The Tale of Two Wolves

Chapter 9: The Pirate Moves In

Vaas was silent during the trip back, and Alex and Kidd, now devoid in of their shackles, sat together at the back of the truck with the two soldiers. Kidd held on to Alex as Vaas went through the rough terrain of the jungle again, but soon she looked up at Kidd.

"How did you know Hoyt, Kidd?" Alex asked the older man, and he sighed.

"I helped him kill his father." Kidd said, and she blinked, "His father was a rough fucker… always beating him up and saying he's worthless. I was working, you know… I used to be a boxing teacher." He shrugged, "He went into my gym one day and said that he wanted to learn how to fight. I asked him why… and he said, straight to my face, that he wanted to kill his father. Didn't shock me really, when he started opening up about his father. I wanted to kill the fucker, too. For a guy who beats up his kid… a grown man… who just wanted to please him, it fucked him up nasty on the head. Pretty soon, the boxing lessons turned into shooting lessons."

Alex gulped, "And he succeeded, didn't he?"

Kidd nodded, "Gave me a five million dollar check in thanks for teaching him to kill. His pirates… well, his oldest ones, call him 'Kingslayer' since his father's wealth could rival a king's." He grinned at her, "Which was fortunately used for your college education."

Alex slapped a hand on her forehead, "Oh great, so I owe my education to that man, don't I?" She looked down on the ground, thinking, before looking up at Kidd, "Can you… can you teach me to kill, Kidd?"

The older man looked down at her in shock, before looking grim, "You sure you want to, kiddo?"

"The men just leered at me… on our way out of the camp, a while ago." Alex said, before pointing at the driver's seat where Vaas was, "Vaas and Hoyt are unstable people, and the jungle is full of dangerous animals. If I have to survive, I have to learn some new skills… including killing."

Kidd looked at her solemnly, before nodding, "Alright. I'll teach you… once we get settled in." He saw lights in the distance now, and he nodded to it, "I see their camp now. Better get ready."

The jeep stopped in the middle of Vaas' camp again, and Kidd and the pirates jumped out, as the older man helped Alex off the back of the jeep. Vaas came around and grasped her arm again, and he mentioned his two pirates to guard Kidd. They started walking towards the cages again. The two pirates opened one of the smaller cages, pushing Kidd into it as Vaas turned to look at him.

"You'll be staying here for a while, old fucker." He said, smirking at Kidd.

Alex looked at Kidd, fear gripping her insides. They're going to get separated, which means anyone could get her now. She looked up at Vaas, but the pirate merely smiled and gently touched her face, as if he was flirting with her.

"Shh…. Shhh…. Don't worry, hermana." He cooed, "I got something real nice planned for you."

She shivered as Vaas' rough fingers brushed across her cheek, before slowly trailing down her neck and her shoulder. She closed her eyes, swallowing down her fear, before opening them again and glaring up at him, showing him she wasn't afraid, and the pirate grinned, poking her nose.

"You keep putting on your brave face, hermana." Vaas said as he grabbed her arm again and started pulling her towards one of the larger huts, before opening the door.

The hut was made of bamboo and coconut leaves, and it was rather big. The door led to a much larger room, with a simple cot, some several bags, a giant flat screen TV and a DVD player. Beside the TV was a rack full of movies… half of which, as Alex grimaced, were porn movies. She recognized a pair of Vaas' pants and a red shirt, hanging by the wall, and she realized it was his room.

Vaas pushed her forward, and they entered the room at the back, which was slightly smaller than the room in the front. It was a simple room, which had a cot and a table, with a steel pole positioned at the center of it.

She blinked at the sight of it, "What's that for?" She asked Vaas in a quiet voice.

"That?" The pirate king said, coming up behind her. She felt his breath in her ear as he whispered, "That is for little putas like you could dance for me."

She gritted her teeth, "I am NOT a whore." She whispered vehemently.

Suddenly, Vaas pushed her roughly, making her fall to the floor. She pushed herself up, but Vaas was already on her. He turned her to face him, reared back, and slammed his forehead to hers, making her see stars. As her vision blurred, she felt Vaas grab her breast roughly. She tried to push him off, clawing at his neck and face, but Vaas merely took her wrists and pushed them up with one hand. She tried to push him off with her legs, but he captured them by spreading his legs apart, trapping her underneath his weight. She felt him struggle with his belt, laughing maniacally all the while. His grip got harder and tighter as she struggled, and he bent his head to roughly kiss her neck, biting her shoulder and licking her clavicle.

But soon enough, she stopped moving, keeping her eyes staring blindly at the ceiling.

He noticed that she stopped moving, and he growled as he breathed heavily against her neck. The hand unbuckling his pants went up and grasped her neck, tightening over her airway, and making her choke a bit. But she kept her gaze up the ceiling.

"What the fuck are you doing, puta?" Vaas growled at her, biting at her shoulder painfully, before looking at her face. She grits her teeth to prevent herself from crying out in pain, before staring defiantly at Vaas. The pirate blinked, his light green eyes widening at the sight of her anger in her ocean blue eyes.

"If you think you can break me, you're wrong." Alex seethed at him, talking despite of her lack of air, "You may take my body. But it will NOT be me. It will NEVER be me."

Vaas stared at her, his eyes seeing the determination and bravery in her. She stared back defiantly, her chest heaving from her previous struggles and her shortness of breath. She felt his hand tightening again, and she struggled to keep staring at him, keeping her hands balled into fists that her fingernails dug into her skin and drew blood.

Finally, Vaas roughly pushed her back, letting go of her throat and standing. She breathed in deep, gulping precious air as she looked up at him as she coughed. She massaged her throat, as the pirate king stepped back, and began chuckling.

"You know, I like that… I respect that, hermana." He said, walking towards the pole, "You knew didn't you? You knew I wanted my women to struggle." He chuckled again as he bent down and took something from the bottom of the pole, before making his way back to her, keeping his hand on his back. He bent down in front of her, and she raised her head to stare at him bravely.

Vaas lifted his finger and drew away the hair that fell down her face during their struggle, tucking it behind her ear gently, before smirking down at her. "You are interesting, you know that? So you… you going to stay here, okay? We're going to find out what's it going to take to make you want me."

Alex's eyes widened in surprise, before they narrowed in anger, "I will NEVER want you, Vaas."

But the pirate merely grinned, before taking her neck… much more gently than before and wrapping a collar around it. She gasped in shock, realizing that the pirate had just chained her like a dog on to the steel pole, before looking up the pirate. He grinned down at her, before roughly grabbing her hair and bringing his face closer to his.

"I am going to break you." He whispered, his breath fanning her face, and she grit her teeth and stared in anger at him. "I will find out what will make you cry. I will break your bravery into pieces. And I am going to make you want me."

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