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A Jeon Jungkook oneshot that may or may not continue into a short fan fiction. Support this story and check my wall for my Tumblr account. Much love!

Erotica / Romance
Lee Teayong
Age Rating:

Punishment | jjk R21

“Stop it!” I say as Jin, my co-worker and close friend, cracks another lame dad joke and releases his famous windshield wiper laugh, causing others to look at us like we had escaped from a mental asylum and were running around naked on the streets.

He completely disregards my words and starts laughing harder, slapping his thigh in the process.

I look at all the people in the cafe apologetically and whisper-yell into Jin’s ear “Jin stop it! You’re embarrassing us.”

“I’m worldwide handsome, I don’t get embarrassed.” he says and resumes laughing.

Fortunately, our shift was almost over, so I quickly cleaned the counter and after removing our aprons, dragged a still laughing Jin out of the shop.

He stops giggling after a few minutes though he keeps letting out light chuckles and I hear some phrases like “I’m so funny”, “Unbeleibubble” and other narcissistic comments Jin makes.

Our houses were on the same street so after walking with Jin for a good 10 minutes, we reached his home and I was going to turn around and head back to my house that was right next to his when Jin suddenly pulled me back and enveloped me in a bone-crushing hug.

Confused, I look at him still hugging me but hug him back nonetheless as Jin hugging me wasn’t new to me at all. He pulls back after a few minutes and kisses me lightly on the forehead.

Now that was new.

I look at him, expecting an answer for the sudden affection, but he just winks at me and says “Have fun.”

I look at him weirdly but smile and nod my head even though I didn’t know what he meant by “Have fun.”

Giving him one last short hug, I turn around and walk towards my apartment, hoping that my boyfriend would be at home.

After unlocking the door, I’m greeted by a pissed-looking Jungkook sitting on the couch and staring at me as if he was expecting me at that exact moment.

I greet him with uncertainty lacing my tone “Hey kook...what happened? You look kinda...angry..”

His intense gaze meets mine, and my knees almost buckle at the anger his eyes hold.

Jungkook, my boyfriend who is usually cheery, beckons me over and I submissively drop my head and walk up to him. Once I reach him, he pulls me to sit onto his lap and adjusts me so that I’m sitting right on his crotch.

The feeling has me getting wet, and Jungkook probably feels it as he smirks and asks “Like it?”

I nod my head and he speaks again “What were you doing with him?” This time, his tone is dark, and I swear it dropped a few octaves. Confused, I ask “With who?”

His eyes get darker and this time, his voice is strained as he says “With that guy, outside the house.” It’s almost as if he is holding himself back from doing something.

I take a moment to comprehend his words and when I do, everything falls in place.

Jin’s behaviour in front of his house wasn’t only different; it was on purpose.

The sneaky man knew Jungkook was looking and put on a show of extra affection just to make my boyfriend jealous. Jin’s words after the peck on my forehead also made sense now that an angry Jungkook was staring at me with jealousy prominent in his eyes.

Curse Kim Seokjin for his good eyesight and cunning mind.

Now I’m going to have to deal with an angry Jungkook. Who knows what he’ll do..

“It was nothing Jungkook. We’re just friends.” I say hoping he’ll calm down.

Jungkook moves his hands from my waist to my hips and lifts me up slightly, only to bring me down again, causing our groins to meet.

I moan slightly and he squeezes my hips saying “Still..I didn’t like the way he kissed your forehead. You’re only mine to touch. Only mine to kiss. Only mine to look at.”

I close my eyes as Jungkook places his lips on my neck and starts caressing my skin there with his soft lips. Gradually, his sweet pecks become rougher and that’s how I ended up being thrown on the bed with Jungkook quickly crawling on top of me.

I anticipated what was coming next, however, when Jungkook doesn’t kiss me, I grow confused and look at him, trying to understand why he wasn’t fulfilling my needs.

The boy just smirks and says “Stay here. Don’t move.” His authoritative tone was enough to make me obey him and I watch as he gets off me and walks to the drawer beside our bed.

He takes something out and keeps it beside me on the bed. Contemplating turning my head to the side to see what it was that he took out, I turn my head just a centimetre before something is put on my hands and I realise what it is immediately.

Jungkook handcuffed me.

Feeling the cold material on my hands, I turn my head to the side where Jungkook was and ask “What are you doing Jungkook?”

I don’t get any response and start panicking internally.

I didn’t know he had handcuffs in the drawer! Where did he even get them from?! A police station? Yeah..I mean his looks and body are enough to get people doing illegal shit- Wait what?!

You’re getting distracted Y/n. Focus!

Trying to get my hands out of the metal, I sigh exasperatedly when my attempts don’t work and I ask Jungkook in a panicky voice “What is all this Jungkook? You’re not planning on kidnapping me now, are you?” I try to lighten the apparent tension in the room but my attempts go in vain when I still don’t hear anything.

I hear some shuffling around the room and a few minutes later, I feel a presence on top of me.

“I’m still angry at you for being so touchy with that guy. I’m going to punish you babygirl.” Jungkook says in a low voice and my breath hitches at the thought of him punishing me.

Biting my lip in excitement, I feel Jungkook remove his shirt and start kissing down my collarbone. My top comes in the way of his trail of love bites and he curses silently, quickly getting the buttons undone and revealing my lacy bra.

Jungkook looks at my innerwear in appreciation before delving in the valley of my breasts and placing sloppy kisses there. He swiftly puts his hand under my back and unhooks my bra, getting it off and revealing my boobs.

He immediately takes one of his hand that was on my thighs to my right chest and starts flicking the rosy nipple in between his thumb and pointer finger.

I moan and arch my back, feeling the pleasure his fingers and mouth that was sucking on my left nipple were giving me. His other hand quickly presses me down onto the mattress and his lips leave my chest to go down to my abdomen, peppering feathery kisses there.

I’m frustrated at the fact that I can’t grab anything to ease the pleasure and just have to clench my hands as hard as I can.

Jungkook’s hand that was at my chest are now caressing my thighs as his mouth traces the waistband of my pants. I look at him pleadingly, wanting more.

He just smiles teasingly, and in the blink of an eye, Jungkook’s fingers have hooked around the loops of my pants and my jeans are pulled down, revealing my underwear.

Thank god I decided to wear a thong today.

Jungkook’s eyes were burning with passion as he uses his pearls to remove the black material covering my heat and the smell of my arousal forms a cloud around us as my pussy was on full display to my boyfriend.

Directing his gaze at me, Jungkook softly presses a kiss right above my heat, teasing me.

Rattling the handcuffs that were now starting to itch slightly, I try my best to somehow ease the pleasure that I was feeling without Jungkook even touching me fully right now.

Putting his hands on my hips to press me against the bed and spreading my legs, Jungkook puts his face right in front of my crotch and blows on it.

Jungkook’s hot breath fanning my sensitive core, makes me let out a loud moan and buck my hips up for some friction. But of course, the muscle pig’s strength is much more than mine.

“Jungkook please..Stop teasing me-Ah!” I begin to let out a whine when I suddenly feel his tongue licking a long, bold stripe along my slit, pressing against my clit.

Letting out a breathy moan and fluttering my eyes shut, I try me best to stop squirming, though I jolt quite a few times due to the bliss, and let Jungkook work his magic on my vagina.

His tongue swirls around my clit and sucks the sensitive skin there. Jungkook switches between blowing on my wet heat, biting and licking it and sucking the skin around it for many minutes when all of a sudden, I feel three of his fingers enter me, adding to the unbearable pleasure.

I scream and squirm, trying to get him to stop fingering me with his long fingers. I feel a familiar knot in my stomach and before I can tell Jungkook that I was going to cum, my milky seed squirts out onto his tongue, lips and fingers, dripping onto the bedsheets.

Relaxing a bit after releasing, I expect Jungkook to move away and come up to kiss me, but when he doesn’t move and starts sucking my nub harder and adding a fourth finger, I twist and turn, trying to get him to stop overstimulating my pussy.

He doesn’t budge and I feel tears starting to form in my eyes from the immense pleasure and pain also.

“Jungkook! No, stop it! I can’t take it!” I beg, trying to get him to move away but it all goes in vain when Jungkook moves his hands from my vagina to my hips to stop me from moving.

“Stay still kitten. This is your punishment.” he says as he continues assaulting my pussy with his long tongue and keeps on pleasuring me like never before.

Tears start falling from my eyes at the overstimulation and I’m pretty sure Jungkook hears me but even if he does, he doesn’t stop and starts eating me out even more roughly if it was possible.

Clanking the handcuffs and trying my absolute best to move away, I let out cries, begging Jungkook to put a stop to his actions but they just seem to turn him on even more as I suddenly feel a sting on the flesh right above my slit.

Jungkook’s bite on my flesh leaves me panting as I try to move away and after I feel him move his mouth away, I almost let out a loud sigh of relief but it doesn’t last even for a second as Jungkook apparently come up just to take a deep breath and blows powerfully right inside my vagina.

“Fuck!” I curse as the pleasure has me reaching my high in an instant and I cum again, the pleasure being intolerable.

My entire body was soaking in sweat but Jungkook wasn’t any different. His upper body was dripping and I could see the muscles of his back getting coated with layers of sweat.

He brings his sticky mouth back to my crotch and starts giving me kitten licks now, causing me to scream from the intense pleasure mixed with pain now.

“No! Jungkook stop, please! I’m begging you!” I let out hoarse screams and feel myself cumming for the third time in his mouth.

He doesn’t do anything and instead, drinks up my liquid, not letting a single drop go to waste. My moans were uncontrollable as I feel his fingers move from my hips for a second to separate my lips wider and his teeth graze my sensible clit.

“Aaah! Jungkook no! It’s paining!” I let out as I start seeing stars and I almost faint due to the pleasure.

The impact of his teeth on my clit caused me to lift my entire upper body, so my head was resting was against the headboard and my handcuffed hands went into Jungkook’s hair, pulling at it madly, trying to get him to stop his sinful actions.

I pull at soft hair more but it doesn’t cause any change in him instead he just growls against me, saying “Don’t Y/n.” and one of his hands presses against my breast painfully, pushing me back onto the bed and the hand that had pushed me back was now pinching my nipples, giving each one special attention.

Jungkook finally moves away, for real this time, but not after giving me one last long lick along my slit and a hard suck on my throbbing bud, causing me to moan the loudest I had that night.

He moves up to cup my face and kisses me softly on the lips but because I’m too busy trying to calm myself down from the extreme high, I don’t kiss him back.

Jungkook moves back and I manage to grit out “You are the most ruthless person in the history of ruthless people.” He gives me a slight smile and says “Well, that’s your punishment for being so close with that guy.”

I glare at him for being so childish but instantly regret doing so as I feel Jungkook’s hand harshly slap my super-sensitive pussy and let out a moan loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

“No!” I say was Jungkook begins rubbing light circles over my clit with a light smirk gracing his uneven lips and my tears start falling as soon as I feel myself cumming again.

He doesn’t move and continues pleasuring me, scissoring me, destroying the thought that I had that he had finally finished his so-called punishment.

With all my strength, I kick my shaking legs around as Jungkook’s hand wasn’t holding them in place again and manage to push myself up against the headboard of the bed and start murmuring “I hate you so much...You heartless piece of shit.”

My boyfriend giggles and falls onto the bed beside me and pulls me into his embrace, kissing my shoulder after removing the handcuffs from me.

How the heck can someone’s behaviour change from Daddy to Bunny so frickin fast...

“I love you and will not hesitate in doing this again if you do that again.” he says and puts his hand on my waist, closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

That’s it. I’m killing Kim Seokjin. The asshole won’t have a face worthy of showing to the world, let alone boast about and call ‘Worldwide Handsome’, after I’m done punching the ever-living crap out of him.

Not to mention the fact that I will cut his dick, chop it into pieces and feed it to him for all three-meals every day of his life with a side dish of his eyeballs, fried in canola oil and some cum.

Still feeling my pussy throbbing, I try to sleep and forget about the murderous thoughts threatening to come true.


This was my first fic so please share it and give me points to improve.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

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