The Vakarian Chronicles Part 3: Returning

Chapter 4

Urdnot Wrex and Bakara stood outside the Normandy's shuttle, as Kaidan and the crew got out. A pleased grin split Wrex's scarred face, as he came forward and grasped Kaidan's hand, and then Garrus'. "Good to see you, Kaidan. And you too Garrus." He lightly punched Garrus' shoulder, "I guess it's time to do it eh?"

Bakara came forward then, and a young Krogan girl held to her skirts, while another small bundle was wrapped in her arms. "Let me introduce you to the latest Urdnots." She said, indicating her daughter. "This is my daughter, Mordin. And this…" Her eyes softened as she looked at the baby Krogan, "This is our son… Shepard."

The crew's faces all smiled, and Tali and Liara came forward to look at the youngest child of Wrex. He was cute… as far as baby Krogans go. He still didn't have any plating like his father or his Uncle Grunt, but he did have a pair of wide, green Krogan eyes. He looked innocently at the strange beings as they cooed and stroked his rough cheek. He smiled and giggled a little baby Krogan laugh.

"The kid is as cheerful as his dad." James commented when he heard 'Shepard' laugh.

Wrex grinned, "He'll be as strong and fit too, I'll bet. But let's get to it." He turned to the group, "This area of Tuchaka might not seem much, but we've discovered that this area is adequate for a new settlement for our people." He grinned devilishly, "Brand new krogans are popping up everywhere, and although we have three new planets for us, there are still people who are more attached to Tuchanka that they want to stay here and risk the varren."

"So we're here to clear this area up… and to set Garrus up." Tali said.

Wrex nodded and laughed, "Consider this your farewell party, Garrus."

Garrus' grinned, "Best one I've had."

Kaidan laughed and raised his hands, "Garrrus and Tali will head west, and then south. James and Liara, go east and push the varrens south. Wrex and I will head straight on and push them too, so that all the varren will condense towards the southern area. Other krogans will help should any get away in the perimeter."

Liara nodded and touched Garrus' shoulder. "I've arranged for a tame varren to be released, and fight with you. I have no faith in your acting skills…" At this Liara grinned, "But see if you can act like you got knocked out and your neck chewed on."

"Get my neck chewed on?" Garrus shook his head, "I just hope I don't get a bullet on his head before that happens. "

"Try not to shoot it." Kaidan said as he readied his weapon. "All right, let's go! Move! Move! Move!"

Garrus and Tali sprinted to the west, and pretty soon they were separated from the others. The dog-like creatures known as varrens have started run, heading to them, their fangs bared. The two of them aimed true and shot every varren on sight, while heading south.

A couple of hours through the battle, there was an earthquake. It knocked Tali down on her rear and made Garrus crouch.

"THRESHER MAW!" They heard James shout.

"Focus fire on the Maw!" Kaidan ordered through their earpieces, "Change of plans! Kill it! It's heading towards Garrus and Tali!"

"Looks like my plan is useless now. "Liara said, sounding annoyed.

Garrus pulled up Tali to her feet, just as a giant creature broke from the soil's surface, it's massive body almost blocking the sunlight. As gravity pulled it down, Garrus pulled Tali with him, the body of the massive maw crashing. A stone flew high to the air, and landed squarely on the back of Tali's neck. It knocked her out, and Garrus had to pull the quarian to safe cover. It roared again, and buried itself underground.

"Tali! Garrus!" Kaidan shouted through their earpiece, "Are you guys okay?"

"I'm fine!" Garrus said as he hid, "But I need an evac. Tali got knocked out."

"Hang on! We're on our way!" It was Wrex this time, and from behind Garrus, he heard the maw rise again from the ground, and dive, causing the soil to shake.

"Garrus!" Kaidan suddenly appeared and he pulled at Tali's arm to make her sit up. He couldn't open her helmet, so he pressed a button on his earpiece. "Joker! I need an evac! But careful of the maw!"

"I could come down there and get you, but I need someone to draw the maw's attention away." Joker's voice crackled from their ear piece, and Garrus looked up to see the Normandy hovering in the skies, away from the thresher maw's reach.

Wrex grinned, "I'll take care of it." And he began sprinting towards the maw. Garrus looked down at Tali, and gave her to Kaidan.

"What are you doing, Garrus?!" Kaidan said as he wound his arm around Tali.

"You need me to look like I died, don't you?" He sprinted towards Wrex after the thresher maw, "A turian could die from being eaten by a thresher maw right?!"

"Garrus, it's too dangerous!" Liara said, "You could get killed outright!"

"Then make sure, it doesn't!" Garrus shouted, just as the maw broke the surface again. He took aim and emptied his bullets on the creature before popping the heat sink.

He heard Wrex laugh, "A turian and a krogan against the maw! Like my present, Garrus?"

"You planned this?!" Garrus said as he took aim again, and shot, running towards Wrex.

"Actually, no." Wrex laughed as he got into cover beside Garrus. "But this is fun, eh? Two former enemies fighting against a thresher maw! That's something to tell the future Shepard-Vakarian kids, right?"

At this, Garrus laughed, "Yeah, I guess it is. I would just have to survive this."

"Nah. Don't worry about it. I got you covered." Wrex grinned at Garrus and mentioned towards the maw. "Ready?"

Garrus popped the heat sink of his rifle and nodded, "Let's go."

Wrex laughed and sprinted, filling the thresher maw with shotgun bullets, as Garrus came out and did the same. It roared and slid back into the ground.

"Where the hell did it go?!" Wrex said, looking around, before being launched off the ground.

The thresher maw jumped underneath the ground at Wrex's feet, launching the Krogan through the air. Garrus quickly emptied his clip again in an effort to get the creature from noticing him.

"Over here, you overgrown piece of….!" Garrus shouted as he shot, and the maw looked down at him in fury. Garrus looked to find that Wrex had landed on a nearby cliff, and that the maw was now going after him. He sprinted to the opposite direction away from the maw. He looked back as it sprinted, only to see that the maw is coming at him. He pivoted his body, assault rifle in hand, blasting the thresher maw, as the creature opened its mouth, trying to swallow Garrus.

"GARRUS!" Liara's heart-breaking cry of agony rent the earpieces of the Normandy crew, as the thresher maw swallowed up the turian and crashed into the ground.

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