The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 16


Sixty. Agonizing. Minutes.

Jacob was drinking a beer beside me. He had convinced me to take a bath and sit by the porch to watch the ocean waves roll through the sand. He had gotten me a glass of turian brandy, but I only sipped on it once. I don't want to be drunk when I meet my child.

"You know, it's actually a good thing you're here outside than with Shepard." Jacob said as he drank from his beer again.

"Why do you say that?" I said, putting my hands on my chin again.

"It's messy business." He said, chuckling, "I remember when my baby girl was born. I didn't know Brynn could curse in several different languages."

I huff, "After everything we've seen, Jacob? You think birthing worse than seeing melting colonists back in the Collector base?"

Jacob was quiet for a while, before chuckling, "Yeah, I guess that is pretty nasty."

I couldn't help but sigh. Finally, I heard footsteps coming from inside the house. I stood up, and faced the door, and Jacob followed me. Miranda opened the front door and saw us, her eyes a little sad.

"How is she, Miranda?" I ask, and my voice grew soft. Please tell me she's okay.

"Jane and the baby are doing fine, Garrus." Miranda said, "Although… Shepard might not have any more children."

I could feel a cold weight settle in my stomach, and I couldn't speak. No more children?

"What happened, Miranda?" Jacob said, and I was glad he was the one who asked what I couldn't.

"Well, the child was very strong… and had more turian traits than we had thought." Miranda said, "The baby… shredded Shepard's uterus to pieces. We had no choice to remove it. He had turian talons, Garrus, and they were sharp. We were lucky enough to stop the bleeding, but… like I said, Shepard can't have any children anymore." She laid a hand on my shoulder, "I'm sorry. Looks like you can only have one child. I wish I could use our past Cerberus technology to repair her, but we can't now."

I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I had… I had hoped that we would have more… fill the house with children even. But knowing what Miranda had said, looks like I can only have my son right now. It shouldn't matter, really… we could always adopt…

Wait, did Miranda just say "he"?

"I have a son, Miranda?" I said, looking up at her.

Finally, she smiled. "Yes, Garrus. You have a son. A little Garrus Vakarian Jr." She pointed up the house, "Dr. Chakwas is finishing up. She's awake and waiting for you. You can go see her now."

Jacob looked at me and patted my shoulder, and Miranda stood aside to let me through the door. I headed up the stairs and opened our bedroom door. Jane lay on the bed, her eyes closed, a bundle of cloth right beside her in her arms. Dr. Chakwas smiled at me, a little tired as she stood aside to head out.

"Congratulations, Garrus." She said softly, "You have a son."

A son. A son! I have a little boy, a little Vakarian. I walk towards the bed and sat beside her, and Jane turned to look at me. Her smile was tired, but soft, but there was a visible glow to her face and eyes. She lifted herself up a little as she cuddled the bundle in her arms. Our son…

"Garrus." She said, and she opened up the bundle for me, "This is your son… David Jarred Vakarian."

David Jarred. My boy.

I look down at him, my little boy. He had turian plating on his forehead, the top of his head, around his eyes and a pair of mandibles on his lower jaw… the same shade of gray as my plating. He had small tufts of Jane's red hair at the back of his neck, and they were soft, if not a little damp. He had his mother's nose and lips. His skin was slightly rougher than his mothers, but it was just the same shade of peach as hers. His little hands were covered with what looked like leather mittens, and I'm thinking Chakwas put that to keep his little turian claws at bay, but from the way they flexed, I realized that he had five fingers. He had a strong human body, although it looked like his bones are just as sturdy as a turians.

Our baby… our Jarred… yawned sleepily in his mother's arms, and his eyes opened a little. I couldn't help but gasp. His eyes were lush green… as green as his mother's eyes.

I put a finger, touching the little leathered palm, and Jarred wrapped his hand around it and grasped it. I could tell he would be strong. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Damn, you have a good grip, son." I whispered, and Jane chuckled beside me. "I'll make a fine sniper out of you."

Jane laughed and shifted so that she was leaning against me. Carefully, she placed Jarred into my arm. He was so small… so fragile… that I was afraid I would crush him. But Jane helped me, holding on to our son as well, as other arm went around my waist.

Jarred stirred, opening his eyes sleepily again… and he smiled, his mandibles flaring like mine.

"And here I thought that you won't get any girls since you can't inherit the scars." I chuckle, "You are one handsome fella, Jarred."

"He takes after us both it seems." Jane smiled beside me, and she touched our son's forehead.

"David Jarred Vakarian." I couldn't help but whisper. "Welcome to the world, son…"

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