15 and pregnant


Published- 21.08.2020 This Story is based on Fate , Love , Lust .. Fate ... F. A.T.E - one word , four alphabets .. and it change our entire life in a mere blink ! FATE means 'Female Acceleration Tolerance Enhancement' Tolerance ... Tolerance is the highest level of education and is all I'm having since childhood and maybe .. I'll have to deal with it through out my entire life as a matter of fact cause I know , I'm out of place for everyone and everywhere . Fate is a huge tragic itself , when it will turn our life no one knows . Most often the road you try to avoid , your fate drag you on that .. it has a terrible power . You can not escape it by wealth or war . Maybe in my case it is the same as well ... as I know life is not always about Star shining and fireflies lighting , but life is when we need to learn to smile through the pain ... ? Being pregnant at 15 .. how does it feel ? Any idea ? And how does it feel when the father of your child is right in front of your eyes but he's not yours ? Hurt? Or just Hurt ? Any difference? Will it be any easier for Nandini to spend her life without getting more ? Or Will it be worse cause your child's father is your sister's sweet heart ? Will he be with her or not when he'll find out she's carrying his baby? Will she keep that baby or abort it to save her life at the age of 15 ? Read to find out

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Introducing the characters

Title of the book : 15 and pregnant!

The Book Cover Page:

Previous book :

Author : Sam.

Editor : Sam .

Time for writing the book: From 21st August 2020 to ongoing

Category : romance & fan fiction.

Language: English .

Status : Continuing..

Chapters: Not specified .

Casts and Characters of the book:

🚫 protagonists :

Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra.

He's 16 years old and the heart of the school football league . He's super famous among guys and girls and all the girls would die for his simple glance . Girls want him to touch them just for once in their life time . Where , guys get jealous cause of his charm but try to be like him only .

But , he's dating Navya Kapoor . So, there is no chance he will look at other girls .

• Niti Taylor as Nandini Kapoor .

Nandini turns 15 years old two days ago . A very simple and innocent girl . She doesn't talk with anyone . She just lives in her own world .

Never dated any guy in her life .

But, her sister is dating school's famous guy whom she has tiny crush on .

Veebha Anand as Navya Kapoor.

Navya is Nandini's older sister . She's 16 years old .

They're 8 months apart . If you're wondering how then , let me tell you , they're not blood sister . Navya is Nandini's step sister .

Navya's mom died during her birth so , her dad married to Nandini's mom and that time her mom was pregnant with Nandini .

🚫 Major / Minor Characters:

• Charlie Chauhan as Mukti Malhotra.

Manik's twin sister . She's a bitch just like Navya and they're good friends so it's understandable . She's 16 years old too . Both Twins are devils.

Shes dating Harshad Kapoor . Her best friends brother .

• Kishwar Merchant as Neyonika Malhotra.

Neyonika is the mother of Manik and Mukti .

She's unknown as rich bitch . All she cares for Money and Money only ! By profession, she is a doctor . Her husband died cause of heart attack but left millions for her and their children.

• Dishank Arora as Sahil Kapoor .

He is Navya's father and Nandini's step- father .

A Businessman and world's most arrogant man .

All he care for his daughter Navya otherwise he's lost in liquors and his business.

He never cared about Nandini or her mother .

He hates his wife cause she was pregnant before marriage and hide that information from him . He was unknown about her being pregnant with Nandini when she married him .

• Hina Khan as Naina Kapoor .

Nandini's other but she died few years ago cause of cancer . Although , her cancer could cure but her husband was careless since he came to know she was raped and pregnant before marriage.

She didn't hide the information before marriage but her mother in law did but her husband always misunderstood her and always look at her with hatred . Till the last minute also , that old lady didn't tell her son about the truth and died with it in her . For what , Naina couldn't forgive her mother in law .

• Abhishek Malik as Harshad Kapoor .

Navya's brother and Nandini's step brother . He's 17 and half years old and group mate of Manik , Cabir and Druv .

He's dating Mukti , his best friends sister .

Ayaz Ahmed as Cabir Bajaj .

He's Manik's best friend . He is in the same school where Manik , Navya and Nandini studies .

Unlike Manik , he's not so famous and a bookworm but still have friends and play cricket for school cricket team .

He's 19 years old and only single guy

in the group .

Krissann Barretto as Alya Saxena .

She's one of the sweetheart of the school and a minion of Navya's . She's 16 years old and dating Dhruv Verdant .

• Utkarsh Gupta as Dhruv Verdant .

He is 16 years old and batch mate of Manik , Cabir and Harshad . Dating Alya and friends with Mukti and Navya too .

And so many other characters.

But it's not necessary for you to imagine them , you can imagine anyone in their place !


Manik and Mukti are twin siblings.

Navya and Harshad are siblings. Nandini is their step sister .

Navya and Manik are dating .

Mukti and Harshad are dating .

Alya , Dhruv and Cabir are friends with all of them except for Nandini .

Alya and Dhruv are couple . Cabir is single .

Nandini is single too and she has no friends.


To be continued....

I hope you will like this book and it could match your standards a tiny bit .

Don't forget to vote and comment!!

See ya sooooon........😘😘😘😘

Have fun reading !

Date - 21st August 2020 .

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