hoyt shouted as the five people closed his door and locked it. The man in front pointed at his piece, and he dropped it, kicking it towards one of the men, who looked like a man with a massive beer gut.

The man in front relaxed as the four others kept their guns pointed at Hoyt. But he blinked when the man removed his glasses and bonnet, revealing an easy grin, bright green eyes, and a Mohawk.

"YOU!" Hoy shouted as he growled in anger at the man.

"Peek-a-boo, motherfucker." Vaas said, grinning at his former boss, as he set aside his rifle, taking his pistol in his hand as he walked around Hoyt's table. "I bet you didn't expect me to do this, didn't you?"

"You stupid FUCK!" Hoyt said as Vaas aimed the gun at him, making him walk away from the table, to a small corner of his office, "What the fuck do you think are you doing?"

Vaas waved a hand as he walked over to Hoyt's chair, and Hoyt looked up nervously at the four people that had moved to form a straight line, facing him as the pirate sat down his chair. "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse."

"I don't give a FUCK about what you're going to offer!" Hoyt shouted, and the four men raised their weapons again, and he silenced.

Vaas chuckled as he waved a hand on the four people, "Surprising, no? I bet you didn't expect that I'd be making a lot of friends like these. Anyway, about the fucking offer no?" Vaas leaned back on Hoyt's swivel chair, and put his feet up the table, "The thing is, hermano… we found out about a few things about you. You've been cheap with us… you've been earning millions from the captives no? And yet you pay us with fucking loose change." He looked over at Hoyt's decanter of brandy and started putting ice on a glass, "Not to mention you and your privateers are still abusing the Rakyat, despite of the treaty we signed with my wife, no? That's pretty fucking bad, hermano. You know, Alex is really scary when she's fucking pissed. That's why I married her."

"I don't give a FUCK about your FUCKING WHORE OF A WIFE…!" Hoyt yelled, before his leg exploded in pain. One of the men had pressed the trigger and shot him in the leg, and he crumpled to the ground. "Oh you bunch of FUCKERS!"

"Oh… Volker… Volker… what have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?" A smooth voice emerged from one of the masked men… the one with the round stomach. He removed his mask and goggles, and Hoyt growled when he realized it was a 7-month pregnant Alex.

She smiled as she headed over to where Vaas sat, who was now drinking brandy and smoking a cigar from his own private stash on the table. At Alex's hand on his shoulder, Vaas looked up at her, smirking, before putting an arm around her and kissing her protruding belly under her loose shirt. "See, hermano? I told you she's fucking scary when she's angry."

"What the FUCK do you want?!" Hoyt groaned out in pain as he held on to his bleeding leg.

"It's simple, really." Vaas said as he took a sip of his brandy, "We want you dead. We'll be taking care of the fucking franchise from now on."

Hoyt blinked, and his anger filled him again, "You can't FUCKING kill me! I OWN ALL OF THIS! I have friends in high places… and they wouldn't STAND FOR THIS SHIT!"

But Alex smirked, "On the contrary, Hoyt… your 'friends from high places'? I contacted them all… remember when I was sending you the money from the hostages? Well, I was able to hack information about your 'contacts'." She smiled sweetly at him as Vaas grinned proudly at his wife's intelligence, "We found out that you're overcharging them, so it seems, and providing them with wrong merchandise. Oh and by the way, did you know that the FBI, the KGB and other police forces from the world are looking for you? All of which are offering over 15 million dollars in reward?" She whistled, before grinning down at Vaas, "That's roughly… I don't know… 135 million, isn't it, Vaas?"

"Yes, mi corazon." Vaas answered, smirking at Hoyt.

"Anyway… they're both looking for proof that you're dead. So I think a simple picture would suffice for them."

"If you kill me and the police find out, then all this work will be worth SHIT!" Hoyt answered back, "They'll come after you, hunt you down…"

Alex laughed, "Highly unlikely, Hoyt. Especially since I bought Rook Islands for a grand total of 15 billion dollars." Hoyt blinked in surprise at her, "You have a lot of money, didn't you, Hoyt? It's a good thing really… do you know how many schools, hospitals and housing projects that 15 billion could fund? You made a lot of people and countries very, very happy, Hoyt. It's just too bad that I had transferred all of them to our… numerous accounts."

Hoyt growled again in anger, and he watched as the three other people how held it at gun point removed their masks, revealing who he remembered as the men named Carlos and Antonio, and a grinning Kidd. At the sight of the oldest man, his fury peaked again, "YOU! You fucking TRAITOR!"

But Kidd merely grinned as he pointed his gun at Hoyt again, "Sorry, Kingslayer… I told you I was about the money."

He looked in shock at the three as Alex raised her slim hand, and snapped her fingers. At the command, Kidd and the other two pulled the trigger, shooting at Hoyt in the torso, their gunshots sounding in sync with the gunshots of Vaas' pirates and Alex's Rakyat warriors outside. The man collapsed on the ground, gasping in pain, clutching at the numerous gunshots wounds he received. He coughed, feeling the blood rushing up from his lungs. He heard his chair squeak as Vaas seemed to stand up and the pirate's footsteps as he went to him. Hoyt's eyes watched, his vision dimming, as the pirate smiled down at him, the skin around his eyes and mouth wrinkling, and he thought about the monster he had created in the pirate.

"By the way, Hoyt…" Vaas said as he positioned the barrel of his pistol on Hoyt's forehead, "Did I ever tell you… the definition of insanity?"

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