15 and pregnant


Nandini's point of view -

Sitting on the wooden chair with a book and notebook on the dark wooden desk and a pen between fingers , I am waiting impatiently for the class to end as it's the last period for the day and I can fly away to my world where its only me , I and myself . Because, with everyday goes by I like to make myself more and more invisible for everyone around me .

That place is out of all the crowd , noises and gossips . Because, I'm really tired of listening how good Manik Malhotra looks in his black shirt and how good he is , with girls and stuff .Well I must have to agree that he is famous in our school . Indeed he is . Why won't he be ?

He has everything a girl will die for but me . I am

opposite from other girls in our school. They just attend the classes cause they got to see Manik .

But me ? I just hate this guy with my all.

I do right? A tiny bit crush doesn't count as liking !

I can't stand him . He irritates me and I wonder why God even made a person like him in this world ? Again , this world is full of creepy people so it tells a lot why he is here .

He is a douchebag , jerk, stupid , fucker , asshole and argh!!!! I can't describe more . He is a complete Monster !

Although , he has thick black hairs anyone will want to touch them , his 6 feet and 1 inch height which will make anyone look like a dwarf in front of him , his black eyes which states so many unknown things , and about his jawline , athletic body.... oh god what am I talking about .

Shit ! But to be honest it doesn't suit him when he has those sluts around him .

'Like Navya ?'

My subconscious asks .

'Shut up Nandu !' I yell myself in my mind .

Stop thinking about him . Soon, the bell rings telling me it is time to go to my paradise . I close my eyes taking a deep breath of happiness cause I get my own time now . While taking the breath , I don't only inhale fresh air but I can smell a cologne not any ordinary cologne cause it's his .

I'm not a dog ! If you want to know .

Opening my eyes and I meet two pairs of black eyes , his eyes . He's leaning to my face .

" Oh god ! " I startled in my seat and put my hand on my thumping heart . Then , I turn my face another side as I don't want him to see my dirty face with a red crimson blush on it . This is the first time his face is so closer to me , I can even see the mole on his upper lip . It is so tiny and attractive.

"Do.. do you want anything?" I ask still staring another side of the room . I don't have courage to face him .

"Nothing Bitch, Nothing . It's that old fellow who gives us a project together in partners." He points out the teacher who's distributing project papers .

He is only 16 , so is Navya and their group of friends which includes Mukti , Cabir , Dhruv , Alya . They all are study in the same class , I mean , we all study in the same class but they don't talk with me cause it will demolish their reputation.

Anyways , it's not like I care , Do I ?

“ What ? It’s not possible! You and .. m .. me ?” I shutter nervously. It’s impossible for us to work together.

“ Shut up ! I’m not here to waste my time to talk to you . So , better start work together” he yells as his nose flaunt in anger .

" Oh! Okay .. so let's meet in the library?" I ask staring down at my lap and playing with my fingers with nervousness. I can't look at him not into his those jet black eyes .

'Nandu Stop!' . My inner self scream at me .

" Hmm. Good thinking but no . I won't meet you in the library cause you're doing this project alone , I don't have time for this shits . So good luck and don't forget write my name down on the paper when you are done with that . If you forgot then you wont be able to forget the consequences " he warns me and walks away like nothing happened.

" o .. o okay" shit I felt an ache but why? It's nothing new . I'm used to .

" See you later sissy " Navya says mockingly and she leaves the classroom with him without caring about the teacher being in the classroom .

' Shit ,Nandu , why did you even agreed to do a project with him . Damn you!! You could just go to teacher and change the partner.' My sub concern scold me .

Its not like I have an option , have I ?

If I say no then Navya will complain to dad that I didn’t hear her boyfriend’s command and he will ground me again .

I'm so stuck . Oh God !

I almost forgot the most important thing . I didn't even introduce myself with you .

I'm Nandini, Nandini Kapoor . I'm 15 years old and read in grade 8 . Dad promoted me in this class cause if we have two students in the same class then it gives you 20% discount. Nothing else .

So , I'm in grade 8 and Navya is my older sister .

Currently , she's dating Manik Malhotra , he's a new student but gain too much fame in two months only . So , Navya couldn't let him go or should I say let go of a walking money plant , could she ?

She's the whore of the school. But no one dares to say anything .

Cause , girls are her minions and boys worship her beauty .

And me ? I don't have any of these . No name , no fame and no money .

I work part time in a restaurant across the town as a waiter for my home rental and school fees .

Seeing , my service the owner increase my payment as I don't take any leave . Not even a single day .

My salary is 4 thousand rupees and my house rent is 1.5k with all the bills it become 2k . So every month , I've 2k save for myself from which I buy my initials such as groceries, girls stuff , clothes and stationeries like books , notebooks , pen and etc etc. But , at the end of the month I have 1k save for my school fees .

My school takes fees in 3 semesters means 3 times in a year so after four months saving I'm cable to pay my school fees which is 3.5k per semester.

Yes , I live with dad ,Harshad and Navya but I pay my bedroom's rent and water and electricity bills of my own as they put different meter for my bathroom and bedroom .

I live in an extra garage which luckily has a bathroom attached to it . Weird but the truth .

All these things are happening because , Navya's dad isn't my dad and after my mom's death they don't even consider me as a family member. As I don't know where to go and live so I just pay the rents and bills and stay under a safe roof .

It's better in this way right?

And the main reason I want to stay here cause it reminds me about my mom after her death . She herself decorated this place for us . It is the place where mom and I used to spend our free time with each other .

Along with all these , if I want to shift then dad won't allow me to take mom's furnitures and electronics with me .

Also , I feel safe cause this room doesn't have any window so no one can stalk in or barge in too . The bathroom too don't have any window for ventilation so I open the bathroom door after using it . As I use it once when I take shower only and I left home after that, so, this thing doesn't bother me too .

The door is the only way to enter but I lock it securely before going to sleep . I know it's quite unhealthy but again , I don't spend much time here .

Good thing is , I don't have to pay them for my food as I always skip my breakfast and lunch and eat directly at my work place during evening time which covers up both my lunch and dinner . And sometimes , I bring leftover foods from the restaurant and heat them in my electric stove and eat .

Now , you might ask why I hate Manik so much ?

It's because when he came here in the first day , he seemed to be a good boy who knows how to respect everyone unlike Navya and her gang .

He treated me good too. I thought we could be friends but suddenly everything has changed and he starts to behave rude to me like others do .

He even laughed at me when he found out I've a secret crush on him .

I don't know why but I accidentally wrote his name on my notebook and teacher caught that and read it loudly in front of the entire classroom and this way we became each other's enemy . Cause he thinks befriended with me will degrade his fame .

Since then , Navya too hates me with her guts as she thinks I'll snatch her boy toy from her .

Which I really don't want to , so she can have him all by herself with happiness.

Anyways , my school is finished for the day so I don't have time to talk as I'll have to rush to my workplace . It will take some time to reach there .

See you all soon .

To be continued....

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First chapter of “ 15 and pregnant” .

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Date - 21st August 2020 !

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