The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 5

"Good afternoon, Garrus. How is the Commander doing?"

I nod to her and Dr. Michel, who was standing right behind her, "Dr. Chakwas. Dr. Michel. It's good to see you. Please come in." The two women smiled at me and entered our house, sitting down the couches as I sit down in front of them. "She vomited this morning again, and the day before that. Is there something wrong with her?"

"The scans you gave me were a little sketchy." Dr. Chakwas said, "That's why I decided to come myself. Luckily, Dr. Michel was free despite of our duties to the Alliance. I thought it would be a good time to see each other again."

"Jane would love to see you both." I pointed up the stairs to our bedroom, "She's in bed resting."

Dr. Chakwas stood up, "Well, let's not waste any time, then." The three of us headed upstairs and into our bedroom, where Jane was sitting up, her back against a pile of pillows I made her. And immediately her face broke into a grin.

"Dr. Michel! Karin!" She cried out in joy, and Dr. Chakwas' face grinned as she sat down in front of her. "It's good to see you! How are you both?"

"We are fine, Shepard." Dr. Michel said as she stood on the side to look at her, "I believe the more important reason why we are here is to inquire about you."

Jane's pale flushed a bit, making her cheeks turn pink. "I know, I'm sorry to disturb you just because of my health…"

"Nonsense." Dr. Chakwas said, taking Jane's hand into hers, "Your health is just as important to us. Now tell me, my dear, how do you feel?"

She shrugged, and I knew what that meant. "Jane, don't downplay anything. If you feel something isn't right about your body, you should tell her. Don't give us that lame 'I'm fine' thing you always do even though you're injured."

She scowls at me, and I can't help but grin. "I hate how much you know about me, Garrus."

I laugh, "No you don't. You love that about me."

She rolls her eyes, and grimaces. "Alright, alright. I've been pretty dizzy the past few days, and I can't seem to hold anything down when I eat."

Dr. Chakwas nodded and took her pulse, and then she reached up to her face and pulled at her lower lid, before touching her neck. "You seem cold right now, no fever. A bit anemic, from what I could tell. And your pulse rate is a little fast." She looks up at me, "I'm sorry, Garrus. I'm going to have to do a full scan and check up on her. Do you mind if you give us a few moments of privacy?"

"Of course, doctors." I went over to Jane and kissed her forehead. "I'll be right downstairs, Jane."

She nods, "Okay, Garrus. We'll try to hurry it up."

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