Only You


While driving on a motorcycle on vacation, Stella (Ariana Grande) and Evan (Harry Styles) hit head on with a car. Evan sustained little trauma, while Stella was paralyzed from the waste down and confined to a wheelchair, Stella's head injury makes her forget about Evan completely. With that, Evan after healing drives Stella to her childhood house, Evan is unwelcomed into the house, suspicious activity and Strict rules makes Evan suspicious and he plans to investigate them, when he finds her death insurance policy, he uncovers that one of her loved ones wants her dead, for the money. But who is it?

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Accident

It was our one year anniversary trip to Hawaii, we rented a motorcycle and decided to take a cruise, we both had our helmets strapped on tight, I held onto Evans waist tightly. Honestly I never had experiences with motorcycles. I was screaming "Go Faster! Wooooo!" Evan just laughed and we made the corner, not realizing the car in the other lane was in our lane. We barely had time to react, I heard smashing glass, I felt my body as I hit the ground, I heard the air bags of the car deploy. I tried to move but I couldn't.

I screamed for Evan as tears streamed down my cheek, I heard the sirens. My head hurt like someone punched me in the forehead. I woke up in a hospital, confused and terrified. That's when I saw Evan... only my mind was so messed up it erased Evan from my memories. Like he was washed away from my life. He went to touch my hand and pulled my hand back, panic set it. "Who are you?! And why am in the hospital?" I said completely confused. He looked at me and smiled. "Stella it's me Evan your fiancé... we were in a motorcycle accident. Don't you remember me?" He said puzzled and emotional. My heart beat increased rapidly and Evan had to be taken out of the room. The doctor came over with her clipboard. I knew that look he gave me, it's bad news. The accident has paralyzed her from the waist down, I broke down and hit the wall with my fist. And she sad her slight brain damage may be the cause of her not remembering me. He made the suggestion of slowly introducing myself back into her life. One step at a time.

When we were released, He decided to take me back home.. to my family. They lived in medium sized farming house, it needed work. Paint was chipping it off, railing was broken on both size. Evan took my wheelchair out of the trunk, He opened it on the stairs and then carried me up the stairs and set me in it. Suddenly a middle age woman opened the door and embraced Stella in a hug. He grabbed our bags and placed them beside me. "Hello, I'm Evan, I'm Stella's Fiancé. It's nice to meet you Mrs. Collins." He said as I held my hand out for her to shake. She took it and shook it, she took

Our bags, and he rolled my wheelchair into the house, Stella gasped in surprise. "Just like I remember it." I said softly. "Oh dear we've missed you so much! How did this happen?" Her mother said as she bent down, Stella didn't say anything. "Son you must tell us what happened." Her father said as I said "well it started in Hawaii."

And that was only the beginning of the tale I'm about to tell you, full of lies, secrets, and deceit.

Please Enjoy,

-LittleMissSunshine X

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