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Happy Birthday Arnav Ji


This OS is my second Os. I specially wrote it For Barun Sobti's Birthday.. So guys give it a try...

Humor / Romance
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Happy birthday

Hello everyone I'm back with my second OS And I wrote my this OS especially for Barun Sobti...


Today is Barun Sobti's birthday.. So wish him...😁😁

😘Happy birthday

Barun Sobti 😘








5 years after Arshi's second marriage...

Arnav came inside his room and saw his angry nine months pregnant wife waiting for him. She was literally splitting fire trough her big hazel eyes. Arnav gulped his throat to reduce his anxiety... He moved close to her with a puppy face and pleading eyes to get her forgiveness. But today lady ASR was in different mood..

Arnav: Sorry Sona.. please forgive your Arnav ji for the last time. I promise I'll never be late..

Khushi didn't say anything just looked at him with angry eyes.

Arnav: Please Sona, understand. This meeting was really very important. Otherwise you know me no.. I never refused my jaan to spend time with her..

You will understand your Arnav ji. Hai na jaan?

Khushi: What did you say Mr. Raizada? You never refused to spend time with me, Huu?

Arnav just nodded his head with fear.

( Yes, The great ASR is afraid of his wife..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Khushi: You are wrong.. You never bother about me. For you your priorities are like this

AR, 🏒

Aman ji, πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

Your Laptop, πŸ’»

Your Bluetooth 🎧

and yeah last but not the least

Your phone πŸ“±......

Arnav: What the...

Khushi: What the nehi Mr. ASR.. It's the truth of your life. Me, my baby not even Di are in your top Five priorities.. I hate you Mr. Raizada...

Arnav: You are misunderstanding baby. It's not like that. You are always my first priority.

Khushi: No, I'm not. You are lying. I just hate you ASR.😭😭

Khushi started crying saying this. But our dear Arnav can't see tears in his Khushi's eyes.

Arnav: Sona, don't cry na. You know na I can't see tears in your eyes and I love you the most in this world. None can take your place in my heart.

Khushi: Then, why you left me?

Arnav: I just went for few hours because it was a very important Deal.

Khushi: You can't understand anything beyond Deal. Tell me one thing..

Arnav: What?

Khushi: Is your AR facing any kind of loss or is there something lacking in your family?

Arnav frowned hearing these from Khushi but nodded his head negatively.

Khushi( angrily)😈: Then what was the need to go to the meeting. Your one day absence will not cause any problems for your AR.

Arnav: Khushi, try to understand. It's ver....

Khushi: I don't want to understand. It's all your fault. I hate you 😠😠...............

Arnav: Khushi... Relax baby.. Don't put pressure on yourself.. It's not good for baby..

This time Khushi looked at him more angrily and started crying again.

Khushi: See.. I told you.. You don't love me anymore. Here I am angry with you and you are thinking about your child. You don't love me.... ahahhahahahahhah

Arnav(wiping her tears):


Khushi glared at him for calling her baby..

Arnav: Sorry , Sorry .. No baby. Only Sona. Sona . Okay ?

γ€ŠOnce there was a time when The geat ASR and the word Sorry were like two different poles. But after marring Khushi and spreading these Five years with her it's really common to say sorry for The great ASR. Believe me. If you don't then ask our poor Arnav. He will answer you..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 》

Khushi: Tell me Mr. Raizada why couldn't you left your one damm meeting for me? I have enough time to hear your explanation. Now start.

Saying this she folded her hands on chest to show him that she was patiently waiting..

Seeing her like this Arnav gulped his nervousness.. He knew something big was coming ahead.

Arnav: Jaan.. Please forgive me for the last time. I Promise.. Pakka wala Promise. Pinky Promise.. Every types of Promise.🀣🀣Just forgive me for the last time. Tell me what I need to do. I will do everything for your forgiveness.

Khushi: Sachi..!!

Arnav: Muchi..

Khushi: Then you will not go to your office till my delivery..

Arnav: But Khushi, it wll take more than 3 to 4 weeks. How can I take leave for so long?

Khushi: Laad Governor.. Have you sold your company to your rivals or are you an employee who will take leave from your own company? I have said what I want to say. Now the decision is yours. It's up to you to decide what is more important to you Work or your pregnant wife...

Arnav could not do nothing other than agreeing with his crazy wife.

Arnav: okay My sanki wife. I will not go to anywhere leaving you alone .. Now happy?

Khushi: Bahut jyaada (very much)

She hugged him and sat on his lap. She was really happy but her Pregnancy Hormones were not ready to leave her so easily. So her mind diverts towards a different topic and she looked up to see her Smiling Husband.

Khushi: Arnav ji...

Arnav: Hmmm...

Khushi: I want one more thing. Will you fulfill my another wish?

Arnav can't say no to Khushi. So, He nodded his head as yes.

Arnav: I can to anything for my Jaan. Just order me..

Khushi: Are you sure?

Arnav: Hundred percent sure.

Khushi's eyes twinkled with happiness and she caressed his hair lovingly seating on his lap and said,'' I want to massage jasmine oil on your head."

Arnav: What the... Don't even dare to think about it. That smelly oli...I will throw that oil out from RM If you tried to do this with my hair.

'' You shouted at me'' said Khushi on verge of crying .

Arnav crushed himself for losing his control..

Arnav: Sorry Sona. Don't cry please. You want to massage my head right .. then do it. I'm all your..

Khushi became happy and dragged him towards recliner and sat there. Arnav stood there because he doesn't know what to do next. Khushi pulled him by his wrist and made him sat on the floor.

Then next what? Khushi fulfilled her wish with happiness and Arnav made annoyed faces.

After a while, when they were going to sleep, Khushi's Mood swing started again.

Khushi: Arnav ji.. My son wants to have some Jalebies.. Will you bring some jalebies from kitchen?

Arnav: What the...Khushi if Aarav wants jalebies then how do you know from here?

Khushi: Idiot.. Not Aarav..I'm talking about my unborn baby who wants to have jalebies.

Arnav: How many times I have told you not to have jalebies. And our unborn child will be a girl, my princess...

Khushi: How do you know that it's a girl?

Arnav: I know..

Khushi: You are wrong. It's a boy.

Arnav: No girl.

Khushi: No boy. Leave it. We can discuss about it later. Now I want jalebies...

Arnav: But Khu...

Khushi: I don't want to hear anything...😠

Arnav signed and went towards kitchen. He saw the clock. Five minutes to twelve. Did his wife forget that it was his Birthday? In this five years of their married life, she never forgot his birthday. In his first birthday after marriage he had confessed that he just wanted a simple wish from his wife nothing else. But every year she had celebrated his birthday in different ways. Then what happened this year? Why she forgot his birthday? For their child? Then will she abandon him for their child? No it can't happened.. She loves him the most and none can abandon him from her. He just brushed his thoughts and went towards their room..

When he entered inside he found the room empty. He called her but didn't get any response.. after few minutes Khushi entered inside the room from poolside door with a red rose on her hand and came near him then handed him the red rose.

And tried to feed him jalebi. But he refused..

Khushi: It is sugar free..

So he had to take a bite.

Khushi: Now let's sleep.. I'm very tired.

Arnav stood there like what just happened? πŸ€”πŸ€” He came to bed and lied down beside her. Khushi put her head on his chest and wrapped her hand around his waist.

Arnav: Khushi..

Khushi: Hmmm..

Arnav: What just happened?

Khushi: what?

Arnav: Why you gave me the rose and feed me jalebi..?

Khushi: Because it is your birthday..

Arnav: You remembered?

Khushi: Hmm.

Arnav: Then why didn't you wish me..?

Khushi: Because you don't like..

Now stop your babbel and let me sleep..

Arnav knew it was another mode swing of his wife so didn't say anything and both slept peacefully.

Next morning

Arnav and Khushi both woke up. First Khushi took her bath. When Arnav was going to the bathroom Khushi stopped him.

Khushi: Don't you dear to wash your hair with shampoo to get rid of my oil's fragrance.?

Arnav: But why?

Khushi: Because I don't want.

Arnav didn't argue with her and did what she said. The morning went smoothly. No one wished him happy birthday. He knew it was done by his crazy wife. But at afternoon he felt some changes in the environment of RM. But what he didn't know.

He did not have to wait long to find out what had changed

because now he was standing in front of a weird situation.

Now he was standing in the living room in front of a cake. Yes a cake. His Sankadevi now wants him to cut a cake. Like really! He was not a kid to cut a cake on his birthday. He tried a lot to avoid this cake cutting ceremony but in front of his wife he can't do anything. So he had to cut the cake for her but when he tried to feed her the cake she refused. So, he forced her to have a bite because it was her wish to see him cutting cake..

Khushi became angry when he tried to force her and took the cake from his hand and spread the cake all over his face.

Arnav: What the....

But Arnav's what the didn't reach to anyone's ear because his wife started screaming very loudly holding her baby bump.

Arnav: Khushi what happened why are you screaming dammit?

Khushi: Arnav ji my water broke..

Arnav became horrified.

Arnav: Whattttt? But you still have tree weeks Khushi...

You must have misunderstood..

Khushi: You Idiot. It's me who is baring all the pain and you are saying I misunderstood?

Arnav: Khushi Relax.. you first sit on the sofa. I'll do something. But what I'll do? Akash.. Nk.. help me...

Akash: Yes Bhai. You be with Khushi ji. I'll arrange the car..

Now what can Arnav do other than holding a screaming Khushi. His situation was also not good. His hair is filled with jasmine's fragrance and face filled with cake..


Khushi kept screaming and Arnav was looking around for help but everyone was looking at Khushi nervously. Payal and Di were trying to calm Khushi, Maorama mami was just mumbling her Hello Hi bye bye abhi what to do Arnav bitwa..

Arnav was watching them unbelievably. Why mami ji was asking him what to do.? How can he know what to do in this situation..? They were more experienced than him but they were behaving like they didn't know anything..

Nk: Nannav my bro.. Don't panic everything will be alright..

Arnav( angrily): It is you who is panicking not me nk.. just get the hell out of here and check why Akash was taking this much time..

Nk ran out from there to look for Akash and Arnav lifted Khushi in his arms to take her to his car. He can't believe that in this emergency situation his family members were behaving like a child..


City Hospital

Arnav was inside the labour room with Khushi. Khushi was screaming at him..

Khushi: You Laad Governor..

I'm not going to leave you. For you I'm going through all these pain. I will kill you..

Arnav: Sona Relax...

Khushi: What relax? Humm?

You know nurse ji Doctorji. He used to says that I myself is a baby still now then how can I give birth to another baby? But he made me pregnant. Now for him I'm going through all this pain....


Khushi was screaming at Arnav. But Arnav least minded and was caressing her hair to shoot her pain . He was also crying seeing her pain.

Arnav: Doctor Do it first otherwise I'll fire you..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Doctor: Relax Mr. Raizada. We are doing our best.. Mr. Raizada your wife needs to push a little..

Arnav: Khushi just push a little. Baby is almost there. Push a bit more baby..

She glared at Arnav angrily.



She again pushed a little while at the same time screaming at Arnav..

Khushi:If you dare to make me pregnant again, I will not leave you Mr. Rayzada...


Arnav just nodded his head affectionately. He was tolerating it even since her water broke.

Doctor: Mrs. Raizada just a little more push..

Khushi: I HATE YOU


While Khushi pushed and yelled in pain. Arnav also controlled his own scream. Arnav had been beside her all the time and she had been shouting and screaming at him. Again she was using his hand by digging her nails. But Arnav bothered less about his pain because he knew she was going through much more pain than him..

Khushi fell back breathing heavily as a baby cry finally echoed into the room. She just saw a blurred image of her Baby and Sleep took over her eyes.

Arnav looked at Khushi and panicked....

Arnav: Khushi..

Doctor: Don't worry Mr. Raizada. She is just tired. Let her sleep for some time.

He felt relieved and looked at the little angel and took the baby in his arms. He felt overwhelmed with happiness. He first kissed Khushi's forehead and then their baby's cheeks..



After a while

Khushi woke up and found herself in another room. She looked at her left and found her husband sitting beside her holding their baby..

Khushi: Arnav ji...

Arnav: Tum thik ho na ( Are you alright)

Khushi nodded her head and looked at the small figure in her husband's arms. Arnav handed their baby to her lap and Khushi showers their baby's face with kisses. Then she looked at her husband's face..

Khushi: Happy Birthday Arnav Ji

Arnav pressed his lips to hers for a brief kiss.

Arnav: Thank you Khushi for giving me the best birthday gift.

Khushi: You can thank me later now let me see my baby first..

She looked at her baby then at Arnav...

Khushi: It's cheating Arnav ji..

Arnav: What?

Khushi: See the baby has changed his gender to please his father.

Arnav: What the Khushi... tum sachamuch paagal hain ( you are really crazy)

Khushi: main sachchee baat kar rahi hoon. Or nahi to kya? Dekhiye naa,apake janmadin par aapako badhaee dene ke lie dekhen usane teen saptaah pahale janm le liya.

(I am speaking the truth. And then what else? See, to wish you on your birthday,she took born three weeks earlier. )

Arnav hit her forehead saying she was really crazy.. Thus Arnav got the most precious gift on his birthday..



One year later


One man was running here and there in tension and looking after the arrangements. Sometimes he was scolding the workers, sometimes trying to do the work by himself and sometimes making mess.. He was too excited for today.. Because today is the most important day for his life and he wanted to celebrate this day in a grand manner. That was why he didn't went to office and looking after the arrangements. And everyone was making fun of him but he cared less...😏😏

In the evening

The same man greeted the guests with courtesy and a huge smile .. The guests were surprised to see a smile on his face. Because no one has seen him smiling till today. For them the word smile was not in ASR's dictionary.

Yes, that man is none other than our Arnav Singh Raizada

He welcomed them by saying, β€œThank you for coming to my birthday''

( yes ,yes guys. Our Arnav was celebrating his birthday that to in a grand manner. Why not? Today is not only his birthday but also the first birthday of his princess .And he is blessed because his princess's birthday and his birthday are on the same day)

He was waiting for his wife and his princess to come down. Then He saw Khushi was coming with his princess and he immediately went towards them and took his princess on his arms and side hugged Khushi...


Arnav: Happy Birthday Arshi...

Arnav has greeted his princess more than a thousand times so far but he has not been satisfied with his greetings and has been greeting her again and again.

Khushi shook her head at her husband's craziness. Her husband became crazy after the birth of their daughter. He took care of her like her mother and their baby also loves her daddy a little more than her mummy. But Khushi was happy. What else does she want except the happiness of her Arnav Ji..

Khushi: Arnav ji..

Arnav: Yes Sona..

Khushi: Happy Birthday to you too Arnav Ji

Arnav kissed her forehead and thanked her. Then he hold her hand on his hand and took her to the stage to cut the cake..

Their princess started to jump on her father's lap after seeing the cake in front of her.


Then what? They cut the cake. And Arnav didn't make any fuss while cutting the cake. He was to excited to cut the cake with their princess..

.................The End...............


21. August. 2020


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