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Billie Jackson, who knows herself as a demigod, lives with May Parker and Peter Parker, Newyork's friendly spiderman following her mom's death. She encounters a fellow demigod named Percy Jackson, who is an H.Y.D.R.A. agent, and needs her help to escape from the Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D. Percy Jackson is no more a Hero of Olympus, he is rather the cause for the fall of his love. To put things to order, he is assigned a quest from Athena to retrieve a property of the Gods, and soon Percy and Billie embark on a mission to save the world...

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

..........................Chapter 1.............................

Billie’s PoV

Billie’s Apartment, 2 AM

" - and the Fairies won the battle with the Trolls with the help of little Billie’s brilliant mind. For thanking her, the Fairies presented her with a beautiful gift,” she said while I listened to each word carefully with wide eyes.

“What gift did they give, mommy?” I asked her in a curious tone.

Petunia Jackson. She has a soft but strong personality. She is the most lovable and caring person in the world. That’s why my father loved her so much. She tells me that he lost on a plane journey while I was in her tummy. I wanted to know more about him, but my mother would feel sad the rest of the day and she doesn’t even have a photo of him. She does a small job in a big company though she earns us enough money. She has green emerald eyes and dark brown hair and she smells like fresh chocolate milk all day.

“A ring,” she replied smiling. “They gave her a ring that shines in three different colours.”

“Oh… So… What were the colours?”

But just smiling and standing up from the couch, she pulled out a small box from her bag, then handed it to me. It was a velvet coloured one, with the size of a ring box. The soft velvet covered it, leaving a little place on the top, where the wood showed up. A small engraving like leaves found its way on the top.

I opened it and gasped.

“Woah! It’s... It’s just amazing.” I muttered under my breath while almost shouting the last word.

It was a ring.

No, no... It was the ring.

If it was physically possible, my jaw would’ve been touching the floor.

It was a silver one studded with a cornflower coloured sapphire look alike. It sparkled in the afternoon light, reflecting beautiful dots on the floor and my hands. It had small oak leaves etched on the edges and an eagle engraved on the inner side of the ring. It looked like it was very old though it glistened. How did my mother get such a beautiful ring? Who gave it to her?

“Now it’s yours,” she snapped me out of my thoughts.

“W-what?” I blinked harder to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

“You heard me.”

“Uh... you’re the Fairy, huh?”

She chuckled, “No, I ain’t the one giving this to you, your father said to give this to you,”

“Oh. So daddy is the Fairy,”


I grinned but soon frowned that my fingers were too small to fit in, as I was just six years old “Don’t worry, you can wear it when you grow up.” She tucked it into the pocket of my pant, “Keep it safe, it’s the only thing you’ve got from father,”

I nodded and my mom took my hand, we walked away from our apartment and got into the car. It was two in the afternoon whilst the sun shone brilliantly between the lovely clouds. Cars honked at each other. People bustled past the streets and children ran shouting and screaming. Some kids were peering into the glass windows of toy shops. Trees whizzed past in a green blur and I could hear the sweet chorus of birds.

Hey what? I loved nature!

On the way to her small and important work, she left me to Mrs May’s house. I got out of the car, waved a quick bye and walked to Parker’s house.

Parker's House, 2:15 AM

The small sky blue house with a mix of white, towered over me, as the cute little flowerpots greeted with warmth.The house looked beautiful as the sunlight clung to the windows forming colourful rainbows. The front porch had some creepers clinging to it while the leaves danced in the warm breeze. It was beautiful as always.

I stretched my hands and rang the doorbell, and was greeted by the second most lovable and caring person.

May Parker. She has a lovely and happy character though she is strict sometimes (not for me!). She has a permanent smile etched on her face and a pair of beautiful brown eyes. She looked down at me and smiled.

“Come in, Billie.”

“My mom will pick me at five at evening, Mrs May,”

“Ok, dear.”

I went inside the small but beautiful house and saw him.

The most annoying person I’ve ever met.

It is Peter Parker also nicknamed Science Bug by me. He had annoying brown eyes, annoying black hair, and what most? An annoying character that was too much for a six-year-old boy. He was made up of everything brilliant, and that’s what annoys me so much. But he’s only good at studies and not in sports. At least I am better than him at sporty activities, which annoys him.

He glared at me and I glared back at him to which he always flinches. He stood up from the dining chair and stomped the floor to his room upstairs, carrying a book. I smirked.

Mr Ben, who I didn’t notice sitting, smiled and pointed to something I’ve never seen before. It was lying on the table in front of him.

“Wanna play?” he asked.

It was something flat like a board and had grids with numbers on in which snakes and ladders were printed onto it. There lay two dice and three coins beside it.

“Yeah, I’ve never played this,” I muttered in awe.

“But we need three players.”


“Call Peter.” I raised an eyebrow

Oh boy, why do I always get a chance to see the annoying face of Peter? And I knew what his reply would be. I sighed, “Okay” and I made my way upstairs to his room and knocked on the door.

“Hey, Peter!”

The door flung open, “What do you want, Jackson?”

That annoyed me much more. I longed to slap across his face, but my mother kept saying to not make him an enemy. Controlling my anger,

“I need you to play with us, Mr Parker,” I said in the same tone of his.

I knew what his answer would be. The same thing every time.

“Okay...what do you mean by ‘us’ ?”

“Uncle Ben too,”


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