15 and pregnant


It's been 6 days since that night's incident happened with me and I last met Manik .

Yes , we didn't meet in these days .

I fell seriously sick cause of my cycle so I skipped school and at work place he didn't tag along with Cabir , Druv and Harshad . And surprisingly, they didn't request for me which I was glad for .

Tomorrow is the last day of submission on the assignment me and Manik are working together.

Well , for teacher it's we . Otherwise it's just me .

I need to go and ask Navya if she can take Manik's signature and details needed for the submission paper like his roll number and all . If, she can't then I'll have to go by myself only .


The Kapoor House -

I walk inside the house through the backyard and where's swimming pool and notice Navya is swimming in the water so I kneel down and ask her if she can take his signature and all the necessary details in this paper as it's important.

" Mm .. if it wasn't important to him then I'd not even talk with you but as it's important for him too that is why , I'm telling you tonight he's throwing a party for us in his house and he needs a waitress to serve his guests. Why don't you go and serve them for him and get your signatures and whatever the other things?" She offers me that and swims otherwise of the pool .

I walk back from there to my home but her talk make me think for a long .

After thinking , I decide to go but I won't go there as a waitress. I'll just go there as a classmate and take his documents and walk back to my place .

As simple as that , it won't be that hard , also if I go now then he can't force me to work .

Yes , I'll go right now .

Wait , where's his place ?

' Not again Nandini! I can't face that bitch ' my mind screams but ignoring it , I go back to Navya's home and notice her still in the swimming pool and I again kneel down next to her again and ask .

" Where's his home? I'm ready to being a waitress" I lied otherwise she won't give me the address .

" that's great , it's two lanes behind and house no.378" she said and added " oh that party will start at 10 pm. So be there at 9" . I nod and leave from there and directly for Manik's house . I didn't know he lives this close .

But , never mind , now I know . I smile at my assignments and I know he'll be pleased too .

I'm a good student so I'm confident enough to get 12/15 .

I walk two lanes behind our home and search for house no. 378 and noticed his name " Malhotra " .

So , I walk inside and knocks but no answered and the door was open too so I walk inside the house and close the door and calls for him .

Again , no answer but I can hear some noise from the next room near the corridor with my timid legs , I slowly make my way and peek in .

" come in" I hear a voice . so , I follow it and goes inside the room to find a drunk Manik with red puffy eyes .

Has he been crying ?

" hey ?" I greet him with a shaking voice as I'm nervous .

" hello ? Come here" he greets me back and pats the place next to him on the bed .

I slowly make it up to there without falling as my legs are shivering continuously and sits next to him .

" I .. I came here .. here for your signature." I say and make a bad face as his smelling like alcohol.

" did you drink?" I ask him and he shakes his head to no .

Of course , he's drunk cause his body is stinking and his eyes are red .

" okay .. so can you give the details so that I can leave ?" I ask and he nods but soon, he turns to me and takes my hands in his . His hands are so soft !

' damn Nandu ' mind scold me .

“ you’re so beautiful” he leans in to me and our lips are about to touch when he passed out .

Oh my !

He was about to kiss me . He even called me beautiful.

Did he really think it’s me ?

Does he still like me ?

Maybe we can be friends again !

“ Navya” he mumbles and all my hopes which build in a moment ago , get crushed into tiniest pieces .

We can never be friends!

He loves and likes her only .

I leave the document on his study table and walk out of the room .

I hope he’ll sign them and bring it with him in the class tomorrow.

I just hope .

To be continued.


Short update but Something is better than nothing right?

So enjoy yourself.

29 August 2020 .

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