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Sonic Stories

Chapter 2

"My big bro's a scientist!"

"My big brother's an astronaut!"

"My big bro's a car engineer!"

Tails ignored the group of three that he was also friends with. All of them had big brothers just like him which really brought the four 10-year-olds together. Alex had a big brother named Ben, Carly had a big brother named Paul, Parker had a big brother named Corin, and of course, Tails had a big brother named Sonic. Sonic wasn't biologically related to Tails, but he was still considered a big brother to Tails. And that let bullies have a way to be mean to the fox cub.

"Tails is lucky, he has the fastest thing alive as his big brother." Alex turned her head to the youngest of their friend group.

Tails didn't know how to give a response to that. He just drank his chocolate milk and ate his food. Tails had learned his lesson about bragging about Sonic being his big brother back in December. Owen Shade had shoved him into the snow and then the school's flag pole. He woke up nine hours later in the hospital with Sonic screaming and threatening the Shade family. Tails picked up his tray and dumped the rest of his food in the trash and walked over to the lunch ladies his tray.

"Tails!" He heard his friends call for him, but he ignored them and walked to the nurse's office.

Nurse Kate didn't check his temperature when Tails came to her and lied about his tummy hurting. She knew all of the fox child's excuses to leave the school for the rest of the day. She dialed Sonic's phone number and the blue hedgehog was there right after the call ended.

"Miles Prower, we can't keep doing this." Sonic scolded his little brother as they walked to their house. They only lived two blocks away from the elementary school.

Tails didn't say anything, but he did stop walking which made Sonic stop too. The hedgehog started to actually think that Tails had actually an upset stomach. Tails looked up at the teenager with tears in his eyes. He ran over and clung to Sonic with his face nuzzled into Sonic's chest.

"Tails?" Sonic asked.

"My friends were talking about their older brothers. And Alex brought up that I'm the little brother of the fastest thing alive and she...I don't know if she was jealous or not that I'm your little bro." Tails sniffled.

"Why would she be jealous?" Sonic asked and picked the fox cub up.

"I don't know! She gets like that sometimes!" Came his little brother's answer.

Sonic held his brother tightly, now sitting on a bench. Arms wrapped protectively like he always did when Tails was sad or scared. Tails stopped crying nine minutes later and nuzzled his head against Sonic's own. Sonic pressed a kiss onto Tails' forehead and bumped their foreheads together.

"Look, if Alex is jealous of you being my little bro, then she can come to spend some time with us," Sonic suggested. "If not then she's not a good friend."

Tails nuzzled Sonic again and the hedgehog returned the favor. "I love you, big bro."

"I love you too, baby bro. Now, " Sonic stood up while keeping Tails in his arms. "Let's go home and we'll play some video games."

"Yay!" Tails cheered and got a few laughs from the oldest.

"I love you so much, Tails," Sonic said. 'So much."

"Love yea too big bro."

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