There Was A Time

Chapter 2

Hermione couldn’t be more excited. As she was Lady Ginevra’s lady in waiting, Hermione was to accompany her to the Prince’s castle. She was glad that she could be there for her friend, but mostly she was extremely delighted for being able to see the greatest library ever seen in the wizarding world, and of course, to see Harry and Ron again. The three of them had met a few years back, just before they had sent the Dark Lord back into hiding. That was before Hermione was sent away to be Lady Ginevra’s lady in waiting. It had been Dumbledore’s idea. The noble woman were starting to gossip about the strange muggle born witch, that accompanied their Prince and Ronald everywhere. At first neither of them cared about what the court was saying. But once the engagement was approved it wasn’t proper for Harry to be seen with someone like her. When the rumors reached Dumbledore’s ears, the old wizard decided that it would be for the best if she was sent away. And so it was. Although they kept contact through letters it wasn´t the same. Hermione left as a girl of thirteen and was returning as a woman, seven years later.

Ronald had always teased her because of her bushy hair and large front teeth. He also accused her of being an irritating know-it-all, always carrying books everywhere. It was true that Hermione had never been very girlish. Despite that, she had changed a lot and was curious to know if Harry and Ron would recognize her. Her hair had grown tamer, still curly, but softer and prettier and she had her teeth fixed years ago.

“Hermione, have you seen my gloves?” A young lady with waist-length dirty blonde hair and protuberant grey eyes, which gave her an air of being dreamily distracted, stood by Hermione’s bedroom door.

“Yes, they were in your stool.” Hermione said, as she reached for a pair of gloves on her bed. “I saved them for you.”

“Thank you. Are you ready?”

“I am. Do you need help?”

“No, I got rid of the Blozps now I’ll just cast a packing spell.” Luna Lovegood said, waving Hermione goodbye and walking away.

Hermione didn’t even dare to ask what Blozps where, she knew Luna too well now. Luna Lovegood was another lady in waiting for Lady Ginevra, and was the daughter of her Lady physician. Although being somewhat crazy, like his daughter, Xenophilius was a very good professional. He got his permanent employment, when he saved Lady Ginevra and her brother’s from a terrible fever.

As soon as she was ready, Hermione joined the group by the entrance of the castle. Lady Ginevra, Luna and Hermione were to be escorted by two of Lady Ginevra’s brothers, Sir Fred and Sir George and three more knights. They were to use a portkey that would take them as closely as the wards surrounding the Prince’s castle allowed.

“What do you think?” Lady Ginevra asked, pointing to her beige dress that complemented her bright red hair.

“You look beautiful, my Lady.” Luna said, honestly.

“Are you nervous?” Hermione asked.

“I am, a little.” Lady Ginevra giggled.

The three ladies were interrupted by Sir Fred, which asked them to follow him to the portkey. Lady Molly and Sir Arthur were waiting by the door to say goodbye to their daughter. They were scheduled to follow her to the court in three days. After some recommendations and some tears from Lady Molly, who was very shaken by the wedding of her only daughter, the group made a circle and everyone touched the portkey.

In a moment, the eight travelers arrived to a clearing, near a road. The three ladies shook the dirt from their dress and when they were composed, got into a carriage that was waiting for them. Hermione remembered the heavy heart that accompanied her on her journey seven years back, and was delighted that now she could return to the place she felt was home.

It still took them half of the day to see the towers of the castle. The group stopped by a river, in order to have some lunch. Lady Molly had packed a full meal for them. Hermione and Luna spread a towel on the grass, beside a tree, where Lady Ginevra sat with her two brothers. Hermione heated the food and distributed it by plates, giving them to Luna to pass around. When everyone was served, Hermione and Luna sat with their Lady to eat.

“Hey.” Hermione said, approaching Lady Ginevra, which was standing by the river.

“Hermione, do you really think that he will like me?” Lady Ginevra turned to Hermione resting a hand in her arm.

“Of course my Lady, I’m sure that his heart is already set on you.”

“Oh, I only hope you’re right.” Lady Ginevra added with an eye-roll. “And please call me Ginny. Mother can’t forbid it anymore.”

“My La… Ginny… it’s not like he doesn’t know you. His best friend is your brother. I remember Ronald mention you a couple of times, when I was with them.”

“You are right. Stay by my side, nonetheless.”

“I will.” Hermione squeezed Lady Ginevra’s hand in reassurance. Arm in arm they returned to the carriage where Luna stood, waiting for them.

The afternoon slowly turned into twilight. With every step further, Lady Ginevra grew even more anxious and Hermione even more happy. Soon the road gave place to a bridge and they entered the courtyard. The court was waiting for them. From the carriage windows, Hermione saw Ronald hugging his brothers. The door of the carriage was opened by one servant and Luna got out, followed by Hermione herself and Lady Ginevra as last.

Sir Ronald stepped forward and with a smile took his sister hand and motioned her towards a tall, attractive young men, with bright green eyes.

“Prince Harry, I’m honored to present to you my sister, Lady Ginevra.” Lady Ginevra bowed to Harry and blushed slightly.

Hermione’s eyes were fixed in Harry. Ronald didn’t even look at her, when he came for his sister and Harry hadn’t looked at her as well. They were both so different from what she remembered. They had both had grown taller, with broad shoulders, but their facial expressions were the same, only more defined.

“Hermione?” It was then that Harry’s eyes drifted to Lady Ginevra’s ladies that he saw her. Lady Ginevra turned her head to them and gestured for them to come closer.

“Hermione? Impossible, it’s not her.” Sir Ronald said to Prince Harry, who was standing there astonished.

Hermione bowed, unable to hide a smile. Harry, Ron and Hermione looked at each other and without a word threw themselves at each other’s arms in a warm hug, ignoring the courts eyes and unpleasant remarks at their behavior.

“Come inside, you have to tell us everything.” Sir Ronald said, giving her his arm.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming today?” Harry asked Hermione, giving his arm to Lady Ginevra, who was feeling forgotten.

Hermione noticed how Ron blushed when he gave his other arm to Luna, but didn’t say anything. Following their Prince inside the castle, they were lead to the dining hall, where Dumbledore waited for them.
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