The Vakarian Chronicles Part 3: Returning

Chapter 6

Garrus opened his eyes carefully, the bright lights in front of making him squint. Something blocked his vision, shielding his eyes from the harsh lights, and soon his eyes focused to a pristine looking woman with silvery hair.

"Garrus." It was Dr. Chakwas, "How are you feeling?"

His eyes adjusted to the brightness and he looked around, noticing he was back at the Med Bay of the Normandy. He sat up slowly from the bed he was in, and noticed Tali in one of the beds near him. "How long have I been out?" He asked groggily.

"A few hours, at least." Dr. Chakwas said as she looked over Garrus' face. She pressed something on her Omni Tool and scanned Garrus. "Your vitals are stable and I see no permanent damage on you. You're lucky that your shots killed the thresher maw before it could swallow you alive. You did get a nasty bump on your head, enough to knock you out… but again, no damage."

Garrus steadied himself on his hands as he lowered himself down on the floor. He was dizzy, but it was soon fading. He looked over at Tali as he slowly walked towards her. "How's Tali?"

"Sleeping, I should think." She smiled a little, "She was getting panicky when she woke up, afraid her suit sprang a leak. I had to sedate her to calm her down and check her. She's fine, over all. She'll have a lump on her head, but it's nothing serious. No leaks in her suit either. You did well to save her."

He sighed, and then he remembered. "Dr. Chakwas… you're here… does that mean…?"

At this, the doctor's smile faded a little. "Yes, Garrus… she's here. But…"


The doctor swallowed, "It'll be a shock for you… to see her. Perhaps you should…"

"Where is she?"

"Back in her room… at the Captain's Deck… but I think you should… Garrus! Wait!"

But the turian merely shoved the doctor away, heading towards the elevators. The lump on his head made him a little dizzy, but he leaned on the elevator railing as he punched the floor to the Captain's Quarters. As the elevators opened, he saw Kaidan step out from the door of the room. The Spectre's eyes widened, "Garrus!"

"Kaidan…" Garrus said as he steadied himself, "Is she there? Is she alright?"

Kaidan grasped Garrus' arm and held the turian up, "Maybe you should rest at the Med Bay first…"

"NO!" Garrus shouted, making his head hurt again, "No. I want to see her… I want…" I want to see her alive with my own eyes.

Kaidan nodded and helped him up towards the door, where it opened. "But I should… warn you, Garrus." Kaidan whispered, "It'll be a shock… seeing her like that…"

"Like what?"

But Kaidan helped Garrus into the quarters, the dim blue and orange lights of the room making it difficult for him to see. Kaidan leaned him towards one of the fish tanks… the one Garrus remembered as the place he first touched Shepard's shoulder… and said to the far corner. "Garrus is here, Commander."

There was some sort of whirring machinery, and Garrus looked up to see something wheeling towards him. The light of the lamps illuminated her features… the green eyes, the red lips. But her hair was short, like it was boy's… and angry red, flame-like scars covered her left cheek and jaw.


Her voice… Shepard's voice, drifted to his ears, and he slowly walked towards the woman. As he came near, he realized that the whirring machinery he heard was actually a wheelchair. He stopped in shock at the sight. The Great Commander Shepard… valiant soldier, savior of the Universe, slayer of Reapers and Thresher Maws… is now confined to a wheelchair.

Shepard noticed him staring at her chair and swallowed, "I broke both my legs during my crash, Garrus. And… my hair was singed, which is why it's so short." She raised a hand to her head, "My leg bones had to be re-broken before they were pieced together again. It was… painful. But I've been told that I can walk again after years of rehabilitation. They have healed so it doesn't hurt, but very weak, so I still can't walk."

"And the scar?" Garrus asked, his voice barely a whisper.

Tears welled up the green eyes, but Shepard chuckled. "The Crucible exploded, Garrus. As a turian who took a rocket to the face, I would've thought that you'd understand."

Garrus came forward and kneeled down in front of her, still in shock, and bowed his head, afraid that she'd see the tears in his eyes. Shepard smiled, and bowed forward, touching foreheads with him. Garrus gasped at the familiar movement, and his control broke. He put his head on her lap and wrapped his arms around her.

"Oh thank the spirits… Jane… Jane…!"

He was aware that Kaidan had left, the doors of the room closing behind them. Shepard wrapped her arms around the turian's head, kissing his forehead, his fringe, his mandible. He raised his head and finally, his lip plate found hers.

She was still soft, and warm, and sweet. Memories of their past flooded his brain, and his tears of happiness flowed freely. Shepard's hands found a way to the back of his fringe, while his talons caressed her short red hair. They pulled apart, gasping in breath, and kissed once more, the relief and love making them not want to part from each other.

"I still can't believe it." Garrus panted, his forehead still on Shepard's as he touched her hair. "I still can't believe you're alive."

Shepard sobbed, "I was afraid I wouldn't make it, Garrus. You were the last thing I saw before the Crucible exploded. I was afraid I would never see you again."

"But you're here now." Garrus said as he held her in his arms, "By the spirits, I've had enough of all this. I want to go away… with you. I never want to be away from you, ever again. "

Shepard laughed as Garrus bent over and carried her towards her bed, laying her down. Garrus bent over her and kissed her scarred cheek, "I'm… just as scarred now, Garrus. I'm not beautiful any more…"

But Garrus kissed her scar again and made his trip down to her neck. "The Great Commander Shepard. Hero of the Galaxy… is vain about a scar on her face." He chuckled as his prehensile tongue licked her neck, making her gasp in pleasure. He smiled as she ran a hand on his neck behind his fringe, making him groan in yearning, "Luckily for you, your boyfriend has a thing for women with scars."

Shepard laughed, "So… what were you saying about turian human babies…?"

Garrus growled in wanting, "I say… it's time for them to be made… biology be damned."

Shepard laughed and nodded as she opened her arms to her turian.

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