The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 10

Solana and my father were asleep on one of the lower guest rooms of the house. My dad has been having bad knees lately, and Solana said that even though he's still walking well, he has problems walking up. I told her its okay, and Jane made them comfortable.

Dinner was… surprisingly pleasant. Solana and Jane became friends easily, mainly because Solana was once a pilot for the turian fleet. She laughed at the stories we shared about our time in the Normandy, and I could see that she was genuinely happy for the two of us.

My dad… surprisingly… warmed up to Shepard. Maybe because like my father, Jane had a very strong sense of morals. He had asked her about things about the war, about Saren, and the Reapers, and she answered them all in honesty and certainty. He even leaned forward to listen at her while she talked, which is something he used to do with me, especially when I told him everything about the Reapers during Shepard's incarceration.

I headed up the stairs after saying goodnight to Solana and my father, and Jane was already in bed, reading from a data pad. She looks up at me and smiles, as she pointed down at what she was reading.

"Some of our friends messaged me."She said, "Joker was talking about meeting another Alliance pilot, a woman that was assigned to be his new co-pilot on the Normandy." She chuckled, "He's going all 'I don't like her', but I get the feeling he's going to like her sooner or later. She already played a prank on him."

"Hmm…"I said, pulling off my shirt by our closet, "I guess it's a good thing, maybe the new pilot could get Joker to love her."

She smiled faintly as I strip off down to my shorts, and headed for my side of the bed. "I hope so… Joker deserves to be happy. And Kaidan's son just turned one today, it's too bad we couldn't go to the party."

"We'll make up for it, once my son is born." I said, sliding between the sheets of our bed. She let go of the datapad and lifted herself on her elbow as I lay down beside her. She was smirking, "You really want a little boy huh?"

"Well… yeah." I said, "We need a strong Vakarian heir to carry our name, and we could teach him everything. He'd be a great soldier like you, or a sniper like me."

She chuckled, "But what if it's a girl?"

"Then she'd be as kick-ass as her mother." And my mandibles flare, "Although, I'd have to keep my sniper rifle holstered in my back again… if she turns out to be as beautiful as you."

She laughs, her head throwing back, and I used the opportunity to push up to her and kiss her neck, licking her collar bone. She sighed at the sensation, and she pulled back to touch my forehead with hers. Her bright green eyes looked at me, and I saw a flicker of sadness as she reached up and touched my mandible. "Garrus…" She breathed, and I smelled the scent of mint in her breath, "There is something I want to tell you… why I've been so distant the past few days."

"If you're not ready, Shepard, I don't mind." I said, "You went through a lot."

"I know… but I think I'm ready now." She said, and she pulled at my hand to put it at the lower part of her stomach… where our child is. "This baby… changes everything. I can't put my life on hold because of all the guilt, of all the sadness we had to endure. I'm here now, because I fought to survive… even at the cost of other people's lives." Her hand went up to my mandible again, "I… wanted to live. I needed to live. Because I don't want to be alone at that bar, Garrus."

"Jane…" I whisper, and I kiss her lips again before drawing back. "Alright… tell me everything."

She swallowed, "It all started when you evacuated with Liara on the Normandy…"

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