To The Halls of Mandos

Chapter 8

Il-ya stood, her feet curling as waves touched her toes. She was standing on white shores, and behind her, a far, green country. She breathed in deep, the scent of the ocean filling her lungs. And she exhaled in content.


She turned and smiled. Haldir came to her, robed in white, and smiling at her as the wind played with her hair. He stood beside her and took her hand, watching the sun as it rose from the horizon.

"Am I dreaming?" Il-ya whispered as she looked around, her eyes glistening in wonder, "This is not Middle Earth. Where are we, husband?"

Haldir smiled at her words, and he turned to face her. She looked at him, her earthen eyes meeting his green-eyed gaze. He raised his hand and touched her cheek, as his arm brought her closer to him. He kissed her fully, her sweet mouth melting in his, and she sighed in happiness. He let her go for a bit, as he smiled and whispered.

"Welcome to the Hall of Mandos... wife."

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