When The Arrowverse Meet Werewolves


When Team Flash, Team Arrow, The Legends, Supergirl, and Superman are fighting The Monitor and they get sent to another world where werewolves exist. And they get thrown on the middle of a battle between rouges, and PacK wolfs. Then after the battle som of the Arrowverse characters find out to mates to some of the werewolves. So follow on this adventure of the Arrowverse characters trying to get back to their earth, and also to fight what is about to come. Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Rip Hunter, and the original Leonard Snart are going to be in the story, And my version of The Phoenix will be in it to.

Action / Adventure
Jesse Streeter
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Jesse POV

Before I begin the story I'm going to introduce myself. My name is Jesse Biggs and I'm a Meta-Human. I have fire, ice, telekinesis, sonic scream, shield, and so many more powers that will come out during the story. I'm part of Team Flash, and I go by my superhero name The Phoenix.

I have black hair, dark brown eyes with a black ring around the iris, and I have curves in all the right places.You maybe wondering about my powers well you'll have to read on to find out so now that the introductions are out of the way let's get to the story.

Team Flash, Team Arrow, The Legends, Supergirl, and Superman were in the middle of a battle with someone calling themselve The Monitor. But he keeps saying that he's not the bad guy, and he's trying to prepare us for what is to come.

I don't believe him because he was dumb enough to gve this cosmic book to this psycho named John Dugen, and he used the book to change everything. But in the end we stop him, and changed everything back. Now we are fighting The Monitor.

"Alright that's enough I'm going to send you all away for now, and maybe you will come back stronger, and maybe you'll have more help for what is about to come." The Monitor said before opening up this huge breach sucking us all in sending us to god's knows where.

It seemed like it took forever to come out of the breach but when we did we got thrown into a battle. More like thrown in the middle of a battle, and what we saw had us all freaking out a little.

"Look how huge those wolves are." Cisco screamed looking around at the fighting that was going on.

And as I was watching what was going on I heard my little friend that is inside of me.

"We are on another earth where werewolves exist and they have something called mates. Which is short for soul mates, and they are fighting between rouges who are trying to take unmated females so they can mark them, mate them, and force them to have their pups." The Phoenix said so all the superheros could hear.

"We have to help because some girls are about to get raped, and they are virgins waiting for their mates." The Phoenix screamed throughout what you would call a mind link.

"You heard her get going Flash you speed and get all the girls that are being taken, and try to stop them from getting marked and raped. But if they are marked I can fix that, and the rest of you help these pack wolves, and I'm sure you can tell which are the bad ones." I said before getting into the fight.

As The Green Arrow and I were running towards the battle field we heard a scream coming from our left. "We go left." I said before heading towards the scream with The Green Arrow behind me.

As soon as I got on the scene and saw what was about to happen had my blood boiling.

There a nasty looking man getting ready to enter a poor woman who was begging him to stop.

"Please I'm saving myself for my mate." The woman screamed

"To bad, don't worry this will hurt a lot." The Nasty dirty man said.

But before he could enter her I heard the sound of and arrow zip past my head, and hitting it's target in the head.

When he fell off the woman she looked around to see who helped her. When her eyes landed on us she started to back away on fear.

"Please don't hurt me." She screamed

"It's ok we are not going to hurt you, we are the ones that got that nasty dirty man off of you." I said taking slow gentle steps towards her.

When she heard me say that she stop trying to get away from us and got a real good look at us.

"You saved me." She said trying to cover herself up.

"There should be clothes around here since we are on an earth where werewolves exist look around the trees." The Phoenix said to me before I headed towards the tree to look for clothes.

When I found some clothes well a big shirt but it will have to do.

"Here put this on." I said gently helping the girl put the shirt on.

"Who are you where did you come from." She said looking at me with tears in her eyes.

"That is a long story." I said before mind linking Barry.

"Barry bring all the girls you found to my location, and Supergirl, Superman head towards the main battle that's where I'm going." I said through our mind link. Hey we may have comms but those can go out, so mind linking them is easier, and one of my powers.

"Green Arrow you stay here, and protect her The Flash is on his way with the rest of the girls." And as soon I finished the sentence Barry was there with all the girls, and they looked terrified.

I started to run towards where the main battle was, and when I got there I saw that is was a blood bath but for the rouges.

I was about ready to jump into the battle when I saw this huge beautiful black wolf get tackled by this rouge and then another one, and you could tell the black werewolf was having hard time getting them off of him, and for some strange reason I felt this pull towards this wolf.

I didn't have long to think about why I felt this pull when I heard The Phoenix say. "Mate." And that was enough for me to jump into action.

I used my sonic scream to fling the rouge that was going for his throat into a tree, and the my fire power to get the other rouge off his back.

When the wolf got up, and looked to see who saved him and met my eyes he froze.

As we were sitting there looking into each others I started to hear this popping sound come from the wolf.

When the popping sound stop, and where the wolf was now stood a very good looking god of a man. He is tall dark, and handsome.

And what came out of his mouth made me get butterflies in my stomach.

"Mate." He said starring into my eyes with so much happiness.

"As much as I'm loving this the battle still isn't done."

I said before getting back into the fight to kick some ass.

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