The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 4

Something is off.

I wake up, slowly opening my eyes. Jane wasn't beside me.

She had her nightmare again last night, and it was worse. She threw out her fist and got me good on the mandible. It hurt, but when she finally woke up, she complained about a pain in her fist. My rough skin had scraped the skin on her knuckles, making them bleed a bit. I had to apply medigel on her wound before she got back into bed.

I sit up. The space beside me was rumpled, the sheet thrown back like she was in a hurry, even her slippers were still on the side of the bed.

Where did she go?

There was a sound of something hitting water. Ah of course, the bathroom. But then I heard retching, and a bit of crying.

Spirits… Jane!

I rush into the bathroom, and there she was, bent over the toilet, hurling so hard her whole body spasmed. I bend down to massage her back as she vomited, and pretty soon, it stopped. She leaned over the toilet, gasping for breath.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?"

She shook her head, still leaning over the toilet. "I feel a little dizzy." She said, her voice rough from her ordeal. I stand up to get water from the sink using a cup she used for brushing her teeth. She rinsed out her mouth several times, spitting it out to the toilet, before leaning back to my chest. I reached out to flush the toilet as I ran a hand through her forehead.

She was cold, and pale, and her eyes seemed a little unfocused. Sweat ran down her face to her neck, soaking her pajamas. I put my arms around her… under her knees and under her upper back, "Come on, let me put you back in bed."

I padded up back to our bed and lay her down, pulling on the sheets so that she was in them again. Her face was still sweaty, so I took a bunch of tissues from her bedside table and wiped her down. She gave me a sweet smile, but she cringed and closed her eyes, "Sheesh, everything is spinning."

"Do you want me to contact Dr. Chakwas for you?" I said, still wiping down the sweat off her. She nodded weakly, and snuggled into her pillow again, groaning.

I went over to my side of the bed, and pulled out my OmniTool from my own nightstand. I still had Dr. Chakwas' contact information, and I pulled them up. There were a few beeps, before Dr. Chakwas' face appeared.

"Garrus?" She said, squinting a bit at my hologram on her own OmniTool.

"Dr. Chakwas, I'm sorry to wake you up so early." I said.

But the elderly doctor merely waved her hand, "I had some reports to fill up, and I haven't fallen asleep yet. But do not worry, I am not tired." She smiled at me, "What can I help you with?"

"It's Shepard, doctor." I said, and I moved my OmniTool to show her Jane, who was still grimacing, "She threw up just a minute ago, and she said she was very dizzy. I had to carry her to bed."

"I see." She said, "Scan her for me."

I brought up my OmniTool and scanned her vital signs, and sent them back to her. She read it for a while, her professional doctor face set, "Her heart rate is pretty high, and I am detecting some sort of internal anomaly. I can't be too sure. I have to come there personally to check up on her." She looked at me again, "I can be there in a day or two. Just monitor her for now. If she keeps vomiting, see if you can keep her hydrated and nourished."

I nod, "Of course, doctor. We'll be here."

"Alright. I'll see you soon, Garrus. Take good care of her for me while I'm not there."

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