The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 6

"Garrus, we're done with Shepard. Please come upstairs."

I put down the wrench I was holding while I was fixing the drainage pipes for Jane's laundry machine, and headed up the stairs. Jane was still sitting up in our bed, looking a little confused, and Dr. Chakwas and Michel stood by our window, whispering together, comparing results in their OmniTools.

"Doctors?" I said, and they turned to me. Dr. Chakwas gave a small smile and pointed to Jane, "Sit down, Garrus. We have just finished talking. And… we have the results."

I nod and sit down beside Jane, and she takes my hand, squeezing it as she smiles at me. I look back up at the women, "Is Jane going to be okay…?"

"Theoretically, Jane's in fine shape." Dr. Chakwas said, "But internally, well… that is a whole different story."

Dr. Michel coughed, "Garrus… Jane… when was the last time you two were… intimate?"

We looked at each other. Her face was blushing, and from the reflection of myself in her green eyes, I looked confused. Well, I am confused. But I answered, "A few days ago… we've been… catching up since we got here."

Chakwas nodded and pressed a few things in her OmniTool, "I see. Well, that all makes sense now. The dizziness, the tender breasts, the vomiting, the chills and the difficulty breathing…"

"What makes sense, Karin?" Jane said to her, "Just lay it on me will you?"

Dr. Chakwas and Michel looked at each other, before the elder doctor gave a small but confused looking smile.

"Well… I don't know how this happened but… Jane is… pregnant."

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