The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 11

Oh, Spirits… Shepard…

She was crying in earnest now, and I finally understand. That time in the piano, she wasn't crying because she was pregnant. She was crying because she was grieving.

All those deaths, all our friends and comrades she had lost… she was finally grieving for them.

She never had the opportunity to grieve. She never had the time to cry for them. She was too busy trying to save the galaxy, forging alliances, planning attacks, being the Savior of the Galaxy she is known to be.

She didn't have the time to feel… 'human'.

I hold her close beside me, and she looks up with her bright green eyes, and she wiped away the last of her tears. "I'm fine now, Garrus. Don't worry, I don't think the nightmares are ever going to come back again."

"You… carried all this grief… all by yourself?" I ask her, and she nods, snuggling into my neck.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I know I should've told you all about it. You've been with me from the start, from the time I was tracking Saren." She sniffed, "I wanted to tell you everything, but… I didn't want to pull you in my sadness. You had too much to worry about." She pulls away and smiles gently at me, "But that's going to change now. No more secrets. No more hiding. I'll tell you everything you need to know, and you tell me everything I need to know. Okay?"

I nod, and she puts her forehead into mine, closing her eyes. I wrap my arms around her as she breathed deeply. Inhale. Exhale. But when she opened her eyes, there was a spark of amusement, and she lifted her head to look at me. "Well, since there are no more secrets between us… what is that 'rite' your father was saying?"


I cough a little, "It's… what we turians call the 'rahorakhty'... a celebration of a union. Turians are very… loyal to the person they consider as their mate. I mean, sure, fraternization is allowed in our culture, but once you've decided to remain faithful to your mate, you're supposed to do the rahorakhty. Once you have done it, there can be no turning back. You'll remain faithful to your mate. The only way you can have another mate other than the one you are bonded to is if they had died, or had removed the proof of the rite." I sighed, "I should've done the rite way back before we headed to the Collector base, but I had my reason. And I have been faithful, although a lot of turian soldiers teased me for it."

She blinked, "Then… does that mean…"

"No. I've never had another woman after our night before the Omega Relay." And she smiled at me, "But… now that we're… mated and bonded by our clans, I now have to 'officially' claim you as mine, and do the 'rahorakhty'."

"Uhm… okay." She said, "What am I supposed to do?"

Oh… she's in for a surprise.

I turn her over so that my body was above her, and my hips and hands holding her down. She blinks up at me, a little shocked, and she could see the lust in my gaze. She licked her lips… ohh how that turns me on so much… as she breathes. "Garrus…" she whispers.

I lift her body up, pulling her night shirt off her body. Her pale skin, scarred by her many injuries and operations, greeted my gaze, but she still looked like a goddess to me. I bend down and kiss her lips, my tongue snaking into her mouth, and I taste her sweetness. She groans, and runs her fingernails under my fringe, and her touch makes my plates shift open. I run a hand down her arms, and I cup her breast under her 'bra' as she called it, and her groan got louder. Her legs wrap around me, grinding against my hardness, and I can't help but moan in reply.

I reach to her sides and rip her bra off my talons, and her beautiful warm breasts press against my chest, her pink nipples hard. She gasps at the sensation, and I reach down to her hips to tear her underwear off.

"Garrus…" She moans as I remove my shorts and pressed the hardness of my cock against her. Already I could feel her warmth, her wetness, and she moans loudly. "I thought… I thought we were… doing… some sort of rite… ahh..!"

"Oh, we are, Shepard."I said as I reached down and ran a knuckle against the juncture of her thighs, "The 'rahorakhty' is the rite of a union, and requires the complete surrender to a mate."

She smirked, "'Surrender, huh?" She reached down and grasped my hardness, and I growled. Her hand was so warm around me, and her touch was like fire. "I can make you surrender to me as well."

"That's the point of it." I said, and I slipped a finger inside her, and her back arched as she gasped. Oh Spirits, she is so wet and hot. "Normally, I want to take things slow, Shepard… but I… I can't. Not like when you're like this." I slide my finger in and out of her, making her writhe under my touch.

"We have time after this." She gasps, and she took my cock and positioned it to her opening, "We'll do this for the Rite… and after that, we'll take as long as we want to." She smiled up at me, putting her hand on my scarred mandible. "We have as much time as we have now."

I nod to her and I put my forehead on hers, her breath warm against my face. I spread her legs wide, and she guided my hardness into her, and she moans with pleasure. "Oh, god, Garrus… I can feel you… you feel so good."

Her wetness was maddening. Her hot pussy wrapping around my cock was driving me to the edge. "Spirits, Shepard… you're so tight… you feel amazing." I started pushing in and out of her, her warm abyss drawing me in. Her hips started lifting in time to my thrust, and I lost it.

"Ahhh… yeah… fuck me, Garrus." She cried, and I stopped and looked at her. She realized I stopped moving, and she looked up at me, confused. "What's wrong?"

"I will never just 'fuck' you, Shepard."

"Then… what exactly are we doing?"

I drive my cock deep into her making her moan, and I grasp both of her hips, burying myself as deeply as I could. "I'm making love to you, Jane. I will always make love to you."

She looks up at me, her green eyes wide, before tears started falling down her eyes. She kissed me hard, our tongues clashing, and she pulls back as she ran a hand to the underside of my fringe. "Then do it… make love to me, Garrus."

I smirked, "Don't mind if I do." I pull out and drive into her again… slow, gentle, but all the way to the hilt. She writhes and moans underneath me, her body shaking with pleasure, and lifts her hips up into me.

The sounds she makes… maddened me. I start to take her fast, and rough, may hands tight against her hips as her pussy wraps around me, squeezing me, holding her fast to her. I can't help but groan at the sensation. She feels so hot around me. I could feel the pressure of my orgasm coming, and I bend down to her shoulder and licked her skin.

"Garrus, I'm so close…" She moans in my ear, "Keep going… oh please… I'm…"

"Jane…" I whisper against her shoulder, "The… rite… says that you have to… ugh… bite down on me… to draw blood…"

"Are you… sure?" She said, clawing at my back.

"Y… yes…" I replied. Oh Spirits, she feels so damn good, I can't take it anymore. "Come for me, Jane… come for me… please… oh Spirits…."

"Oh God! Garrus…!" She cries out in pleasure, her muscles tightening around me, taking me to the brink, and she bites down… hard… at my neck. The pain of her bite was it.

"Ahhh.. Jane…!" I cry out, and I bite down at her shoulder, and I push into her, spilling my seed. I thrust into her a few more times, before the flood from within me finally stopped.

I lean against her, using my elbows to prevent myself from crushing her, and I licked her bite wound, earning a moan from her, and she did the same thing to the mark on my shoulder. I chuckle against her, but I reach out to my nightstand, taking out a small can of ink and some medi-gel. I dipped my finger into it, and wiped it on her broken skin, before applying the medi-gel. "Don't worry, it's non-poisonous skin ink." I told her, and I gave it to her. "Wipe some of it on my bite mark too."

She was still panting from her orgasm, but she took the ink and rubbed it on my neck. She put it away when she was done, "Was that… the rite?"

"Yeah…" I said. I was still out of breath, and I move over to my back as she finished applying it. I look down at her shoulder, the bite had healed, but the ink I rubbed on her made the bite marks bluish, like my, or rather, our clan markings.

She sighs and puts her head on my shoulder, her hand lying across my chest. "That was… amazing. But… why didn't you mark me earlier?"

"I should have." I said, and I reach behind her and ran my hand down her back. "But… at that time… I couldn't claim you for myself."

Her green eyes looked a little confused at me, "I've always belonged to you, Garrus."

"I know… but you didn't belong to me before, Shepard." I reach out and touch her scar, "You belonged to the galaxy. You belonged to the stars. You belonged to the krogans… to the asari… to the turians… to the humans… and every other species out there. You were their hope, their savior, their guidance. You didn't know it but every species out there were relying on you, in some form. I couldn't claim you as my own as long as the galaxy needed you for its salvation. We turians are taught to put the needs of the many before our own… that's why I let them have you."

She smiles at me, "And now?"

I smirk, my mandibles flaring, "I just convinced you to retire. We have a home in an uninhabited island. My father just put our clan markings on you. You're pregnant with our child, and you have the mating ritual markings." I kiss her forehead, "If that doesn't say 'I belong to Garrus Vakarian', then I'm going to have it tattooed on your back or something."

"But what about for 'the good of the galaxy'?" She asked grinning at me, "There's still a lot of things Commander Shepard ought do…"

"Didn't I tell you that I'm a bad turian?" I said, and I pull her tightly into my arms again, shifting her up so she straddled me, her thighs holding down my waist. "Fuck the galaxy. The Reapers are dead. You're mine now."

She laughs throwing her head back, before leaning forward, "Is that so, General Vakarian?"

"Damn right." And I traced the clan markings on her face, and my mark on her shoulder, "You know, since you already have all the markings… this pretty much means that we're mated… I mean, married… in turian customs."

Her eyebrow rose up, and she blinked, "Really? So… in turian terms, I am officially Jane Shepard-Vakarian?"

"Jane Vakarian… I like it. But if you still want to get a more 'human' ceremony for marriage, I agree to it."

Her eyebrows furrowed as she stroked my mandible, "I'll… think about it," Suddenly, she smirks and straightens, laying her hands on my chest. "So… does that mean… I can get my 'turian honeymoon' now?" And she grinds at my groin plates again.

Oh Spirits, this woman is insatiable.

"Oh you bet your sweet human ass, you do."

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