To The Halls of Mandos

Chapter 4

Il-ya was polishing a long sword she had found against a stone when she heard the horns. She listened to it again, only to find that it wasn't as threatening of a sound. She sheathed her sword, slung her bow to her back and sheathed a couple of daggers at her boots before standing. She was able to find a shiny shield leaning against the wall, and she gazed at her reflection. The armor she found was able to hide her chest and the width of her hips rather well, and the helmet she found obscured her face well enough. She smiled a bit before heading up the stairs to look at what sounded the horn.

As she left the armory, a man came running behind her, with the elf and dwarf she has seen in Theoden King's hall behind him. The man looked rather worn, and he wore a strange jewel on his chest. From his clothing, she surmised that he was a Ranger. She guessed that this was the one Theoden King called Aragorn. They followed her as she ran, with other soldiers behind them.

Finally, they were able to reach the source of the sound. Il-ya's mouth opened in surprise, taking in the amazing sight.

Hundreds of Elves stood before them, armed and ready for battle. Their swords, bows and armor gleamed gold in the moonlight, and helmets of fine gold and silver hid their silver-blond hair. Their eyes pierced the darkness with light, and their mouths were set in a grim line. Only their captain had no helmet on, and he came forward as Theoden King met them.

"How is this possible...?" Theoden asked in awe as he looked at the Elven soldiers, and the captain gave a low bow. As he straigthened, Il-ya gave a low gasp.

He was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen, much like the elf that accompanied the Ranger. The Elf's hair gleamed silver in the moonlight, and his piercing blue eyes seemed to be... excited, as if he was ready for battle. He smiled a bit at Theoden King, and Il-ya swallowed as it softened the Elf's features. She felt her face flaming, and was glad that it was hidden by her helm. Her breath came out in short bursts of air, as the Elf's eyes seem to peirce through her.

"I bring word from Elrond of Rivendell." The elf said, his voice low and melodious, "An alliance once formed between Elves and Men. Long ago, we fought and died together..."

Something bumped her shoulder, and looking up, she realized the three foreigners have reached them. Smiles lit their faces as they saw the captain, and he gave a smile in return.

"We have come to honor that allegiance." The captain finished, looking at the Ranger.

"Mae govannen, Haldir!" Aragorn said as he came forward, and as the captain... Haldir, raised his hand, the Ranger merely looked at it before hugging the Elf. Haldir smiled again, before patting the Ranger's back.

"You are most welcome!" Aragorn said as his elf companion, Master Legolas, came forward and grasped Haldir's forearm in a sign of camaraderie.

Il-ya almost jumped at the sound of stamping feet, as the elves turned towards Theoden King, ready for his orders. Il-ya smiled in excitement at the battle ahead against the orcs of Isengard, with the Elves of Middle Earth with them.

"We are proud to fight alongside Men once more."

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