The Vakarian Chronicles Part 4: Surin Island

Chapter 8

I wake up without her beside me again.

After hearing her cry in anguish by the piano, I decided to leave her alone… to give her time. I went to bed without dinner, and just slept on the bed. I was too tired, too shocked at what happened yesterday, that as soon as I put myself on my pillow, I slept and didn't wake up.

I look down at the space beside me, and blinked. Her blanket was arranged neatly on her pillow, and there was… a flower?

I stood up and looked at her side of the bed again, and found her slippers were gone. I look around. Her robe was gone, but… her crutches were there?

The sound of frying oil drifted from downstairs, and I headed down to the kitchen. Jane was there… and she was standing… chopping up vegetables on the counter.


She looks up at me, her green eyes glinting, and her face broke into a smile. The light… her light was in her eyes again. "Good morning, honey."

I blinked, as I slowly made my way into the kitchen. I look down at the counter to see that she had made a dextro breakfast, and she was now in the process of cooking for her own. She shrugged.

"Sorry, I wasn't beside you as you woke up." She was standing, but when she took the vegetables she had chopped to the stove, she was still holding on to counter, shuffling her feet to it. "I was hungry. I wasn't able to eat dinner last night, and I noticed that you didn't, too."

"Yeah. I… I saw you crying by the piano." I said, sitting down at a high stool by the counter. She stopped moving, her head slightly bowed, but she continued to cook again.

"I'm sorry you had to see that." She said, lowering the flame of the stove, before slowly shuffling back to a chair beside me. She used her hands and arms to lift herself and sit on the high stool. "But… I'm better now. I promise. In case you didn't notice, Garrus… I didn't have my nightmare today."

Of course. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night today, waiting for her to thrash around like a drowning turian. In fact, I felt… well rested.

"What happened, Jane?" I said, as I took her hand, "Is it… is it because of the pregnancy? I honestly didn't know it was possible. But if…" I could feel a lump forming in my throat, "If you don't want it… I…"

Her green eyes widened in shock, and she shook her head, "No! Sweetheart, no! It was nothing like that!" She reached up and touched my good mandible, "Oh Garrus, please don't think that. This… this is all I ever wanted. I really didn't think this was possible because of all the crazy things we did back then." She chuckled, but she looked up at me again, "But now… this… this is the life I would've wanted. The life I now have." She reached down and touched the lower part of her abdomen, and she smiled, her gaze looking peaceful, the light in her eyes twinkling. She looked so serene, so at peace. "I never had a family, and now… now I have one."

I reach out and touch her scarred cheek, and she smiles and leans her face into my hand, before chuckling, "Besides, I believe you were the one who suggested the turian-human babies."

I laugh… it's been a while since I did. But it felt good. She laughed with me, and I can't be even happier. Her laugh was something that just makes me obsessed about her. "Yeah… well… I didn't think it was possible though. I guess we got lucky that you're an evolutionary miracle."

She pushes out of her stool and slowly heads back to the stove. "Yeah, I'm just a bloody miraculous hero walking around in frail legs."

"Don't say 'bloody'… you sound like Zaeed." I said, and she flings a dish towel at me as she laughed.

"I do miss that old man." She said, stirring up the pot, "Ah well, maybe we could have them here sometime."

I nod, and look down at the counter, only to see that there was WAAAAYYY too much food for us. "Erm… Jane, you're not turning into a krogan now, are you? You can't possibly think that you can finish all this."

She laughs again, "Well, I'm hungry." She touches her stomach again, smiling, "Besides, if I want my little girl to grow up well, I have to eat healthy."

I could feel my mandibles flaring a bit in a smile. She really loves the idea of having a child… having our child. My chest felt like it could puff up and explode in any moment.

Spirits, I love this woman to pieces.

"Wait, a girl?" I said, "What if it's a boy? You know, I've always wanted a Garrus Vakarian Jr."

She laughs, "Well, I just hope he'll be as handsome as you, honey. But I don't think the scars can be carried genetically."

"Hmp. Too bad. The little kid could break a lot of female hearts if he had a scar, too." I look down, my eyebrow plate rising. There was a creature… probably food material for her. It had… a dark carapace, a spiky head, and really horrible claws. Its tail was curled up under its body. I poked it, and it didn't move. I used two of my fingers to pick it up. "Uhm… Shepard, what is this?"

She looks at me, then down at the creature in my hand. "It's a lobster. It's a… crustacean we humans eat. Do you remember the things I ate during our shore leave in my apartment? The shrimp cocktail? They're something like that."

This is food? Humans eat the strangest things… from those horrible rope-like 'noodles' to that strange-smelling food she once called a 'shawarma'. She was looking at me, slightly amused. The creature… this lobster… did remind me of something. My mandibles flared a little as I took the two claws in both hands and raised them up to her. "We are the harbinger of your destruction." I growled.

She blinked at me, and started laughing, leaning against the counter with her hand as the other went to her stomach.

"Assuming control of this form." I growled again, imitating the Reaper voice as I stood up and went to her. Her legs were too weak to run away so she just leaned against the counter. She was still laughing, but she was trying to push me away. "Stop it, Garrus!"

"Shepard, you cannot stop us." I continued, waving the lobster at her face. "You cannot escape your destiny, Shepard."

She was laughing hard now, her head thrown back, and I lift her up the counter with one arm under her hips. She clung on to my cowl as I held the lobster in front of us, but soon enough she started pushing at me, still laughing.

"You cannot sustain your attack." I growled again, but her mirth was starting to affect me, and I am having some trouble keeping a straight face, my mandibles flaring. "You will regret your resistance, Shepard."

She laughs again, pulling at my cowl, trying to push the lobster away. "I will resist any lobster coming up my face, Garrus. Now put that away!"

I put the lobster back into the plate, before bending down and nuzzling her neck, my tongue snaking out to lick the shell of her ear. She sighed in pleasure, her hands coming up to my neck to touch the underside of my fringe, and immediately I could feel my plates shifting. I grabbed her hips and ground her body into mine as I continued to tease her with my Reaper voice, "You are arrogant, Shepard. You will learn. My attacks will tear you apart." I chuckled as I ground my hips into hers, making her feel my shifting plates. "I know you feel this."

She groaned in my neck, "Turn off the stove and cover up your food. I'll show you how I deal with a breakfast nuisance like you, idiot."

I chuckle as I reach back to turn off the stove, and put a cover over my plate of turian food. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I grab her ass to lift her off the counter before heading up the stairs to our bedroom. She had started kissing my lip plates, and biting down lightly at my neck.

Breakfast can wait.

"We are your genetic destiny. Or at least the genetic destiny of your child." I growled one last time as I opened the bedroom door with my foot, and her laughter continued on as we lay in the sheets.

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