To The Halls of Mandos

Authoress' Notes

Author's Notes:


So, ok yeah, the whole Mulan, woman-dressed-as-a-soldier thing is getting pretty old. But it is a damn good concept. God knows, I'd dress up as a man to fight for the country if I could.

The names were just some stuff I picked out around the net, so sorry. XD

Also, I don't know how the Hall of Mandos works, I've read somewhere that this is the place Elves will be when they've "passed on", and it didn't say what would happen to Men in the LOTR series when they die. Do they also believe in Heaven and Hell? Or do they go into the Hall of Mandos as Elves do, since the Hall of Mandos was created by the Eldar, creator of all? I'm not sure. But I am sure of one thing, if ever something like this happened to me, I'd want to be where my beloved is, even in death.

Anyway, hope you liked it. It was long delayed, nearly rotting in my USB as a matter of fact. XD

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