15 and pregnant

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I woke up in the morning before my alarm goes off and grabbing my phone I check the time and run into the washroom to get ready as I barely have 1 hour and 20 minutes before my first class starts .

I take a quick shower and dress in a kurti and jeans and let my hairs flow down my hips . I have long silky hairs and I love them a lot .

Today is a very important day , I have to submit my assignment at school . If the teachers like my project then it'll be new beginning of my life .
My life is a tragic itself so I try hard to make it normal . If possible.

In my present life , I'm nothing but a living machine. I'm no fairy princess from the Disney land . Although , I'm standing in a Mansion now , it has 6 bedrooms , 8 bathrooms , one large living area , one large dining and backyard swimming pool with a huge garden , a walk in study , game room , jacuzzi and everything a mansion has .

But !! This B word will not ever remove from my life and I'm now happily dealing with it .

So, yeah .. there's only one servant to clean the entire house and maintain everything. And it happened to be ... ? I'll let you answer that.

I was a princess when my mom was alive . Although , we weren't so rich , we were in the Kapoor house only but we were living a happy life and we had enough to fulfil our needs. After my mom's death , my life has taken a turn and it make all zigzag.

It's been 5 years since my mom passed away but
I still remember the day , it was my birth day and mom was planning to buy me my favourite Disney princess day and princess tiara.

But , God had some other plan for us and this day really special for us . For me .

After that year , 11th November became a nightmare for me , I lost my mom and I had lost my dad before my birth but sometimes I wonder how would my life be if my parents were alive .

I miss them so much , especially today as it is my unlucky birthday .

" Bitch ! Did you make breakfast yet ?" How polite right?

This sound belongs to my step sister , Navya Kapoor . She is 8 months older than me .

You may wonder how come is it possible right?

As you know my mom got pregnant first even before her wedding to Mr Kapoor . By, Mr Kapoor , I mean dad also had a child from other woman .

She's 16 and I'm 15 but she acts and behaves like she's only 5 years old . Always shows tantrums and rants over small things . I'm not complaining but she really needs to grow up . But , dad's love spoiled her . But who dare to say it on his face ? For him , his daughter is everything.

If she asked for the moon , he'll turn everything upside down to give it to her . Sometimes , I wonder how far can this craziness go . Anyways, as I said who dare to say or ask that so I let it go .

" Good morning to you too Navya , and yes I made your favourite breakfast for you" I smile at her and slowly push the plate filled with bacons , two scrambled eggs , few sausages and three pancakes with cheese on top . She eats like a buffalo when she's home . But , outside she pretends like she's a super model from Hollywood and don't eat anything but green salad .

" Whatever" saying that she starts digs in her plate like she didn't eat for ages .

I sigh and grab a tray of food and walk upstairs towards the right wing , where my dad's bedroom is .

" Good- morning Sir." I greet my step dad as Sir . He has well reputed in here , in Mumbai .

He can not let people know , I'm his step daughter . It will harm his reputation.

" Morning" they reply in unison and are getting ready for work . My step dad is a famous lawyer in Mumbai city and his girlfriend runs a boutique house . She's a fashion designer, and a well- fame model and this is the main reason they don't have any child of their own . At first , she was so conscious about her body that she didn't think about having a baby and when she tried it was too late to conceive one . But , dad doesn't have any complain about this cause he loves his girlfriend till death .

She lives with dad without marrying him . Maybe this is how rich people live their life ? Live in without marriage and call it ' status'.

They're so happy and romantic couple . Seeing them I sometime wish if I could have a love one like him .

But , I know , it won't happen in million years as love is not written in my fate .

My Star -Crossed Fate !

To be continued....


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Publish - 31 October 2020
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