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When The Arrowverse Meet Werewolves

Chapter 2

Jesses POV

After the battle was finished we regrouped on the middle of the field.

"How many girls were taken." My mate asked some man who radiated power maybe the Beta.

"Surprisedly none this guy got them all but unfornately some were marked." He said with a sad expression.

"I can fix that." I said stepping forward

"And who are you, in fact who are all of you, where did you guys come from, and why and I smelling vanilla and chocolate."

He paused when Killer Frost/ Caitlin Snow walked out of the woods holding a crying girl.

"Mine." He said before trying to run towards Killer Frost/Caitlin.

I stop before he had the chance to do anything. "She is holding a girl who is crying it's not a good idea to run to her screaming mine because she will protect the girl." I said before letting go of his arm.

When Killer Frost got to use I walked over to he to she if she was mark, and in fact she was marked.

"Did anything else happen?" I asked knowing she knew what I was asking.

"No I killed him before he did anything." She said trying to comfort the shaking girl.

"Killer Frost that's not how we do it we don't kill." The Flash said looking a little pissed.

"She had every right, those Rouges are no good they will kill anything including children they have to be killed." My mate growled at The Flash.

"Ok we will sort this out about who you are, and you being our mates, and everything else that needs to be dealt with." My mate said before going up to the girl Killer Frost was holding.

"You said you can help these girl do it please they won't be able to mate with their actual mates. with these marks on them." My mate said, and you could see the desperation in his eyes.

I didn't say anything I just put my hand on the girls neck, and pull the Phoenix power to me. I heard people gasp because I'm sure that my irises were glowing orange.

"I feel tingles." The girl said before I pulled my hand away.

"It's gone how did you do that." The girl said when she looked to see if it was gone.

"It's a long story. Next."

After I got rid of all the marks I started to feel a little dizzy from the power I was using.

"You wouldn't feel that way if you would just accept me fully you are The True Phoenix Avatar." The Phoenix said to me.

"You know whay I don't you set my fire powers off, and killed my parents." I all but screamed in my head at her.

"And how many times do I have to say I'm sorry." She said sounding a little aggravated

"If you cared you would bring them back."

"I told you their sprits left they didn't want to stay." She said before I shut the link off.

After we got everything settle down, and made sure that everyone was there, and found out that we were missing two.

"We are still missing two, we have to go look for them." My mate said looking really pissed.

But before we could look I saw Laurel Lance or one of The Black Canarys , coming out of the woods along with Supergirl, and Superman, and they had two girls with them.

And by the looks of them they looked terrible.

Before they could get to us I heard two growls, and two people say Mine before I saw two werewolves make there way towards Supergirl, and Laurel.

"Don't freak out." I said through our mind link

They didn't say anything they just shook their heads.

After I checked the girls over and got rid of the marks, and made sure they weren't raped.

We got down to business.

"As much as I'm glad that you showed up in the nick of time to help, and also that we found our mates. But what are you, and how did you get here."

So we told them everything from what we are, and us being Meta-Humans, and we also told them our superhero names and our real names. We told them about how we are from another earth, and how we were sent there by The Monitor.

"Wow who knew there were other earths." My mate said looking stunned.

"Now what are you names." I asked looking at how handsome my man is.

"My name is Blade Barnes, and I'm the Alpha of the Blood Crescent moon Pack the strongest pack in the world." Blade said with pride.

"And I'm Leo Barnes Blades younger brother, and The Beta.." Leo said with pride.

"And I'm Ryder Smith, and The Gamma." Ryder said with pride.

"And I'm Mason Stark. The Head Warrior." And of course he said it with pride.

Boy these men sure have pride.

But we have bigger problems and I'm not sure I need a mate right now.

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