The Vakarian Chronicles Part 3: Returning

Chapter 3

Garrus never wrung his hands, but after seeing it so many times on Tali, he realized he started doing it too. He sat on the Battery Room, a nervous wreck, as the whole crew prepared. He had his rifle with him, and he closed his eyes. He was going to see Shepard again… but when…?


He opened his eyes and looked up, seeing Kaidan in his N7 uniform. He sat down beside the turian, "You okay?"

"Yeah… Yeah. I'm okay." Garrus said, "Remind me… how… how did you find her? Shepard?"

Kaidan sighed. It was expected that Garrus would be in shock after finding out about Shepard, but he never expected that the turian would ask him about it six times. "Shepard survived after blowing up the Crucible. She thought that it was the only way she could live. When a piece of the Citadel fell to Earth, Shepard was in it. She had found a helmet and was able to hide somewhere safe. It fell in the heart of a rainforest in the Philippines. She was pretty banged up, but the local people were able to heal her, although it took a year for her to recuperate. That's the reason I sent the five crew members on a 'mission'. They are secretly going to the Philippines to get Shepard."

Garrus nodded, "And me? What am I supposed to do?"

"Wrex had acquired a skull… with markings almost similar to yours. It died on Palaven when the krogan were helping rescue your refugees. Liara will make it look like you 'died' by being bitten by a varren, and show the skull Wrex gave as a sign that you really were dead." He smiled, "After that, you'll get to see Shepard again, and the two of you can go somewhere quiet and safe."

The turian nodded again and put his head in his hands, "I still can't believe it… she's alive…"

"Me neither." Kaidan said, "She was able to contact us through emergency channels, though her voice sounded pretty rough, I knew it was her. She apologized to Joker… since… it was because of her that EDI and the geth died…"

Garrus looked up at Kaidan, "How did Joker take it?"

"He couldn't blame her. He knew it was the only thing she could do to stop the Reapers." Kaidan shook his head, "She still feels… guilty over everything. I hope when you're able to get to her, you'll reassure her that it's all okay."

"I will." Garrus said, and the InterComm sounded, "We're here in Tuchanka, Kaidan." Joker said.

"Got it." Kaidan said, before patting Garrus' shoulder and getting his rifle. "Let's rock, Garrus."

He nodded, and shouldered his assault rifle as he walked with Kaidan down to the shuttle. Tali was driving again, and he was surprised when Tali patted the seat beside her. He sat down and watched as the quarian drove.

"So… I guess this is our last mission together, Garrus." Tali said, her voice a little pensive, "Once this is done, I won't be able to find you anymore."

Garrus scoffed, "I doubt that, Tali. Knowing you, you'd probably hack your way into finding us."

Tali chuckled under her mask, "Probably. I could never be at peace when I don't know where the new Shepard-Vakarian love nest will be." She became quiet for a bit before whispering, "You know Garrus… I really liked you… quite attracted really. I… was even hoping we could never find Shepard. Maybe then, you could focus your affection towards me."


But Tali waved him off, "I know. It was horrible of me to think that." She shrugged, "But I was wrong. You deserve to have Shepard, and she deserves to have you. You both love each other so much. It would be selfish of me to whisk you away from her for my own reasons. Ever since our hunt for Saren, I could tell that she meant a lot to you. Maybe I have been watching 'The Fleet and Flotilla' too much…" She laughed a little before turning her head to Garrus, "Anyway, when this is over, I hope you'll live your lives happily, Garrus. After everything we've been through, you both deserve it."

The shuttle landed on Tuchanka now, and everyone got up to leave. Garrus and Tali stood from their seats, and he came forward and hugged the quarian affectionately, her helmet bumping a little bit from his chest armor, "Thank you, Tali. And don't worry, I'm sure there is someone out there for you. Maybe a turian as awesome as me."

Tali laughed, "Probably. Good luck, Garrus."

Garrus nodded and headed towards the exit, not seeing the quarian remove her helmet, and wipe a tear from her eye.

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