The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 13





I shook my head, my mandibles flaring in mirth as Jane launched herself on the two krogans outside the door, with larger, red one, Wrex, laughing. Grunt was laughing as well as he had his other arm around my wife.

My wife. Spirits, that just sends tingles of joy down my spine…

Wrex came forward as I came out of the house, and grasped hands, not so tight as to hurt. I am actually pretty happy to see the krogan leader. He wasn't with us during the Collector mission, but he was a damn good ally during the Reaper Wars. I owe him a lot, considering he spared some of his krogan allies to save my family back in Palaven.

"How is retirement treating you, Garrus?" Wrex asked as Jane finally let go of them and came to me. "I would've thought doing 'housework' instead of fighting would cause you to soften up, and you'd forget how to hold a gun."

I laugh, "Waiting to use that on me for a long time, Wrex?"

The krogan laughed, "Been waiting for it forever."

"Battlemaster, I am glad you are well." Grunt said as he looked over Jane, her five month old pregnant belly protruding slightly on her dress. "Liara told us you are with child."

Jane nodded and put a hand on her stomach, "Yes. But, I don't know if it's a girl or a boy. I want to keep it a secret. We'll know when the little tyke is out."

"That kid will be quite the warrior, I think." Wrex said, "Seeing you two are pretty strong."

"In that case, maybe I should send him over to you sometime, Wrex." I said, "When this kid's all grown up you can teach him to butt heads, the krogan way."

Wrex laughed again, "That would be an honor. Maybe I can train your kid with my children. Mordin's a peacemaker, just like her mother. But my boy, Shepard! Ha! He's just as strong as the person I named him from. Just did his first headbutt with me a few days ago." Jane laughed at the idea that a baby krogan could already headbutt. Wrex shifted his head and looked towards a shuttle, which was on the beach. "Liara told us you two are officially joined. I wasn't able to come to the wedding, so we… Bakara and I… decided to give you guys a late wedding present."

Jane and I looked at each other in confusion, as Grunt headed back into the shuttle. The three of us stood on the beach as Grunt came back, bringing a huge crate. He and Wrex started setting it up.

It looked like a giant gun, but had something off about it. It was not something we turians had, but it looked pretty fun to use. Jane came forward and looked at it, as Grunt went back inside the shuttle to get another crate.

"What is it, Wrex?" Jane said.

Wrex chuckled, "A little something to keep both your skills sharp, and to teach your whelp to hold a gun once he's older. It's a target launcher."

Grunt brought out a couple of sniper rifles, and I can't help but get excited. Our guns were in our basement, James had it set up like our own personal armory, but I had been worried about how and where I could use them. Looks like Wrex gave me an answer for that.

Wrex gave me a M-98 Widow and handed Jane a M-92 Mantis, and he grinned. "I don't know if pregnant human females are able to hold a gun."

But Jane merely smirked, and rose the scope to her eye. "Pull!" She shouted, and Grunt pressed a button, the launcher releasing a black disc into the air, several hundred meters away from us. She squinted and pulled the trigger, and her remarkable aim shattered the black disc. Wrex clapped in mirth.

"Haha! Glad to see pregnancy hasn't dulled you yet, Shepard… I mean Jane." Wrex said, and Grunt nodded approvingly.

"The discs are recyclable as well. They'll melt in the water in a few days, and eventually become fish food. " Grunt said, he pointed at another crate. "I brought extras. And I'll be sending you more if you want to."

Jane sighed, holding the gun in her arms, "This feels great. I haven't held a gun in almost a year."

I smirk, and I raised the Widow scope to my eye, "Pull!" I shout, and Grunt pressed the button again. I let the disc get its maximum distance, before I shot it, the back shards falling to the ocean before us.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, Garrus. You're still the best shot." Jane told me, before patting my hip. She then looks over to Wrex, and lowers her gun as she hugged the krogan, her head buried on his neck. "This is a great wedding present, Wrex. Thank you."

Wrex looked a little uncomfortable and I chuckled, but he put his arms around her in return and grinned, "You're welcome, Jane."

Jane let go, and kissed Wrex on his carapaced forehead, and headed to Grunt, kissing the relatively young krogan on the plates on his head as well. I imagine if krogans could blush, these two would've already. But she merely took the rifle again, and looked at the two krogans. "So what do you guys say? Want a match? Wrex versus Grunt for shotguns. Me and Garrus for sniper rifles."

Wrex and Grunt looked at each other, before they both grinned and headed for another crate in the shuttle to get their guns. Jane looked at me, smiling, but there was a sort of lust in her eyes. She ran a hand up my chest, her warm touch making me swallow, as she whispered in a seductive tone, "Want a bet to make it exciting, husband? Loser gets tied up naked to the bed tonight. You up for it?"

Jane? Tied up on our bed…. Naked?

"Spirits, I am so in that bet, wife."

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