One Piece Mighty Conqueror System


Sun Ryo was a Marine officer on Earth, however, one day when he went in a war he lost his life in a storm but luckily his enemies also didn't make it alive. Although he died in the war however not long after losing his consciousness he woke up just to find himself locked inside a dark room and now his new life begins.

Scifi / Fantasy
Big Blue
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Sound of coughing twice weakly…

Sounds of breathing heavily and finally the breathing stabilizing…

It's so dark!!!

I can't move!!!

Why does everything appear heavy???

After a few minutes, I was finally able to move my hands and legs but that is also with a lot of effort that is.

Although I can move my body I wasn't able to move from the spot or stand up because something like iron rods is stopping me from moving!!!

Does that mean I am inside of a cage or something similar???

And the thing that surprised me is that not only my hands and legs but also my neck is also shackled by some kind of iron chain, collar or something similar to that.

But the most important thing is how did I end up here???

Damn this place is so dark I can't even see my own hands.

Or is it possible I have because blind?

But more importantly, I first need to know where am I am who had locked me inside a cage with chains and collar?

The lest thing I remember is that we were fighting against the neighboring countries battleship when a large storm started without any previous notification from the headquarters and our battleship got destroyed although I was the commanding officer of the ship I was also unable to get a life jacket in time then lost consciousness while trying to survive in that unfortunate environment.

Don't tell me I got caught by the enemy country and they had locked me up in order to interrogate me for information???

If that is the case I will commit suicide biting my tongue rather than to sell my country for my life.

As I was thinking I heard heavy sounds of footsteps from my right side and when I turned my head I saw light after such a long time even though the light isn't that much because the door got slightly opened however that small light was still able to turn my eyes blind forcing me to close them even before I can use it to discover my surroundings maybe it is because I was in the dark for too long which is the cause for me to be unable to customize with the light.

After closing my eyes for a few seconds I finally opened my eyes just to be greeted by a huge man at the door because he is looking at me from the other side of the door which is also the source of the light I wasn't able to see him properly but one thing for sure he is the biggest man that I have seen in my life.

"huh!!! You are still alive??? " as if surprised finding me alive the man from at the door asked with a thick and ugly voice which isn't nice to hear.

"Who are you? " although I was feeling a little uncomfortable and weak however I who is one of the top officials in our country and also the person who had designed the fastest battleship on the planet how can I show my nervousness in front of the enemy.

"Good. It appears we can sell you in today's auction then. " the man said as he started walking towards me.

"What do you mean you will sell me in the auction? " I couldn't help but ask with anger does he think I am something that can be sold.

Ok, I can understand if he interrogates me for secrets of my country or asks me to build a design for battleships or weapons but selling me the auction house like some products now that is really an unacceptable fact.

"Sell you in the Auction means sell you in the auction or would you rather like me to just end your life here? " the big guy asked me with a serious tone while opening the small cage I was inside like a trapped animal with only enough space for me to sit on a single spot without the ability to move.

"I would rather die than to become a slave. " I said with a serious tone while looking at that big guy with an angry face are you kidding me we are in the modern age where slavery is banned by law and you want to make me an officer of law a slave dream on.

"Even if you want to die. Do you think we will let you die after purchasing you with 10, 000 berries yesterday from that man who found you at the floating in the sea? " he asked me with a sneer but what does he mean he spends 10 000 berries to buy me maybe ge has watched One Piece too much and mixed Dollars or tge currency of this country with the currency of One Piece.

"Then how about you let me go and I will give you twice the amount you spend on me? " I am sure I will be able to buy my freedom from him and just you wait the moment I leave and arrive at how I will make sure you get published for everything you have done.

"Do you think you can fool me, kid? " what does he mean kid, I an already old enough to get married but the moment he stepped out of tge dark room with me in his hand I got a huge shock.

As I am already out and can see everything my eyes lands on a mirror where I can see that ugly big man holding a kid with tatted clothing no it is me whom he is holding but why do I look the same as when I was 12 years old as I understood the man who is holding me isn't huge but it is I who has become smaller.

But how did this happened and the clothing he is wearing why does it look so familiar???

"Where is this place? " I finally asked the big man with a shocked face because I really am having a bad feeling about everything that is happening right now.

"As you are going to be sold in a few moments I guess it won't be a problem if I told you your location. You are on the "Sabaody Archipelago" at the… "

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