The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 1

The way her brows furrow in her sleep worries me.

It's nearly dawn, and I'm already awake. I couldn't sleep. I… am too nervous to sleep.

It's been a week since Jane and I moved here to our island, and from the first day I saw her again, I knew something had changed. It's not just her legs. But her spirit.

She seemed broken.

But she's still so… beautiful. She's sleeping beside me, her face half-buried in our pillow, the strap of her sleeping dress falling off her shoulder, her breathing slightly uneven in her sleep. The scars on the left side of her face had made most human men lose interest in her, but for me… she will always be the Shepard I have fought alongside with and fallen in love with. Her red fringe she had called hair fell to her face now, and it floated a bit as she breathed.

I could watch her sleep all night.

I lift up my hand and brush the lock of 'hair' away from her face, my blunt talons tucking it to her ear. She groaned, and breathed a small sigh, and I had to tell myself to stay in control of my urges.

So damn beautiful.

But suddenly it begins. The harsh breathing. The frantic roll of her eyes even while closed. The clawing of her hands.

The nightmare was starting.

She screams, her face contorted, her limb flailing. I could see tears rolling down the corner of her eyes. Her fingers were like claws, grasping at some unknown assailant, scratched at my carapace. She yells and screams, struggling.

"Jane!" I cry out, taking her shoulders, and I shake her, getting her to wake up. Her eyes snap open, red from crying, and her bright green eyes search through the dim light of our bedroom, before finally realizing where she was.

"Garrus…" She breathes, and she frantically hugs me, burying her head in my cowl, her arms tight. I could feel the wetness on my neck as she cuddles against me, her whole body trembling as she cried.

I couldn't help but sigh, "It's getting worse, isn't it?"

She nods, still buried in my neck, and I reach up and touch her hair with my fingers, smoothing them as my other hand ran down her spine. Turians are not really this… what's the term… "touchy", but after several years of being with Shepard, I had learned that touch is a form of comfort for humans.

Not that I mind. Shepard had the most amazingly soft skin I have ever touched…

"I just want it to stop." She says, her voice muffled, "I can't sleep like this anymore, Garrus."

"I know." I said, still trying to comfort her, "I just wish you would tell me what happened, Jane. Maybe it'll help…"

But she shook her head, "I'm sorry… I can't… not yet. I…" She looked up at my face, her green eyes still sparkling of unshed tears, "I don't know how I would start… I don't know how I could say it right…" She sighed, and sniffed a little, before pulling my cowl, and placing her lips on my lip plates. I could feel her tongue touching it, and I open my mouth, tasting her as she did with me. Her arms tightened around me again, and I held her, molding her body as close to mine without hurting her. Turians are a little hard because of all our plates, but it never bothered her.

Spirits, she feels heavenly.

She pulls back, and places her head on my chest, listening to my breathing. "I'll tell you about it, honey. I swear, I will… but for now… I just… need some time, I guess."

I nod, and I run my hand through her hair again. "Alright, Jane. I'll wait for you."

"Thank you." She smiles and pulls back, a little tired as she settled in her pillow again. She grins at me, "Sorry about waking you up again. You're not getting enough sleep as I am."

I huffed, my mandibles flaring in my turian version of a smile. "You know I don't mind, Jane. I'm a turian. I can get 4 hours of sleep and still be fit for duty."

"Or fit to do calibrations." She said, smiling up at me, "Kind of makes me wonder what exactly you can 'calibrate' now that we've retired."

I laugh a little, "There are a lot of things I can do here. I need to fix some of the programs Hackett had installed here for the house. There's the furniture I should move too. And of course there's that skycar outside that needs calibrating, too."

She laughs, and it was like music to my ears. "Well, there is that. I guess there is plenty to do even though we've retired…"

I nod, and looked at her. My mandibles flare a little as I reach up to her again, running my talon from her cheek, down to the valley of her chest. "Exactly, although as of right now, I'd rather 'calibrate' you."

She laughs again, before rolling over on top of me, her thighs spread on either side of my hips, the warmth of her center making my plates shift a little, "Well, after that nightmare, I do need to blow off a little steam." She leaned over and touched her forehead with mine. "You up for it, Garrus?"

I was already removing her clothes, "Damn right, I am."

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