The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 15

The door rang just as I exited the basement, cleaning up after my session of calibrating our heater and painting. I look around, waiting for Jane, but it seems like she was upstairs. I open the door to see the familiar form of Dr. Chakwas, although she was now accompanied by a couple more people, the ex-Cerberus agents, Miranda Lawson and Jacob Taylor.

"Dr. Chakwas… Jacob… Miranda." I said as I allowed them to enter our living room. "What can I do for you?"

"Hello, Garrus." Miranda said as she sat down the sofa along with Dr. Chakwas and Jacob, "I'm sorry if we haven't visited lately."

"I'm actually surprised you visited at all." I said as I sat down in front of them, "I thought you two were on the run."

"We were, until after the War." Miranda said, "Jacob and I were given full pardon by the Citadel Council because of our ties to Cerberus. I'm working with the System Alliance now to purge Cerberus remnants and help in the rebuilding of cities affected by the War. But… Dr. Chakwas called me… to help with Shepard… I mean Jane."

My eyebrow plate rose, "What about Jane?"

"Miranda and I will be staying here… at least until Shepard gives birth. "Dr. Chakwas said and she chuckled, "She'll be ready soon, Garrus. And I doubt you can take care of her when she does."

I blink. Of course… the time is nearing. Her belly had gotten a little bigger, and our baby's kicks were getting stronger. I scowled when I looked at Jacob, "You're not going to be in the room when she gives birth, are you?"

Jacob laughed, "No, man! I wasn't even in the room when Brynn gave birth to our daughter. It was way too scary." He shrugged, "I'm here to give you moral support. Having your first child is going to be nerve-wracking, Garrus. Kaidan wanted to come along and help, seeing he was in that operating room when his wife gave birth, but he's busy with batarian slavers again…"


I ran despite of not knowing what was going on, and I headed to our bedroom to see Jane, standing by our closet where she was sorting our clothes, a pool of water and what looked like blood on the floor. Chakwas, Miranda and Jacob had followed me up, and Jane leaned forward, almost collapsing into my arms.

"Jane! What's going on?"

"The baby is coming!"


Someone was pulling at my arm, and Miranda came around Jane as she lifted her up, and Jacob went to her legs to help her. Dr. Chakwas pulled me up, and I look down at her.

"Garrus, snap out of it." Chakwas said as Miranda went around our bedroom, carrying blankets and towels. "I need you to focus. Get my bag from downstairs, and bring it here. Jacob, some hot water if you can find it please. I believe they have a shower heater. And then you STAY OUT with Garrus."

I swallow and run down back into the living room, where Chakwas' bag was and I immediately pull at it as I headed back up the stairs.

Miranda had Jane on our bed, and she was wiping the sweat off her forehead as Jane whimpered. She saw me and the fear that's apparently in my eyes, and she laughs despite of the pain. "What's the matter, Vakarian? Too chicken to watch a human in labor?"

I grin as I bend down and took her hand as she pants, "We've seen a lot of nasty things in our lifetime, Jane. Believe me, I can handle this."

Jane smiles again, and looks up at Dr. Chakwas, "Please… can't you let him stay? He needs to see…"

But Chakwas and Miranda shook their heads. "I'm sorry, Commander, but… this will be a little difficult to do."

Jane panted, "Difficult…?"

Miranda bent down to her, "The baby… has some turian plating, which would be difficult to birth naturally, so we're going to have to do a C-Section."

C-Section? "What's that?" I asked.

"A Cesarean Section, Garrus." Chakwas said, and she brought out a small bag of… syringes and scalpels. "We're going to have to operate her, to get the baby out. Which means we have to open her up…"

Wait what?! I look down in panic at Jane's eyes, but she was smiling, trying to reassure me, although sweat was still dripping down her face. "Okay… wait for us outside, Garrus. This is going to be pretty bloody…"


I didn't realize that I yelled. But I was too worried for her, and these people are trying to pull me away from her. Damn them.

"Garrus, listen to me." Chakwas said, pulling at my arm, "I'm not getting rid of you because I want you out, but because I need this room sterilized cleaner than a quarian's enviro-suit. The wound I'm going to open on Shepard would be rather big, and I don't want any complications." She smiles at me, "Please, Garrus. You know me, I won't let anything happen to Shepard."

I look down helplessly at Jane, and she smiles at me. I bend down to kiss her lips and put her forehead on mine as she gasps in pain. "I'll be right downstairs, Jane."

She nods and screams in pain again as Miranda gently ushers me out of our room and locks it. And I was left standing on the door, listening to her cry out and wail in pain… as she brings out our child to the world.

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