ღTaken - An Au fanfiction starring some of SuperM members and BTS members.ღ ღThis is a fanfiction starring you as the female protagonist, with it being from your pov.ღ

Thriller / Erotica
Age Rating:

˜”*°• Prologue •°*”˜

Welcome to the world of y/n. in life we are prepared to always expect the unexpected, correct? Yet, as this situation arose in my life, I can’t seem to wrap my head fully around it nonetheless. who would have known that a summer trip with my best friend Kim, would lead to us being kidnapped? Yes, you heard me, I survived it all though, in order for me to write this book. scared, almost alone, mentally, emotionally, and physically pained. what more could they have done? Be sexually arousing idiots, that’s what. boy, oh boy.

❝A note from the Author.❞


So hello guys, this would be my first fic on this site. It has been such a long, long time. I’ve truly missed writing and want to start back, I’m unsure how many chapters this

would be consisting of, I’d just go with the flow on this one. This is a fic where you (the reader) and idols are in it. Those idols being SuperM members; Kim Jongin, Lee Taeyong,

Lucas Wong, and Lee Taemin, Idols from other groups would possibly make a guest appearance. Also, your best friend, Kim, would be present as well. I also, clicked the trigger warning, just in case, because one point in time or a couple of times it may come as ‘taking advantage of or rape?’ However, it won’t be scary and horrible as per-se seeing as y/n and Kim definitely has

the hots for their kidnappers.

P.S this fic may seem familiar to some? Not sure, but it’s inspired by a book I read a long time ago. I cannot recall the name sadly, but it was really amazing, one of my finest reads.

Comments, Subscribes & Votes are always loved!

Credits to the owner of the layouts used along with owners of any pictures or gifs I’d be using.


╰☆╮━━Love, Lee~❤

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