There Was A Time

Chapter 3

Prince Harry found himself sitting on the middle of Dumbledore and Lady Ginevra. Ron was by his sister side. The two empty chairs at the end of the table, made Harry think about where Sirius and Lupin were, and wish they could be there occupying their seats. At least, there was someone there, which almost made him forget of his worries: Hermione. But Hermione was sitting with the rest of the court in one of the tables bellow.

Many years had passed since they talked, and although they exchanged letters, there were a lot of things left unsaid. As a prince, there weren’t a lot of people that he could trust entirely. But Ron and Hermione already proved themselves trustworthy. The last time Lord Voldemort attacked, they were by his side. Lord Voldemort tried to get his hands on the philosopher’s stone, using a maid’s body and going through Dumbledore’s protections. Nevertheless, all ended well enough and Hermione, Harry and Ron were inseparable after that… until Hermione was sent away.

Harry took a sip from his glass and looked past Lady Ginevra, trying to get Ron’s attention. It was a doomed intention, since Ron usually never see or hears anything while he’s eating. Harry then, focused on Lady Ginevra, who had her eyes fixed on her plate. Probably, feeling observed, Lady Ginevra looked at Harry who smiled at her politely. This only made Lady Ginevra blush profusely and turn her eyes back to her plate. Sighing heavily Harry looked at his other side, but Dumbledore was in deep conversation with Lady Mcgonagall. Lady Macgonagall was Dumbledore’s adviser and was entrusted with the education of the young wizards and witches, in Dumbledore’s absence. The school operated in a separate part of the castle, since it was the only place safe enough for it to survive.

Eventually, Harry looked at Hermione, seeing her talking to a beautiful blond girl that he knew to be another lady in waiting. Feeling bored, Harry turned to Lady Ginevra’s once more.

“So…” Harry said, clearing his throat. “Tell me about yourself.”

“There’s nothing to say, my Prince.” Lady Ginevra said, in a small voice, avoiding his eyes.

“It mustn’t be easy to be the only girl in the middle of… what? Six brothers?”

“Yes, my Prince, six brothers. It was not that tough, my brothers are very dear to my heart.”

Harry didn’t know what else to say, as he tried to make conversation with Lady Ginevra, so he was relieved when Ron interrupted.


“Yes?” Harry asked, raising his voice a little too high.

“Could you pass me the salt?” Ron requested, with his mouth full of food.

Lady Ginevra looked in disgust at her brother as Harry passed him the salt. And once again, they were back at their previous occupations; Lady Ginevra kept fixing the spot on her plate and Harry sat in his chair uncomfortable and bored. Thankfully, Dumbledore chose that moment to make some space in the middle of the hall and to order some musicians to start playing. Lady Ginevra looked hopeful at Harry when she heard the joyous jiggle, but he didn’t saw her. Harry was too busy, observing one of his best knights asking Hermione to dance. He regretted not being able to warn her about him before.

The knight that asked Hermione to dance had been brought to their side by Snape. Prince Harry didn’t like him at first, but they eventually became civilized to each other. After all, he turned his back on his own family when he told Dumbledore and Harry about his father’s plans to bring back Lord Voldemort using Harry’s blood. After five years between them, he charmed his way with every single girl in court. A known heartbreaker, not a lady could resist his platinum blond hair, his noble manner or his tall and strong build.

“What is he doing with her?” Ron asked, furious, watching Hermione dance with the blond knight. “I swear I’m going to kill him!” Ron smashed his hand on the table and got up. But Harry caught him before he could do any harm.

“Easy. They’re just dancing.” Harry reassured Ron, ignoring his own instinct.

“But… but… it’s Malfoy!” Ron said, as that explained everything. “He already has a reputation!”

“Do you think Hermione is dumb enough to fall for it? I think she’ll see right through him.” Harry said, hopeful. “Besides, she didn’t have us around for years. She can take care of herself.”

“Fine, I guess you’re right.” Ron admitted, as he eyes caught something. “Well, since I can’t do anything, I’m going to dance.” At that he left Harry standing by the table and made his way towards Luna.

Harry went to his chair but before he could sit down, Dumbledore fixed his eyes upon Harry and raised his eyebrows turning his eyes to Lady Ginevra. What Harry least wanted was to dance with someone with whom he couldn’t keep a conversation with, but he had no choice. So, Harry politely asked Lady Ginevra to dance with him and lead her where the others were dancing. Sure enough, some noblemen were watching them appreciatively. But there was one person that observed the pair more gleefully than the others, as she had been dreaming with her daughter’s wedding to the prince since Lady Ginevra was born.

Dancing nearby, were Ron and the blond lady in waiting who had been sitting with Hermione. Luna, Harry could see, remembering her name, kept flinching every time Ron stepped on her feet, but beside that, one could easily see they were having a good time. Harry’s eyes caught Hermione’s and she smiled at him. Harry almost missed a step, as he lingered, for an unknown reason, unable to turn and break their eye contact. It was but a second, and whatever he had felt, he quickly buried it. Not understanding or wanting to understand why the world seemed to stop when Hermione smiled at him.

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