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Sonic Stories


Random stories about Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Chapter 1

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to Sega.

It took a while, at least a couple of years, that Knuckles realized that he had become a substitute big brother for Tails when Sonic left the echidna in charge of the fox cub. Making sure that Tails had entertainment and everything else he needed while Knuckles did his job as a guardian.

The fifth day of Sonic being gone to defeat Eggman had slowly come for the both of them. And then the night came. Tails tucked himself in with the blanket that he had brought with him and snuggled into the softness of the blanket. Knuckles cracked one eye open to see that Tails was no longer laying down, but was sitting up and looked up at the sky fearfully. Knuckles looked up and realized that a dark grey cloud was right above both of them. Knuckles sighed and walked over to the fox cub.

"Scoot over kiddo." Knuckles sat down next to Tails.

Tails looked at the red echidna confused. "Huh?"

"Don't want to hear you crying over thunder, so scoot over." Knuckles answered.

Tails handed Knuckles a part of the blanket and watched as Knuckles pull the blanket over himself. Tails turned to Knuckles even though he wasn't looking at him. A smile on the two-tailed fox cub's face, he felt safe with having somebody close to him.

"Thank you Knuckles." Tails thanked the echidna.

Knuckles smiled while still not facing the fox. "No problem, Tails."
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