The Vakarian Chronicles Part 3: Returning

Chapter 5

"Lieutenant Commander Alenko. Is the mission successful?"

Kaidan looked at the four members of the Alliance Council, before settling his gaze on the Human, Admiral Hackett. Beside him, Wrex shifted uncomfortably, his eyes sad underneath his head plate. Kaidan sighed as he saluted the Council. "Tuchanka's Kurgant Valley has been deemed safe. Varren populations were lessened, and the remaining varren has been dispersed to other areas that are away from Krogan populations. A resident thresher maw has been also exterminated." He indicated Wrex, "Some members of Clan Urdnot will be inhabiting the area."

At the mention of the thresher maw, the Council's eyes widened. "Thresher maw?" The Turian Councilor, Primarch Victus, asked. "Was there anyone hurt?"

"It is dead." Kaidan said, and his eyes became saddened, "Tali'Zorah vas Normandy was injured and…" He bent his head, "Garrus Vakarian… was killed."

"Garrus?! Killed by a thresher maw?!" Primarch Victus exclaimed, and Hackett and the other Council members bowed their head. Kaidan nodded, and looked at Wrex, who looked rather uneasily, before shuffling to the side. He dragged a gurney to the sight of the Council, which showed the turian on a body bag. His face had scarring on his right cheek and mandible, and a visor was still present on it's left eye. A wrecked and bloody blue and black turian armor was covered with cloth, but Primarch Victus recognized it immediately.

"Oh spirits… Garrus…" Primarch Victus whispered, and Kaidan sighed before turning back to the Council.

"Garrus has been more than a crew member on the Normandy. He has been our brother here. We would like to have the honor to perform the memorial service for him. We also know that he had family in Palaven, I've spoken to them and I sent one of our pilots to get them so they could join us in the Normandy."

Primarch Victus seemed to be in shock of seeing his old friend dead, that all he replied was, "I… I understand. Please tell his family they have my condolences." But he shook his head a little and became formal again, "I shall have our government assist his family in this hour of darkness. Vakarian is a brave soldier, and it is my duty to make sure that all in Palaven knows of his heroism."

Liara came in then, and after nodding to Kaidan, spoke to the Council, "I… I have made a time capsule of Garrus' history with us in the Normandy… from his investigation of Saren and the Reaper Wars. I may give you a copy if you wish, Primarch. It is important that we do not let Garrus' heroism be forgotten for the generations to come."

"Thank you, Dr. T'Soni. I shall accept it gladly." The Primarch nodded at the asari, "I must go now and attend to his family's need. Victus out." And the turian leader's hologram disappeared. The other Council members followed, until only Hackett remained.

"And now that they're gone…" Hackett said, after the Salarian Dalatress had left, "Alenko, what of the mission I gave you? Was it ….successful?"

Liara, Kaidan and Wrex looked at each other, and Liara pressed something on her Omni-Tool. All three of them smiled up at the Admiral. "It was very successful, sir." Kaidan said with a smile.

Hackett chuckled, "Obviously. You all have done well. I have arranged a permanent location for them, away from prying ears and eyes… where you can still visit them if you wish…"

"And where is that, sir?" Liara asked,

"Surin Island… off the coast of Thailand, it's uninhabited since most humans are now spread across the galaxy. But I was able to create a sustainable home for both their species. They would love it, I am sure. Of course, the Normandy's crew is more than welcome to visit..." There was a glint in Hackett's eye as he looked at Liara, "But I sincerely hope this would not be something in your files, Dr. T'Soni."

Liara giggled, "I've disabled recording, Admiral. There is no need to be worried."

Hackett laughed, "Excellent. Very well, Kaidan. I have sent the coordinates to you. Once they are ready, send them home. I'm pretty sure Garrus is ready to wake up. I don't know what medicine you used to make him sleep so deeply like that, but I thought I heard him snore a little while the Dalatress logged out." He pointed at Garrus, who affirmed his suspicions by lightly snoring.

Kaidan raised a hand in salute, "Aye, aye, sir."

The elder Admiral smiled and saluted in return, "Hackett out."

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