15 and pregnant


I woke up at 7 am by an annoying noise . Don't know who made that , but whoever did , I wanted to murder him/ her . Somehow I managed my hands to reach to the bedside table and banged on its head . Wow , relieved!!!!

After , switching of the alarm clock , I thought to have a sound sleep again . But my bad luck cause time is passing away and I'm getting late for my today's routine.

So , pushed my body upwards and sits on the bed .

Mind is playing game with me - once it's saying -

'the bed is so soft and comfy , sleep for a while .'

And another moment it's saying -

'you're getting late'

Then I decided 'NO !! I've to get up now .

Looks at the wall clock and notice it's 7 .30 am .

WHAT 7:30 ???!! Shit !! Shit !! Shit !! I'm late ......

jumps out of the bed and runs into my washroom like I saw a ghost!.

Soon , I'm done brushing my teeth and done my regular business then took a quick shower and come out of bathroom in a white jeans and green long shirt with a necklace attached to it .

Luckily or unluckily our school don't have any uniform so we can wear anything we want to .

Then walks to my dressing table and puts on some facial powder and lipstick. Then combed my hairs . After that, squirts some perfume on me .. AHHH !! What a nice cologne!!?

Oh shit !!!!! I forgot about the time again . I don't even have time for having breakfast . Not like I eat but still sometimes , I feel like eating but sometimes I don't .

Anyways , runs into the kitchen and grabs a bottle juice and a muffin then runs into the shoe rack and puts on my nude selittoes and my one and only backpack from the couch .

And left the house , locking the door behind my back . I walk out and notice Navya and Harshad already left as their car isn't in the parking lot .

Sighing I start to walk and finally reached .

It takes 15 minutes for me to reach school.

It's already 8:20 and I still have 10 minutes left for my class to starts .

Thank you God !


First class ends so I walk toward the corridor as bumped into Navya and Manik .

Navya is wearing a beautiful dress . And she's looking so beautiful.

" watch where you're heading bitch" She says and walks away with Manik .

When they walk a bit away from me , I whisper “sorry”and checks out Manik .

Don't give me look , I've a crush on him .

He's wearing white pants with a colourful T-shirt under a black jacket . He is looking so handsome that I don't feel like removing my eyes from his body .

It's hurting to confess that they two look so good together.

And here the stupid me thought of him .

Why will he even look at me? I'm so poor and he's so rich with standards when I myself don't know my father's name .

But what heart wants what it wants right ?

Though , I know , I can't get weak for any guy . I need to be successful in my life like my mom wanted me to be .


My school finished 10 minutes go and now I'm walking my away to work and listening my favourite song of 5 seconds of summer's Youngblood .

I reach at my work place as it takes 15 minutes , if you walk till here but if you take a car then 2 minutes distance only .

" Hello Aunt Shanno " I greet my owner . She's an old lady . Her age will be near 58 or 59 . She doesn't have any child and her husband died 5 years ago . She's her only family like I'm mine .

" Hey Nandini, how are you dear?" She asks with a smile on her face . She's a lovely lady and always a smile plastered on her face . I never see her upset as I'm working for her since 2 years now .

" I'm good aunt and you?" I ask as I grab the apron and puts it on cause our restaurant opens at 5 and it's 4:45 already as I'm doing the preparation.

Beside me , there's two more waitresses named Riddhima and Jeff . They live with Aunt Shannon as both of them are orphan too . So , Aunt basically adopted them without legal papers .

Both of them are 19 years old and they treat me as their own younger sister . And I love three of them with my heart . They're like my family.

Anyways , we all are getting ready and put on our aprons .

Aunt Shanno takes her sit on the counter as she's the owner cum manager .

Riddhima , Jeff and Me and three other girls , are the waitress here in this shift and we have five chefs in the kitchen .

Our restaurant isn't so big . But as our town is smaller and the population is 2000 only so it's big enough for the people of this town .

Soon, the clock rings 5 and Jeff open the restaurant door . As it's Friday night , the coward will be more than working days .

As , I'm working on my shift , Aunt Shanno calls me to her desk and says " there's table no.10 , they ask for you . Are you okay with that or I'll send someone else on your behalf ?" As she asks as I shake my head and tell her , I'll go and attend them as they ask for me to be their personal waitress.

When I walk to table no.10 , my eyes just popped out of its socket cause in that table there's setting Manik and his group of friends with Navya and her minions . There is bunch of the boys and girls are laughing in their table . When , Navya noticed me , she makes a face and turning to Manik , pulls his face down and kiss him .

I look away and ask for their orders , some of them mocked me and some others behaved nice to me .

I guess , it's gonna be a long night also , my stomach is aching so I think I'm gonna have my periods too.

God , only you can safe me from being embarrassed in front of everyone.


I delivered their order 2 hours ago and they ate too but still they're not ready to leave , don't know why?

I know dad doesn't care about me but Navya and Harshad , they're still outside and it's 11 pm at night already .

My shift ends at 9 pm but they kept requesting me for serving them blah blah so Shanno Aunt told me to stay and serve them as they're our customer and we can't deny their request.

To be honest if I was owner then I'd tell them to fuck off already as it's 11 pm at night and my stomach cramps are getting worse also they're the only customer left for the night.

Maybe God hear me out as , one by one they start to leave . Thank god . Alya, Druv and Cabir leave together , then Mukti , Harshad and Navya leave after a while too . I think Mukti is going to stay with Navya tonight as they walk out together.

The only person stay behind and he's none other than Manik Malhotra .

Why isn't he leaving already?

I ask myself and turn and feels wetness between my legs and my stomach does a stir .

Damn I don't have pads with me .

When , I’m mumbling to myself , someone coughs from my behind . I know who's it so I didn't turn to face him .

" what?" I ask annoying as it's only us in the restaurant now cause Aunt , Jeff and other went behind for changing cause it was really late and our normal closing time is 10 pm .

" I t.. think .. you need it" he answers hesitatingly , looking here and there . I need what?

Soon , I notice his hand on my side and holding a jacket in his hand . The same one he was wearing in the morning .

" why?" I again ask annoying as my stomach is aching a lot .

" mm .. there .. there .. is" without completing his words , he grab my hand and pulls me toward a wall minor and points there as I notice there's blood on my dress from backside .

So , I immediately lean onto the wall and give him an embarrassing smile and he nods and hands me the jacket to wrap it around my waist .

" have it" saying that he leaves the restaurant.

What was that?

Does he still care for me ?

To be continued......


Ruma Sharma as Riddhima

Barkha Singh as Jeff .

And everyone already know who’s Shanno Aunt right ?

Thank you for praying for me . I have a minor cut on my head but it’ll be cured in few days .

I’m a bit okay now that’s why I updated this chapter cause I don’t want you guys to keep awaiting .

Don't forget to vote & comment!!!

And please ignored my grammatical errors!

Thank you !

Date - 25 August 2020 !

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