The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 6: The Pirate


Alex jolted awake, before a wave of dizziness made her close her eyes again. She lifted her arm to touch her face, only to realize she couldn't move. She looked up to see her wrists were tied to a bamboo cage, and that a tape was covering her mouth. She looked around to see Kidd on the other side of her in the cage. He was tied up and gagged, dried blood sticking to his arm where the pit bull had bitten him, and was looking worriedly at her, before tilting his head left.

She looked up to see that the Mohawked man she had seen was standing by their cage, grinning at her. "Good morning, señorita!" The man said, crouching down low beside her outside of the cage, "Welcome to my island, eh?"

The man chuckled as he Indian-sat beside her, the bamboo cage separating them. "You know, I found a couple of hermanos on a boat this morning…"

Alex blinked. So, Nigel and Gunther are alive. She shook herself mentally at the disappointing thought of them still existing.

"Rich fellas, aren't they?" The man said, pulling out something from his back pocket, "Nigel Archer and Gunther Miles, wasn't it? Oh yeah, I remember Miles. He was that rich cowboy drilling petrolio in the Middle East, right? And Archer, he was that treasure hunting man from TV before, hmm? Right?"

He was looking at Alex, as if expecting her to answer, and she looked at Kidd. The older man nodded slightly, as if telling her to answer him, and she looked back at the Mohawked man. She nodded slightly.

The man smiled, "But you two… I don't know who you are." He laughed suddenly, "I thought those two were honeymooning, you know? Like… a couple of gay boys on a fucking cruise, yeah? It didn't help when I saw your stuff, hermana."

"So… let's see… who are you two, huh?" The man lifted a couple cards, and she realized that he was looking at their IDs. Aside from blowing up their ship, it seemed like they raided it, too. "Kiddleston Humphrey… Semper Fidelis Protection Agency and…" He whistled, "Alexandria Steele? Librarian?" He looked down at her in disbelief and laughed, "What the fuck… is a librarian doing out here in these parts, huh?"

Alex huffed, annoyed that the man was expecting her to answer when she was bound in the mouth with tape. The man must've understood what her annoyed look was for, so he reached over and yanked the tape away, causing her to wince in pain. The man threw away the tape and looked at her expectantly.

"We… we were hired by Mr. Archer." She said, stopping herself from quivering. You got to be brave. Kidd's words rang in her ear; you got to show these bastards that you're not afraid.

"Hired you for what exactly, hermana?" The man said.

"He's hunting for the Chaoyang." Alex answered back, "Mr. Miles funded the expenses. They're looking for treasure. Niles researched about the Chaoyang and its treasure so he hired us to find it."

At this, the man scoffed, "And what's a fucking librarian like you know about it?"

"I helped research about it… its location, its history, what it contains." She said, "He hired me because I was his research assistant and because I knew Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish."

The man grinned at her before leaning over, "Well, they're a bunch of fuckers to think they could steal stuff on my island." He looked over to Kidd, "And this old fucker? He's supposed to be protecting them, right?"

"He was." She seethed, "He is a friend of mine… I wouldn't go on this trip until they hired him." She thought about the man's agenda and blinked, "He was a former soldier. He's really great with a gun. He could shoot anyone without batting an eye… given the right amount of money."

Kidd looked up at her, his eyes a little shocked, but the man looked at him, and stood up from his seat on the ground. He walked over to Kidd's part of the cage… stalking almost, before reaching inside and ripping the tape off Kidd's mouth. "Fuck…" Kidd muttered before looking up at the man.

"So, pendejo… you an old gun, huh?" The Mohawked man said, bending close to Kidd, "What can you do? You military?"

"Former." Kidd answered back, before grinning, "Got sick of the system, you know? Lots of fuckers in this world, and they can't even pay us enough. We kill all these damn insurgents, criminals and fucking terrorists, and for what?" He scoffed before looking at Alex, "I do my shit for money. If you pay me enough, I can put a bullet into anyone's skull."

"Really?" The man seemed genuinely interested in Kidd, "What can you shoot, fucker?"

At this, Kidd laughed out loud before grinning at the man, "Hermano, if it's got ammunition or a blade, I can fucking use it, believe me. Killed enough to make the Devil come get me himself when I die."

"Interesting…" The man said, looking at him, before straightening up and walking back to Alex's side, "But… I run a business here, you see. I get people like you to come to my island and I ransom their asses for money before my boss ships them." He bent over to Alex again, "Give me one good reason not to ransom you too."

Alex scoffed, "Because you won't get anything for us. Kidd and I… we don't have family."

The man blinked, and Alex thought she saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes, before it was replaced again by a cold look. "Okay… okay… I get it." The man huffed, "So technically… you two… are worthless."

The man stood up and pulled out a pistol from his belt, aiming the barrel at her head, and Alex blinked in fear. She looked at Kidd as he looked at the gun in alarm, "No!"

"You talking to me, fucker?!" The man said as he pointed the gun at Kidd, "Fucker, you talking to me?!"

"We're not worthless." Kidd said, "You want another man to fuck shit up with you? I'm your man, right here. Hell, I would even consider it an honor to shoot these rich fuckers for you."

"Really now?" The man said, a little suspicious, "You would work for me? A former military man?"

"Note on the term 'former'." Kidd said, grinning up at the man, "If you want me to be a pirate, I'll be one for you."

The man looked down at him, as if thinking about something, "If you fuck up, I'll kill you myself, comprende?"

"Loud and clear, man." Kidd looked over to Alex, "You might want to keep the lady too, you know. She's got access to billions of money."

The man scoffed and looked at Alex, who sat mutely at the other side of the cage, "The fuck can she do? She's a fucking librarian."

"She's a computer genius… and she has access to both Nigel and Gunther's bank accounts." Kidd grinned over at her, and she remembered. Nigel trusted her immensely to the point that he had given her clearance to open his accounts when Gunther was giving them money for the expedition. And Gunther, being the lazy man that he was, had once allowed her to transfer some money from his account to Nigel's.

"This true, hermana?" The man said, crouching over to her, "You can open both their accounts?"

"I can open Nigel's… but I don't know if Gunther's passwords are still the same. Hopefully, I can still hack it." Alex said truthfully.

"And how much is in Mr. Archer's account?"

Alex swallowed, "15 mil… probably more. The last time I checked the account was before we left. Gunther's got millions too, but I can't remember exactly how much."

At the mention of Nigel's money, the man's eyes grew wide. "That's good… I like that… because I like expensive things…."


The man turned around away from their cage as one of his men came forward. Alex blinked, Vaas, she thought, his name is Vaas.

"WHAT?!" The Mohawked man… Vaas, said.

"The boss is looking for you." The man said, with a slightly Spanish accent, "He said you should take care of the rejects."

"Alright! Alright! I'll be right there, okay?!" Vaas shouted before waving a hand in dismissal. "Fuck off!"

The other man ran off as Vaas stood up and grinned down at them, "Tell you what; you two stay here, okay? Don't try to fuck this up and escape, yeah? Or else I'll shoot you…" he clicked his tongue once, pantomiming a gun on his temple, "Through the skull. And I'll fucking shoot you, over and over and over again until there is nothing left of you." He opened his arms and started walking backwards, "You two… we're going to have a bit of fun, yeah? I got some business to attend to for a bit, so I'll see you around, okay? Bye-bye… ta-ta…"

The man walked off into what looked like a hut, and Alex sighed in relief before looking at Kidd, "We are soooo fucked, old man."

"Yeah, I know." Kidd said, leaning his head back and closing his eyes, "Good thing you thought about my military background."

"And good thing you thought of the accounts of those two fuckers." Alex said, chuckling a bit, "I guess the man's really obsessed with money." She sighed, "What do you think, Kidd? Think we could escape?"

Kidd turned his head and looked around, "Well… from what I could see, kiddo… we're pretty much fucked." He tilted his head up, "I see guard towers, some shanties and lots of soldiers with guns… big guns." He shrugged despite his bonds, "If it were just me, I could. But sweetheart, with you at my side, we're going' to have a problem." He nodded at her, "If everything works here, you'd best stay close to me, you hear?"

Alex looked at him, "Why? Aside from gun-toting pirates, what else am I supposed to be worried about?"

"Lots." Kidd said, "There's the forest… God knows what kind of shit in there. And these pirates… they're fricking animals. Saw a girl getting gang raped while you were knocked out."

She blinked and shivered in fear, "You… is it going to…"

He looked at her and nodded, "They're going to get to you… even if you don't try… even if you don't want to. These guys… they are just as pussy-wanting' as any hot-blooded man, and at this rate, they aren't picky." He mentioned to the direction of where Vaas went to. "That kid, Vaas… it sounds like he's head honcho around here. Do your best to be under his good graces. If you can't stay close to me, stay close to him, you hear?"

Alex nodded a little, "O… okay."

Kidd looked at her, "Good." Suddenly, his lips lifted up to a smirk, "You know, kid… I got a good feeling about you. You're going to survive this. He isn't going to kill you, I'm sure of it."

Alex gave him a small smile, "I hope you're right, Kidd." She looked up at the place where Vaas went, and she couldn't help but sigh, "I hope you're right."

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